The Last Amateurs: To Hell and Back with the Cambridge Boat Race Crew

The Last Amateurs: To Hell and Back with the Cambridge Boat Race Crew As The Cambridge University Boat Club Prepared For The Boat Race, Mark De Rond A Cambridge Don And Fellow Of Darwin College Spent A Year Living The Blood, Sweat And Tears Of The Students Risking All For A Chance To Challenge Oxford The Last Amateurs Is De Rond S Intense And Deeply Personal Account Of Freezing Early Morning Training Sessions, Booze Fueled Crew Formals , The Tenderness Of Camaraderie, The Pain Of Self Doubt, And The Tantrums And Testosterone Of Crew Members, Each Set On Becoming A Cambridge Blue So What Does It Take To Row In A Boat Race In This Thrilling Book, De Rond Delves Into The Depths Of What It Means To Be A Man And The Primeval Desire To Compete Told Chronologically And Driven By The Pursuit Of The Final Victory, The Result Is A Breathtaking Portrait Of A Deeply Historical Race Marked By Sharp Contrasts And One In Which Every Sports Person Will Recognize At Least A Little Of Themselves

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Last Amateurs: To Hell and Back with the Cambridge Boat Race Crew book, this is one of the most wanted Mark de Rond author readers around the world.

➳ [Reading] ➶ The Last Amateurs: To Hell and Back with the Cambridge Boat Race Crew By Mark de Rond ➩ –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Last Amateurs: To Hell and Back with the Cambridge Boat Race Crew
  • Mark de Rond
  • English
  • 22 October 2017
  • 9781848310452

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    Its Cambridge, and its the Boat Race, so everyone brought up in the UK has prejudices one way or another about the subject matter But once you get behind that this is an interesting presentation of how a group of highly ambitious and highly athletic young men and one young woman bond in their common purpose, and how much anxiety is wrapped up in their aim of winning the race A lot of ivy league public school toughness complicates their process, and they are conflicted in both wanting to collaborate because top class rowing is 80% about how a team manages to row well together and to out do their colleagues there are only eight places and about twenty lads vying for a place It is easy to miss what the author is up to He s an academic ethnographer i.e trying to present what he experiences without as far as is possible adding contextual or explanatory material So it comes across as reportage, but it is much rigorous than even good quality journalism, and like most ethnography you end up with some reflection about his own role in the whole process as well The author s process side steps any sense of class superiority it s there implicitly, but not a distraction, an input into the whole narrative as well as not being sentimental about the substantial disappointment when one or other rower learns that they will not be in the final eight.The writing is very present, and the tension builds up well, so by the end you are rooting for Cambridge to win no matter what Some of the biological intimacy is a bit unnecessary do we really need so often to know who farted and when but the physical concreteness of the story is important.The book has a limited scope, one which will fade in time, so it s not an eternal must read But it is instructive and a good read.

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    I ve had this book tucked away on my Kindle for ages oddly, it doesn t seem to be available for the Kindle any but I dug it out in anticipation of the Boat Race this weekend Mark De Rond spends the duration of the training period for the 2007 Cambridge boat crew, following them, guiding them, helping them, and documenting it all.On the one hand, I really enjoyed following the journey of these amateur athletes, the pressure, the rollercoaster of training hard with no guarantee of making the final eight The crew changes that occured, the effect this had on the rest, the emotions throughout the whole period, this book provides a great insight to it all On the flip side, I thought it went a bit too far, and was too geared towards the author at points I m not sure why we had descriptions of at least three dreams he had, or the section where he admires his naked self in front of the mirror There s also an awful lot of information about bathroom habits.Having said that, the mundane detail isn t always out of place Finding out what the crew does on race day, from battling down some porridge in the morning, to watching the first season of The Office, these bits are interesting to me Thankfully, the team won in 2007, so the book has a happy ending And then, of course, the battle for supremacy on the River Thames begins all over again.

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    If you like sentences like this one, you will like this book As any oarsman will tell you, there s nothing worse, nothing humiliating and sickening, than seeing your crew mates fallen over with exhaustion and yet feeling that you could have pushed harder All that remains is for you to live with the guilt, knowing that you let your side down This is a fact driven book For the emotions, watch the race movie and stars before watching the race on Youtube, four stars after.

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    Great book enjoyed the story, a little raw for kids but worth reading if you like competition and sports

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    Great read, for sports loving guys who love real life stories it is really enjoyable Not appropriate for kids though.

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