The Gun Seller

The Gun Seller Thomas Lang Um Ex Pol Cia Que Se Tornou Um Mercen Rio Um Dia Recebe A Visita De Um Tal McClusky, Que Lhe Oferece Cem Mil D Lares Para Assassinar Alexander Woolf, Um Empres Rio Americano Com Neg Cios Na Inglaterra E Esc Cia Indignado, Lang Recusa O Trabalho E Decide Avisar A V Tima Para O Perigo Que Corre, Em Vez De Mat La Uma Boa Ac O Que N O Ficar ImpuneA Partir Do Momento Em Que O Protagonista Entra Em Contacto Com A Fam Lia Woolf Ver Se Imerso Num Turbilh O De Mentiras, Corrup O E Viol Ncia, Que O Obrigar A Esmagar Umas Quantas Cabe As Com A Estatueta De Um Buda, A Medir O Seu Engenho Com Multimilion Rios Malvados E Deixar A Sua Vida Entre Outras Coisas Nas M Os De Um Grupo De Femmes FatalesHugh Laurie Apresenta Nos Um Engenhoso E Cido Romance Que Far As Del Cias N O S Dos Seus F S, Mas Tamb M De Todos Os Leitores Vidos Por Enredos Originais E Cativantes

British comedian Hugh Laurie, OBE could have easily taken another career track rather than that of well known performer As a secondary and college student, he was also a world class oarsman He wasn t the only one in the family to have a passion for the sport, however His father won a gold medal at the 1948 London Olympics as part of the British national team The youngest of four children, Laur

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    This book is F A N T A S T I C Maybe you haven t recognized the name of the author, but this Hugh Laurie is THE Hugh Laurie who was the star on the TV series House, M.D..Sure, maybe some of you would say So what He is an actor but can he write Oh, yes He CAN write Pain is an event It happens to you, and you deal with it in whatever way you can. If you ever watched some episode of House, M.D. you can be familiarized with the personality of the character that Laurie portraited there, and you will find the main character here very much like The only good thing I ve ever noticed about money, the only positive aspect of an otherwise pretty vulgar commodity, is that you can use it to buy things. Maybe he is not so grumpy but he is in the very same level of cynicism with direct politically incorrect comments It is the middle of December now, and we are about to travel to Switzerland where we plan to ski a little, relax a little, and shoot a Dutch politician a little. He is an honest voice in the book, where you can t separate the view of the main character and the position of the author, and anyway that s not important since you will laugh a lot, BUT you will think a lot too Having a vote once every four years is not the same thing as democracy. I laughed a lot, I pondered a lot and I had the time of my life reading this novel and due that, I am even including it in my favorites virtual shelf that I commented in other reviews, I am struggling to keep it to 10 books tops at any moment, maybe some title would go out or go in, but always only 10 books there This was the tricky bit The really tricky bit, trickiness cubed. Maybe when I said that I laughed a lot, you d diminish the novel, saying Oh, no That must be a dumb book then But no, it isn t.The humor here is not silly comedy but in fact it s smart and witty comments.Laurie is totally politically incorrect in this book and gosh I thank him for being in that way.He is an author with attitude and you will find that even the offensive comments are not made in a deliberated act for the sick purpose to offense somebody, no, if you really can get into the mood of the book, you will find that Laurie is just telling the story of some guy who talks in an infinite honest way Just because it s a bad job doesn t mean I need to do it badly. The novel has a lot of combined genres, since you will find a detective novel merging into a espionage story, with a lot of military and politics stuff.Each character, main or minor, has a purpose and one of the best things is that at some moments you will meet a really main character without realizing it, until the story would develop , it will be when you would know it.In my opinion, this book is the ones that when one is reading it, one thinks Geez For books like this one is that I love to read books If you analyze the very title of the book, you will realize that the story isn t about terrorism, since I d understand people finding without taste to read a humoristic story about terrorism, but this isn t the case, this novel is about selling guns, about the arms dealing business, and that s a totally different field, you will understand when you d read the novel.Give it a chance to the book You won t regret it.

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    I wish I could give this book 6 stars I love Hugh Laurie I love his dry, sarcastic wit I love his accent I want to hump his leg for writing this book Yes I really just said that I picked up this book BECAUSE I love Hugh Laurie, but I didn t really have high expectations I thought it would be humorous, but not a book to really be taken seriously I thought it would be a little bit like a parody of the espionage genre, like Johnny English or Spy Hard, etc I was prepared for it to be silly, and a bit cartoonish, and funny I was prepared for this to be a quick, mindless read that would have me peeing myself with laughter 4 pages out of 5.What I was NOT prepared for, was for this book to not only be funny, but to be absolutely brilliant and relevant and amazing I was not prepared for this book to blow my socks off and make me read it in dribs and drabs, as my friend would say, because I just didn t want it to end I was not prepared for this book to end up being a favorite I cannot really express just how much I was impressed by this book It exceeded every expectation I had I d think something was going to happen, and then what DID happen was about as far from what I would expect as possible, and be BETTER than what I wanted to happen I spent so much time writing down quotes, that I almost have a faithful reproduction of the book in little bits of paper and in my notebook I seriously wish I could quote this entire book Let me just wipe the drool from my chin and then we ll continue OK, I m ready now Laurie s main character and narrator, Thomas Lang, is quite possibly one of the best characters I ve ever read Laurie doesn t waste a ton of time having Lang tell us about himself, we just climb onto his presumably broad, sturdy shoulders and strap ourselves in for the ride And it s quite a ride, be sure of that.It s been a long time since I ve read about a character that I loved as much as Thomas Lang He s human, he s fallible, he s whip smart, and he is sexy But he s not perfect by any stretch he just knows what he s good at, and to me, that is sexy Lang has an absolutely unique eye and voice, and the way that he described people, places, the world in general, had me snorting with laughter But I don t want anyone to mistake me, because, while he sees things with a half cocked eye, there are some definite serious issues in this book Serious as in, we should take them seriously and actually THINK about them I don t want to go too much into the story and ruin it for the multitudes of people I plan on pushing this book on, so I won t say much Just know that this book is absolutely as relevant today as it was 15 years ago when it was written, if not so I will end this review by saying two things 1 Read This Book.2 Read This Book.

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    I would like to please find the person who in the description of this book promised an uproarious cocktail of comic zingers and give them my best Grandma Lydia look If you are NOT familiar with the Grandma Lydia look , which you probably aren t since the chances of you actually having met my grandmother are slim to none, I will explain This is the look you get from a tiny 5 foot tall sweetest Eastern European grandmother that makes you stop in your tracks and beg forgiveness for anything you ever did or will ever do Because she KNOWS you did something wrong, and firmly believes that a stern look alone should suffice to set you on the right path And you bet your ass it will I ve been working on that look, too so someday it can be re christened as Grandma Nataliya look That s my big aspiration in life I m not even joking about it Seriously But wait a second, you say Are you trying to tell us that Hugh Laurie, THE Hugh Laurie, THE comic genius is NOT FUNNY in this book Well, not exactly This book is funny and smart and all that, but it really straddles the line between that and uncomfortable because Laurie uses humor and satire and parody extremely well to showcase quite a few things about our world and ourselves that are uncomfortable, unsettling, and in the end, not as much funny as disturbing His humor in this book is frequently the equivalent of that uncomfortable startled half giggle that people involuntarily utter to their sheer dismay as they see something rather bad happening. His humor serves as a defense mechanism in this book that should not be funny, but is using humor and parody as a weapon Because what does it mean, to say that things aren t going well Compared to what You can say compared to how things were going a couple of hours ago, or a couple of years ago But that s not the point If two cars are speeding towards a brick wall with no brakes, and one car hits the wall moments before the other, you can t spend those moments saying the second car is much better off than the first Death and disaster are at our shoulders every second of our lives, trying to get at us Missing, a lot of the time A lot of miles on the motorway without a front wheel blow out A lot of viruses that slither through our bodies without snagging A lot of pianos that fall a minute after we ve passed Or a month, it makes no difference So unless we re going to get down on our knees and give thanks every time disaster misses, it makes no sense to moan when it strikes Us, or anyone else Because we re not comparing it with anything And anyway, we re all dead, or never born, and the whole thing really is a dream.There, you see That s a funny side. Sidespittingly funny this book is not And it is not meant to be such The humor is uses is what we came to associate with quintessential Britishness dry and deadpan and almost serious Which is fitting for a book that after a first chapter indeed filled with the promised zingers quickly heads down the path of exposing monetary greed and terrorism and secret wars waged for little else but money, and the overarching conspiracies that in the light of many events of our messed up modern world hit quite close to home The only good thing I ve ever noticed about money, the only positive aspect of an otherwise pretty vulgar commodity, is that you can use it to buy things. Oh, by the way, it was written in 1996, but feels as true as it can be a decade and a half later Because things have probably only got worse And all we can do is laugh helplessly about them It is the middle of December now, and we are about to travel to Switzerland where we plan to ski a little, relax a little, and shoot a Dutch politician a little. Now, I m not all that familiar with the spy thriller Bond esque or whatever you call it genre But even I can easily spot the parodies of those on every page Thomas Lang, our protagonist, whom I could not imagine as anyone else but Mr Laurie himself How could I not You tell me while looking at that picture is essentially a good guy with a military past and manners a la Mr Bond a bit He gets offered quite a handsome sum of money for the life of a certain American businessman who, by the way, comes equipped with a lovely daughter with beautiful teeth , honorably refuses it, and the next thing he knows, ends up swept up in the quite substantial international conspiracy, with a first hand participation in a few terrorist acts to boot With quite depressing things seen through every humor laden passage Where simple stupid greed is what runs everything, really And that s depressing, yeah.I liked it quite a bit, even though there were a few parts in the middle where I was tempted to put this book down and forget about it I m just not that into the genre that Laurie parodies here, after all, and sometimes immersing myself into this story was not that easy But ultimately every time something in the way Hugh Laurie writes ended pulling me back into the story And he rewarded me with the Fuck this all, this shit is depressing and nothing is ever likely to change feeling in the end, which I assume could have been the underlying message of this story The way the world and humanity are irrevocably fucked up Not the comedic zingers So don t read this for funny Read this for the serious, please 3.5 stars and I plan to read all the future literature works by Mr Laurie if this gentleman desires to create And I will leave you with this apt and actually funny observation of Mr Laurie s protagonist on the bird strike of the aircraft This, rather unfairly in my view, made it sound as if it was the bird s fault as if the little feathered chap had deliberately tried to head butt twenty tons of metal travelling in the opposite direction at just under the speed of sound, out of spite.

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    This book restored my faith in celebrity novels The last one I read by a former TV hero of mine was so disappointing but Hugh Laurie is a first rate wordsmith and an excellent storyteller I already knew he was a brilliant actor I m midway through The Night Manager, and his performance is sending shivers down my spine , a comic genius and a super blues musician, so he is way multi talented than most of us This book is an action thriller, which is not my usual fare I suspect he has a great comic novel in him, in which case I ll be at the head of the readers queuing up But if he writes another action novel I ll still be jostling for a good position I can t let talent like this just pass me by.

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    Thanks to Chris for turning me on to this fun romp Every now then I d just bust out laughing it kept me up past my bed time to finish it Random, odd, meandering as it seems at times, the humor was a constant thread I found that everything really was spot on If the story occasionally took the long way around the barn, it was only so we d sneak up on something unexpected.It s at least a 3 star thriller is written so perfectly in Laurie s voice that I could hear see him the entire time, which easily gains it another star in my book I loved the early seasons of House have seen him in a few other things where he s always shined This is mostly written in his comedic voice snarky not so dark as his House character IF you like that, it s a 4 star read If not, don t read this There was quite a bit of grittiness to the main character, Thomas Lang, who narrates the story Not quite noir detective, but close, the first person POV is excellently done That s not always easy to do if you don t like the character, it ruins the book, hence my warning above For all the low key, comedic quality of Laurie s observations, it wasn t just funny While poking some fun at the genre most everything else, it was also brought out a lot of good points on society our current state of affairs in general It had it all AND it s 15 years old, which surprised me It could have been written last year Wow The plot certainly twists turns with the best of the genre international conspiracy, murder betrayal all baked into a mystery that Tom finds himself firmly embedded in Laurie did a great job introducing maintaining one of my favorite supporting characters, Solomon right from the very start Like everything else, he seems kind of random odd at first, but eventually gels into clarity Actually, that s a good description of the plot About half way through, I wondered how there could still be so much to read I thought I was closing in on an obvious, if not great ending but I wasn t That was a bit disappointing, I expected the last half to drag, a puffed up section simply to make some publishers word count It wasn t Oh, no, it was great I highly recommend this to all my detective mystery thriller reading friends.

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    Someone I greatly admire in the book world was very excited to receive The Gun Seller as a Christmas gift which I pretty much took as an ultra credible recommendation The audio was at my library and I snapped it up I didn t pay any attention to the author s nameand I m glad I didn t because I likely wouldn t have read it If you have never heard of this book, then don t research the author either Just read it blind I m so glad I did Obviously, after I finished this darkly hilarious piece of arms trafficking international conspiracy action thriller, I had to find out who this author was Admittedly, it is very unfair of me to say I was disappointeduntil I learned that this person originally used a pseudonym when looking for publication opportunities Then I finally looked beyond his name myself Because in the end, all that matters is the book And this book is laugh out loud witty, brilliantly outrageous, and a five star read in my opinion Take this recommendation from someone who has never been a fan of the author except for now and only in the context of The Gun Seller and any other piece of fiction he may write Check it out and be prepared to smirk, smile, laugh, eyeroll, chuckle, eyebrow raise and all the other involuntary reactions that happen when you read something that takes you by surprise I absolutely loved it My favorite quote There once was a man who went to see a psychiatrist, crippled by a fear of flying His phobia was based on the belief that there would be a bomb on any plane he boarded The psychiatrist tried to shift the phobia but couldn t, so he sent his patient to a statistician The statistician prodded a calculator and informed the man that the odds against there being a bomb on board the next flight he took were half a million to one The man still wasn t happy, and sat there convinced that he d be on that one plane out of half a million So the statistician prodded the calculator again and said all right, would you feel safer if the odds were ten million to one against The man said, yes, of course he would So the statistician said the odds against there being two, separate, unrelated bombs on board your next flight are exactly ten million to one against The man looked puzzled, and said that s all well and good, but how does it help me The statistician replied It s very simple You take a bomb on board with you

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    I bought this in hardback from Waterstones in Bromley when it first came out I have a feeling I was revising for my A levels at the time A lot of comedians were publishing novels back then Hugh s friend Stephen Fry had already done The Liar in 1991 which was great the book, that is, not the year , and before that I think it all started with Ben Elton s Stark in 1989, which I never got around to Comedian lit was a weird genre and not one, to be honest, that has produced many great writers David Baddiel is probably the most talented There was also Baddiel s quondam standup partner Rob Newman, whose first novel, Dependence Day, I remember only for a long literary apologia about the importance of ejaculating on a woman s face.Yeah, they were all doing it in those days Writing novels, I mean, not discharging facewards In fact I read The Gun Seller in tandem with Adrian Edmondson s forgotten The Gobbler, which was fairly shit and made this seem comparatively finely crafted It is an above average effort All I can really remember of it now is that it was a kind of English comic version of Raymond Chandler that, and one line during a high speed road pursuit when the narrator pulls up at a traffic light near his house that has never once been green in all the years I ve been driving up to it Not sure why that stuck in my head, but I think of it all the time when I m in the car It s been twenty years, so that s not too bad.

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    The only reason I read this book You guessed it, Hugh Laurie Anything to which his name is attached is worth a looksee I m not typically a fan of spy novels, so I must admit that some of the spoofing was probably lost on me However, Laurie obviously enjoys the English language and bends and twists it to wit laced results As a narrator, Thomas Lang is sarcastic and self deprecating, but also a genuinely nice guy He s likable, someone you d like to go have a drink with just to hear his running commentary on the people and places with which he comes into contact Some of my favorites included his observation that hiding behind the warehouse walls was not a good idea since the walls were no than an inch of Gyproc plaster board, and probably couldn t have stopped a cherry stone squeezed from the fingers of a tired three year old Also, his philosophical thoughts on the use of the term bird strike This, rather unfairly in my view, made it sound as if it was the bird s fault as if the little feathered chap had deliberately tried to head butt twenty tons of metal travelling in the opposite direction at just under the speed of sound, out of spite Amusing and sometimes laugh out loud funny, it s worth the read and will probably most appreciated by people familiar with the spy genre.

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    Fantastic Fantastically funny Fantastically savvy Fantastically clever Fantastically political Fantastically cinematic Fantastically entertaining Fantastic Hugh Laurie has only written one novel, but I hope there are to come after his near perfect debut, The Gun Seller.Laurie takes a fairly standard dirty CIA story ala Jason Bourne , tosses in some Wodehousian humour, takes the p ss out of modern politics and democracy, builds suspense with some cracking chases, gun fights and 007 style violence, philosophizes about how the genitalia of modern men and women resemble and behave like FIATs and Volvos respectively , offers thorough walking tours of London and Prague, and manages to come out the other end with a bang on modern entertainment that bridges genres and expectations.It isn t Booker Prize material, and thank God for that Who needs the stuffy, intense and meaningful, when a talent like Laurie is willing to offer unstuffily breezy, playfully intense and subversively meaningful Give me a beach chair in the summer or a warm blanket in the fall with a frosty, fruity drink or a glass of red wine and The Gun Seller.It s not a bad way to spend an afternoon or two Not bad at all.

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    The Gun Seller is a strange book, in a way The first few chapters are sort of random and whimsical, with at least one laugh out loud line on every page About a quarter of the way in though, it seems like it occurs to Laurie that he actually has some storytelling to do, and sets about doing it The book grows gradually serious from that point, until it is close to being a Robert Ludlum style spy thriller It also gets rather confusing I had a hard time figuring out the motivations of some of the characters, and what exactly they were trying to accomplish I suppose this may have been intentional on Laurie s part, but that doesn t make it less frustrating For that matter, maybe he planned the progression from Comic Novel to Serious Novel The last chapter pretty much ties everything together, to my relief it felt for a while that Laurie didn t know himself where all of this was going Overall it was an enjoyable and satisfying read, and definitely one of the funniest books I ve ever read As someone who s written humorous fiction, I can tell you it s not easy to balance this kind of droll, unpredictable humor with linear storytelling Laurie is obviously one talented guy.

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