The Fall of Shane MacKade

The Fall of Shane MacKade Shane MacKade Adorava As Mulheres, Mas Nunca Conhecera Nenhuma Que O Pusesse A Assobiar A Marcha Nupcial, At Aparecer A Doutora Rebecca Knight O Problema Era Que Ela Conhecia Muito Bem A Fama Dos MacKade Para Sucumbir Ao Seu Encanto Talvez Tivesse Chegado O Momento De Lhe Fazer Uma Proposta, Uma Vez Que Shane N O Conseguia Viver Sem ElaPara A Doutora Rebecca Knight, Tudo Tinha Uma Explica O, At Come Ar A Ter Pensamentos Irracionais A Respeito Do Atraente Shane MacKade N O Percebia Muito De Homens, Mas Tinha A Certeza De Uma Coisa Amar Shane Era Perigoso E Rebecca N O Gostava De Riscos

Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name

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  • The Fall of Shane MacKade
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  • 16 July 2019

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    OMG What an unbelievably fascinating ending for this marvelous and wonderful series I still have my eyes all tear up after reading that breathtaking epilogue This book just gave me that perfect ending I was craving It was such an amazing journey, each book, each story, all of them astounding and unique in their own way I just can t pick a favorite because all 4 books were so different and amazingShane was, to a degree, a huge surprise I always loved him but mostly because he was a MacKade, but not for himself He was always the one less spoken about, the younger brother, the one who seemed to have everything in order I thought his book was going to be just fine but not the outstanding story it turned out to be His heroine, Rebecca, was a huge surprise as well She baffled everything for him, even though you would have never imagined a geek scientist would do just that to him They were perfect for each other, even if they didn t have a thing in common.What I loved the most about this book was that reading it felt exquisite, I just couldn t stop I stayed up till 6 am That s how obsessed I was with this story It s weird because I don t usually get this excited about books in this genre but I was completely catch off guard by this series The way you relate to the characters and get to know them I never thought I would be saying this about Nora Roberts because I have already read 2 of her series and NEVER felt this way before.I think she did magic in what this series is concerned Now I just will be all depressed because it s over and I know I wont find a series that will appeal to me this much any time soon I guess it just clicked extremely well with me IMPORTANT The books in this series should be read together IMHO I just feel like the magic of it would be lost otherwise.

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    This series has been so adorable I m so glad I read it The hunted places and stories were my favourites Shane and Rebecca were so funny Somehow I adored Rebecca s attitude She was a master of disguise And she tamed the last bachelor in the family a family that became so big after all I love it when a series is not only about romance stories, but comes with something new and captivating This one deserves 5 stars.

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    The last book in the series and just as well done as the rest Although I think this one was funnier than the other three You ve got genius ghost hunter girl and sexy farm boy Lots of fun and a great ending to the series, although it would be cool if the Great Nora wrote a sequel for the next generation of MacKades.

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    The fourth book in The MacKade Brothers series by Nora Roberts Dr Rebecca Knight, friend of Regan s from The Return of Rafe MacKade, arrives in Antietam, Maryland to investigate the hauntings Shane MacKade, the youngest brother, doesn t believe in ghosts, though Or does he Shane was your typical man whore until Rebecca arrived Rebecca is a highly educated woman interested in ghosts than people But there is chemistry and something else A fun addition to the series.

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    I believe this was the best of the McQuade brothers books We already knew all the characters from the previous books and it was interesting catch up with them But I liked thid couple best.

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    The Fall of Shane MacKade is the final book of the youngest of the clan.Shane is a charmer and a woman s man Always appreciated women of all shapes, sizes and diversities Confident in his abilities, his world is shaken when Regan s childhood friend, whiz and genius Rebecca shows up in their life to research on parapsychology.I really enjoyed this book how all the stories came together along with the ghosts the past and present John and Sarah the old and new babies giving it a super nostalgic feel The paranormal elements really add to the book.Loved the smokin chemistry between the farmer and the savant It s an instant attraction that couldn t be analyzed but was oh so hot and fun to read.The series started out average the first two books were meh but really adored Devin and Shane s book.Safe with minor exceptions4.5 5

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    WOW is all I can say Loved this series particularly the last two Cried for them both Awesome read need to think before I put anything else down in words I loved all the MacKade Brothers Shane was a surprise for me the only MacKade who never thought of marriage. the only macKade who never admitted to seeing or hearing the ghosts the only Mackade who s middle name had meaning. Rebecca was truly remarkable the little girl who was never loved by the two people who should have loved her. found love. in the most unlikely place and with the most unlikely person They were in deed meant to be together the town and the spirits that drew them together is what will keep them together. For me personally I am upset that the series is finished I would love to see another book for today the relationships the kids all grown up the ghost still there or maybe a movie maybe I just do no not want to let these brothers and the ghosts go just loved them. the books Very happy I decided to listen to my niece and take a chance on Nora Roberts

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    When I started reading this book I didn t like Shane much, he is the charming MacKade, the youngest who runs the farm and has an arrogance when it comes to women but Rebecca was the perfect woman for him, who could run circles around him with her academic distance and analytical psychiatric degree, poor guy didn t stand a chance.The heroine Rebecca is Regan s friend who is interested in the paranormal, something we have seen throughout the series, about the Civil War Rebecca s life was mapped out from the time she was born and she followed it, studying, getting and degrees but now she is ready for and some change.Shane at first tries to get a rise out of her but ends up falling hard and finds that Rebecca is not typical and does not react in the manner he thinks she would, like when she sees him talking to another woman, her reaction baffles him.I think this has to be one of the most fun book in the series once the relationship gets going Rebecca wasn t a typical virgin and was quite an awesome match for Shane.

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    Fiquei desiludida com este ltimo volume Gostei mas n o me deslumbrou.

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    The Fall of Shane MacKade4.5 StarsThe youngest of the MacKade brothers, Shane has never met a woman he couldn t seduce that is until Rebecca Knight crosses his path Well aware of his womanizing ways, Rebecca is determined to keep her distance, but the best laid plans are shoved aside when destiny comes knocking Definitely the best book in the quartet Shane and Rebecca have incredible chemistry and their banter is witty and fun It is wonderful seeing Shane fall for the one woman who doesn t immediately succumb to his charms There is also closure to the ongoing paranormal storyline as readers finally discover the identity of the Union soldier who wandered onto MacKade land to die This is actually the one aspect of the story that disappointed as my personal theory didn t pan out view spoiler I had hoped that the soldier survived and was adopted by the MacKades alas no hide spoiler

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