So It Begins

So It Begins Experience The Human Cost Of War The Battle Rages On In Book Two Of The Award Winning Defending The Future Series Witness Sixteen Accounts Of Hardcore Military Science Fiction, From Planetside Combat To Fleet Actions Up Among The Stars Featuring The Works Of David Sherman, Charles E Gannon, John C Wright, James Daniel Ross, Jonathan Maberry, James Chambers, Patrick Thomas, Andy Remic, Danielle Ackley McPhail, Jeffrey Lyman, Jack Campbell, Mike McPhail, Bud Sparhawk, Tony Ruggiero, And CJ Henderson Praise For Breach The Hull, Book One In The Defending The Future Series Winner Of The Dream Realm Award There Is Than Enough Great SF In Breach The Hull For Any True Fan Of The Genre, Military Or Not Will McDermott, Author Of Lasgun Wedding I Enjoyed This Book And Heartily Recommend It Sam Tomaino, Space And Time Magazine Pick Up Breach The Hull You Re Sure To Find Stories That You Like David Sherman, Author Of The DemonTech Series And Co Author Of The Starfist Series Breach The Hull Kicks Down The Doors In A Way That Allows Anyone Access To The Genre It Read Like A Bunch Of Soldiers Sitting Around Swapping Stories Of The Wars Fun, Fast Paced, And Packed With Action I Give It A Thumbs Up Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Breach The Hull Is Worth The Purchase I Normally Don T Partake Of Anthologies As A General Rule But Mike McPhail Has Done A Great Job In Making Me Rethink This Position Peter Hodges, Reviewer Breach The Hull Is Full Of Excellent Stories, No Two Of Which Are The Same While Similar Themes Crop Up Throughout, Each Writer Has Managed To Take The Subgenre And Make It His Own John Ottinger III, Grasping For The Wind Reviews A Collection Of Military Science Fiction From A Well Mixed Group Of Authors, Both New And Established Found It A Good Source For Some New Authors To Investigate Tony Finan, Philly Geeks


[BOOKS] ⚣ So It Begins By Mike McPhail –
  • Kindle Edition
  • So It Begins
  • Mike McPhail
  • 28 September 2017

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    The second in the Defending the Future science fiction war anthologies has some stand out and some stand at attention, but no stand in the corner stories Every story is at least a three star A total of fourteen stories and some additional content in the Kickstarter addition the additional content is not reviewed here.The theme of the anthology, other than science fiction war, focused on So It Begins How do these conflict start, when did the first gun get fired, what philosophical difference destroys worlds Short StoriesRecidivism by Charles E Gannon Living in peace comes at a price.The Last Report on Unit 22 by John C Wright You can take the mind out of the body, but not the body out of the mind.The Nature of Mercy by James Daniel Ross also available as a stand alone Programming quality control always test before release War Movies by James Chambers Brings new meaning to Clone War Movies.The Battle for Knob Lick by Patrick Thomas One for the category of It seemed like a good idea at the time Really, really Zombies A good idea in whose definition of good or idea Also rebellion, petty revenge, and promises to children and so many other ways for a good idea to go hold my beer wrong One of the strongest stories in the anthology.Junked by Andy Remic Getting to where you need to be is most of the battle view spoiler So I m thinking the ending is a Trojan horse Don t see how taking a nano factory back to HQ could go horribly wrong not at all sarcasm font hide spoiler

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    This collection would kick ass and take names, but if it brought a pencil it would end up stuck in your eye Seriously good collection As with any collection there were those I really liked and those I thought weren t as stong but overall I really enjoyed it The Nature of Mercy by James Daniel Ross stands out as my favorite from the collection, but if you like military sci fi you should get this book.

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    An excellent collection of themed short stories, particularly Jack Campbell s Grendel , which adds depth to his Lost Fleet series.

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    This is worth reading for Jack Campbell s story grendal which is the prequel to his lost fleet series The other stories while ok aren t as memorable.

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