Gifted: Better Late Than Never

Gifted: Better Late Than Never Teenage Goth Jenna Kelly Can Read Anyone S Mind Without Even Trying When Her Alcoholic Mother Has To Go Into Hospital, A Stranger Turns Up Who Says He S Her Long Lost Dad, And Promises Her A Better Future While Jenna Is Happy To Discover What It S Like To Have A Proper Parent, The Gifted Class Have Their Concerns, But Will Jenna Listen

I was born in New Britain, Connecticut, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia I also spent a year 5th grade in Montgomery, Alabama, and a year in Ann Arbor, Michigan 8th grade As a child, I always wanted to be a writer, but I had lots of other ambitions too I wanted to be a teacher, a librarian, a movie star, the president of the United States, and a ballerina I didn t achieve all my goals I nev

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  • Gifted: Better Late Than Never
  • Marilyn Kaye
  • English
  • 12 October 2017
  • 9780330510356

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    Ages 10 some crushes, no language Jenna s mom is in rehab, and a man claiming to be her dad has shown up At first, she s wary But Stuart Kelley is charming, and Jenna can t read his mind like she can others What would it be like to finally have a father Amanda doesn t seem to have learned anything from her swap with Tracey Devon She s harboring a crush on Ken Preston, another Gifted kid and the only one she dubs to be at the same cool level as her She schemes to swap bodies with him to make him fall for her, but what happens is unexpected when she accidentally takes over as Ken, she starts to have feelings Not for Ken, but for Rick, one of the dead spirits who communicates with him Though a little heavy handed than the first, Gifted 2 is still fast paced and enjoyable At the end of this book, it seems like Amanda has learned her lesson I hope that s the case, because shallow, catty and status obsessed Amanda is tiresome No former student teachers make a reappearance, but I hope we find out what was going on in a later book Older teens are bound to find this series ho hum compared to Kelley Armstrong s teens with powers series Still, for the fifth through seventh grade reader who s a fan of the supernatural it s a good bet.

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    I have to say that this book was just as predictable as the first, except that her real father would be dead and Ken would talk to him My liking of Amanda did not improve in the least bit, it infact, fell even It was an accident that she got in his body, but she could have just pretended that she was Ken, and not give herself the poem I m wondering what is up with Robot Amanda though, it is really awkward, but needed so that she doesn t end up in a hospital for those long days she was in other people s bodies.I did find that I liked Jenna even , though she is really naive, but I think it was of wanting a father than actually believing in he was her father I also think this fake father is also working with Serena I remember when Serena hypnotized her in the first book, and she said the reading of the guy s mind took only 10 minutes, but she was out 30, Serena could have hypnotized her into admitting things about her disappearing father and her mother and then make her forget Jenna was an interesting character, and she was in pain, so I feel really sympathetic towards her.It was obvious he was using her though, because how come he went to a fancy restaurant when he was almost broke and then gamble all of his money It was even obvious, because how could he run into someone he knew and was playing a poker game Then he asks her to gamble to buy a house with the money he wins using her, and she has no clue how it will all end I d have said no then explained it was of the fact that Tracey s parents wouldn t appove, and the system wouldn t allow her to go too There was that wanting of a father that made her forget that she shouldn t use her gift that way.Finally, Amanda falling in love with a dead guy, awkward I guess needed to develope her character though.In all, I really enjoy these books, and when I read them in one day, I enjoy it even Quick, easy reads for anyone.

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    The second book of the Gifted series concentrates in Jenna, and her long lost father that suddenly shows up at her front door He claims he is back to see her and redeem himself for leaving her 13 years ago, befor she was even born At the same time Amanda, the bodysnatcher, finds herself inside the body of Ken, the boy she likes But while inside him she can use his gift, hear dead people, and soon one of them will take a very special place in her heart and cange her forever.This book was as adorable as the first one and maybe a little bit heartbreaking since things didn t end up as good as one might wish them to I really enjoyed seeing of Jenna and Amanda and watch them grow through out the book through their experiences Also we get to see a little bit of the other characters too, learn about their powers I ve alreayd started reading the next one in the series Even though it s a middle grade series I find myself truly enjoying it These books are small, fun and cute, exactly what I need between the heavy YA.

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    This was yet another easy and solid read I loved how the author had a few dilemma s both moral and emotional coming from Amanda I think she s finally turned a corner after having visiting yet another body So I m hoping with the next few books Amanda actually starts acting how she feels, so that when she does swap bodies she isn t disapointed in herself again.Jenna on the other hand I hate how it turned out for her It was interesting to finally hear what the mind reader was thinking and the book overall was quiet entertaining but it could have added a tad info about Jenna s gift and why she can t hear certain people s thoughts.

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    As I said about the first one the book is written in a language apropriate for children which was the thing that annoyed me Liked this one better than the first and there is definetely potential in these stories, I just feel it wasn t fully developed Kind of disappointed that only the first three are out in my country I guess I grew to like them.Now I have to write an email to the publishing house haha Off to start the third one

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    best i love it cant wait till here today gone tommarow comes out 11

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    This book was better then the first one in my opinion It was focused on Jenna the goth girl with a mother in a rehabilitation center who finds her father Also Amanda s story was interesting as well Loved the way that the story progressed and love how you get a bit of a twist at the end of it Overall i ended up liking this book better then the series s first, which motivated me to continue with the series.

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    only thing i didn t like was book 1 was pretty focused on 2 characters, this one was about the main from the previous and another the second was supposed to be the focus but it was way too back and forth sometimes but overall a great book

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    An easy to read series, this time we get to know about Ken a little Again, like the first book we follow two stories at once, and because it s so well written we re about to read with ease Now to find the third book

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    Easy read someone who is thinking of reading or just starting to read this is an ideal book that would give them the confidence to continue reading.

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