The Stories of Ray Bradbury Volume 2

The Stories of Ray Bradbury Volume 2A rather amazing collection of stories from Bradbury, showcasing his imagination, his ability to shift tone and topics, and his fantastic use of language As a side note I think I deserve a medal for accomplishing the Herculean task of getting through this nearly 1000 page tome. June 6, 2012 Reading some of Bradbury s short stories on this day, the day he passed away, leaving the world at the age of 91 A medicine for Melancholy Read this one first A very fine, downplayed story set in the 1700s and quite a bold story What a cure for melancholy Up next now Fever Dream Fever Dreams Reading this was strange, strange indeed Because it resembled an unpublished story of mine quite some And I know I ve never read this Bradbury tale before Of course, Fever Dreams is vastly better than my own wee tale The Hand and with an ending that sends shivers down your back Mine was an attempt to couple a boy s experiences with a kind of cosmic horror and I failed The TOwn Where No One Got Off A nice little, creepy tale Wonderful atmosphere and, for a long while, uncertainty A story that really says something about the human nature when it comes to our relation with other people Dark You bet.As always, reviews coming, as I read new stories Since there are 100 stories just in this volume that may take quite a number of years One Hundred Classic Stories From The Celebrated Author Of Fahrenheit In This, The First Volume Of Ray Bradbury S Short Stories, Some Of The Author S Finest Works Are Published Together, Among Them Homecoming , Veldt , A Sound Of Thunder And The Long Rain Join An Ill Fated Crew Of Astronauts Pushed To The Brink Of Insanity By The Incessant And Highly Corrosive Rain On Venus, A High Tech Virtual Reality Playroom That Comes To Life With Terrible Consequences, And A Safari Company Offering Tours For The Wealthy Back In Time To The Prehistoric Era To Stalk And Kill Dinosaurs, Resulting In The Present They Return To Being Irrevocably Altered This Collection Is A Rare Treasure Trove Of Wonder As Apprehensive About Technology And The Fate Of Humanity As It Is Elegiaic Of Its Irrepressible Progress Each Story Presents An Enlightening And Poetic Facet Of Bradbury S Writing, Every One As Relevant Now As When It Was First Written Many, many years ago my cousin gave me a copy of Bradbury s Martian Chronicles That was about all I ever read of Bradbury until now I liked the Martian Chronicles They were imaginative, exciting, and different in a Twilight ZoneThese stories are much broader, of course, but I think represent a very creative mind at work I have a theory that you get a better idea about the author s thinking and imagination by reading collections of short stories Instead of having to develop a few ideas to the nth degree, we get a chance to see their minds bounce from idea to idea I think with some collections you get a better idea of the writer s ability to twist and turn a plot and characters without having to do so much plot weaving.Bradbury seemed to notice things I didn t And because these stories have now matured forty years they give a bit of insight into what the populations were thinking back then His stories range from the very quirky to just a homespun tale but always with an unexpected ending For such short works he obviously worked extra hard to make them count.The result are a collection of excellent tales of a huge variety of insights and observations of the world. In a collection of this size, there are bound to be a few repeats, but that wasn t a big deal when compared with the fact that I finally got a chance to read There Will Come Soft Rains and Mars Is Heaven , two of the best short stories I have ever read It is always a pleasure to read The Rocket Man as well, and whenever Doug Spaulding shows up, something magical follows close behind Another I will be re reading in the future. Three and a half Read about 15 stories of this collection In the introduction Bradbury explains that the main reason for him to write is the sheer joy he has in doing it and that is exactly what these stories radiate the intense pleasure of storytelling Funny, chilling, surprising they often are, the only drawback being the setting that is often repeated vampires, time travel, space adventures. It seems almost blasphemy to make a bad comment about Bradbury s work, given how he is so highly rated, but I found most of these stories pointless I find he reads like Dickens why use two words, when twenty would do And these stories felt very much like he had to hit a word count repetition or unnecessary detail seem to be the norm. It s 100 stories so some will be better than others I would describe them as imaginative, thrilling, moving, thought provoking, prescient, nostalgic and extremely well written I love the way he uses language.I will never finish this collection or Volume 2 I have been reading and re reading these stories for forty years and see no reason to stop now. I don t envy the editors of this collection There are easier tasks than deciding what to choose from the 500 stories Brad Bradbury has written in his 90 years These two volumes combine about 150 of them stories, not years , so this is the biggest collection to date.There are some classics in here that have been anthologized quite a few times There Will Come Soft Rains , A Sound of Thunder , Mars Is Heaven among others.From the lesser known stories I particularly enjoyed some of the creepy ones e.g The Town Where No One Got Off , Marionettes, Inc and the wonderfully twisted Night Call, Collect.Some of the rocket and aliens imagery may seem a little quaint today but I d argue they only reinforce if unintentionally the nostalgia that has always pervaded the fiction of Ray Bradbury. I have focused on short story lot last year, as I was not ready to invest in another science fiction or fantasy book series, and I generally don t like to read stand alone books For me the short story format is really unique because in space of few pages a author has not only create a whole world to his user, but also has to reach a user and doing this especially is really difficult in an science fiction genre because you have many questions to answer.But this collection of short stories manages to do that almost every time, and the short stories in this book are not only about sci fi but they cover a wide spectrum like fantasy and horror too It is really hard to review this book as a whole because there about 100 short stories in this book, and it s not possible to remember each and every story and write a review about it I was able to enjoy most of the stories in this huge collection, but I think Bradbury shows you his magic when starts writing about mars.The martian stories are best stories of this collection for me as I really enjoyed reading all of them.I give this book 4 5 stars.

Ray Douglas Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet, was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there, he became a student of life, selling newspapers on L.A street corners from 1938 to 1942, spending his nights in the public library and his days at

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