Johnny's Girl: A Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up in Alaska's Underworld

Johnny's Girl: A Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up in Alaska's Underworld Kim Rich Was An Ordinary Girl Trapped In An Extraordinary Childhood, Someone Who Dreamed Of Going To Parties And Getting Good Grades While Living In An After Hours Hell Of Pimps And Con Men Kim Rich Longed For Normalcy, Yet She Was Inescapably Her Father S Child, And She Had No Choice But To Grow Up Fast Her Mother Was A Stripper And B Girl Her Father Was A Major Player In The Underworld Of Anchorage, Alaska In The Sixties, A City Flush With Newfound Oil Money Only After Her Father Was Gruesomely Murdered And Kim Became A Journalist Was She Able To Fill In The Missing Pieces Of One American Dream Gone Horribly Wrong Kim S True Story Is A Tale Of A Woman S Search For Her Parent S Secrets What She Finds Is Both Shocking And Tragic, But In The End She S Able To Discover Her True Self Amid The Remnants Of Her Parents Lost Lives

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Johnny's Girl: A Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up in Alaska's Underworld book, this is one of the most wanted Kim Rich author readers around the world.

❮Epub❯ ➚ Johnny's Girl: A Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up in Alaska's Underworld Author Kim Rich –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Johnny's Girl: A Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up in Alaska's Underworld
  • Kim Rich
  • English
  • 01 May 2017
  • 9780882405247

10 thoughts on “Johnny's Girl: A Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up in Alaska's Underworld

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    This book started out interesting and then along about Chapter 11 it became un put downable The story is the non fiction account of a young girl with wild, itinerant, outlaw parents who wind up in Anchorage, Alaska both because they believed there was opportunity for them and because they d conceivably run out of road Mom s schizophrenia gets the better of her after Dad s hustles eventually spiral down to him pimping her out on occasion Mom gets shipped back to a Michigan insane asylum and after a brief stay in Michigan herself, our narrator author, Kim Rich, is reunited with her father in Anchorage and her strange life continues Johnny Rich, Kim s dad runs gambling rooms, prostitutes and any other corner he can cut to make a buck even in his temporarily legit business fronts Eventually, Johnny Rich makes good as an underworld figure through massage parlors but his arrival at relative success brushes with a set of terminally bad characters that lead the reader through the last 100 pages or so of this tome at breakneck, true crime speed.Kim Rich is a good writer Not surprisingly though, this may have taken it all out of her She sets up this narrative tenderly and informatively, relating great details about how Anchorage was and what it was like to come up there through the 60 s and 70 s and then BAM the thing turns into a true crime novel that hits and sickens like a James Elroy piece Her descriptions of her father, his hustling, bargain hunting, jailhouse lawyering and his dogs playing poker, Cadillac, dark blue topaz cuff link style are terrific Her research, interviews and remembrances mesh her scattered jigsaw puzzle of a family together into a cohesive photo The I think about this book, the admirable and unique a piece of work I think it becomes.I m reaching back up to the top of this review and changing it from three stars to four.

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    This book chronicled the life of the author growing up in Anchorage, AK, where her father was involved with gambling and prostitution enterprises I grew up in Anchorage at the same time that the author did she is two years older than me and though I did not know her I started reading the book because I looked forward to hearing my home town described during the time I was growing up I was not disappointed I was impressed with the amount of research that the author did into the lives of her parents Her mother was mentally ill and it was very interesting to learn of the treatment for mental illness in the 1950s and 1960s Psychiatry has come a long way since then I recommend this book to all.

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    How did this little girl who lived through a disorganized, dangerous, and tragic childhood become such a great writer She thoroughly chronicles life in Anchorage circa 1950 until 1974 and makes you feel like you actually knew all those shady characters that populated the town And despite his character flaws, she loved her father.

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    A daughters memoir of life growing up in a home with parents engaged in a life of petty crime and mental illness She looks back with a clear eyed view, interviews the people who knew her parents, and tries to understand the lives she shared Her mother died after being hospitalized for her mental issues when Kim was a young girl Her father was murdered when she was in her teens, but Kim survived tragedy, got an education, and has had a successful career as a journalist A testament to her inner strength.

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    Truly an insightful memoir of a very difficult childhood and youth This is reinforced by what seems to be a very strong investigative work to cover parts of the story that the author herself didn t know first hand.

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    This is a very well written book The style is professional and easy to follow It is full of emotional appeal and information The cover entices readers to learn about the underworld in Alaska, such as it was But the book is focused on the author and growing up with an unconventional family The underworld aspect refers to her father s business in gambling, pornography, prostitution, and questionable businesses This is not the story of the Mafia or Syndicate in Alaska The author is clear that there never was such a thing Instead of Italians in business suits with violin cases stuffed with machine guns, the closest the audience sees are some grizzled lumberjacks sporting rifles I am sure they are just as intimidating Nevertheless, the author does a great job describing the home life of such a character and how they barely made any profits as her father sought to keep things out of his name and to appear successful than he actually was The book does a great job describing the B girl racket, gambling cheats, and massage parlors but most of the book is the story of a little girl tracing the genealogy of her unique family with its ups and downs Dramatic, albeit the climax is something of a let down The conspiracy responsible for the death of her husband is really the imagination of a petty criminal and a shady lawyer.

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    I came to Alaska in 1950 as a 2 year old, growing up here in the early days of this book Although I do not know Kim, I enjoyed her account of life in the 60s and 70s in Anchorage I admire her for her fighting spirit and determination to grow up in Extremely harsh conditions Good job on detailing you life so well, Kim Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Alaskan journalist Kim Rich tells the story of her infamous parents and her very unconventional childhood The author s profession has a big impact on the style of the book very factual and unemotional where most memoirs of similar events wouldn t be so poised.

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    This is about a daughter of a major player in the underworld of Anchorage Who knew I worked with the daughter of the girl in the story, so it hit close to home with me I cannot imagine growing up like this.

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    I read this because it takes place in Alaska The book was good, but not nearly as interesting as I thought it would be Being about the underworld, I thought it should be a crazy true life story similar to Running with Scissors or The Glass Castle , but it was not.

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