Trout Fishing in America

Trout Fishing in AmericaTrout Fishing in America, Richard Brautigan Trout Fishing in America is a novella written by Richard Brautigan and published in 1967 It is technically Brautigan s first novel he wrote it in 1961 before A Confederate General From Big Sur, which was published first 2005 1384 196 1385 9643622150 1386 9789643622152 1389 1390 20 1385 207 9643138008 1385 1388 This book is an experience like few else I could spend pages discussing this book but the following passage contains all the joy of the novel and is a well enough jumping off point for the imagination and intellect to decipher the nature and importance of this novel that has been linked to the late Beat generation A little ways up from the shack was an outhouse with its door flung violently open The inside of the outhouse was exposed like a human face and the outhouse seemed to say, The old guy who built me crapped in here 9,745 times and he s dead now and I don t want anyone else to touch me He was a good guy He bult me with loving care Leave me alone I m a monument now to a good ass gone under There s no mystery here That s why the door s open If you have to crap, go in the bushes like a deer Fuck you, I said to the outhouse All I want is a ride down the riverI read this gem of a novel in its entirety on the 4th of July, 2013 Something about reading this on America s day of fireworks and independence while bathing in the glorious embrace of a local breweries 6 pack delight has some abstract importance to me that would be bastardized by my attempts to excavate it into concrete language for examination All I know is that my sun soaked soon to be hung over soul soared on a cloud of beauty that drank in each wonderful word from the pages Particularly the chapter The Hunchback Trout where the narrow creek in which he is fishing is described like 12,845 telephone booths in a row with high Victorian ceilings and all the doors taken off and all the backs of the booths knocked out, transported me back to my teens when my dad would toss me into the car with his fishing gear and plant me into the Two Hearted River in Michigan s Upper Peninsula near where he was born and raised Standing in the river with hand me down waiters that made me look like an overgrown and under oranged oompa loompa, waiting for the appropriate time to go down stream and downwind so I could fail miserably at flyfishing while lighting up the secret rolled up treasures I d brought for the weekend I m not much of a gamesman , but there was always something so empowering and surreal about being miles from civilization and feeling a part of the river and the trees that arched over my head their spindly limbs being the landing place for many of my casts and causing me to spend half my time trying to get unstuck or untangled instead of actually fly fishing I would spend most of the day dreading actually catching a fish as it would mean having to touch it and unhook it and feel the shame and guilt and try not to show that I felt all weepy for hurting the fish in front of my father a father who missed his calling by being placed into the early 2000 s as a flesh and blood human instead of appearing as the t.v father of a 50 s sitcom that he really should have been my friends used to refer to the Penkevich household as Mayberry as he beamed with pride and snapped a picture of me holding my catch Somewhere exists one of these pictures snapped right at the moment that the current caught my legs out from under me and there I am disappearing into the stream with the fish held high above me These moments are exactly what Trout Fishing in America means to me, and though this is not a novel I d ever pass to my father, I like to associate the two in my mind and consider that as a sign of respect for a father that I truly appreciate and look up to even if we exist in such different worlds that bring about rifts between us It is how to experience the idealized Americana moments with your father, even ones that never happened, as the novel reads much like a well meaning father telling stories around a campfire at night with enough booze in his system to let loose all the sexual escapades and bawdy humor that is necessary for the story.Another episode of my not worth writing about life that somehow fits with the novel and his accounts of tiny rebellions on society is when I had to write my submissions essay for Michigan State University I had said to a friend they don t care what you write, it is how you write and to prove my youthfully arrogant point I wrote my essay about fly fishing with my father the topic was how you view academics and how you have been a helpful part of your society I got into MSU regardless I feel Brautigan would have smiled at this tiny rebellion.Yet, somehow all this IS and isn t what this novel is This novel is also a period of Americana that has been scrubbed away through time It embraces that beatnik sensibility, the feeling that it is totally normal to stroll through town buried under the influence and ramble at everyone in a state of goodwill and not have the police immediately tossing you into the back of their car and bystanders pulling out their iphones to post the video of some raggedy beardo being manhandled by the boys in blue This is a novel of good natured fun that is sure to put a smile on the face of any who read it I came across this novel after hearing it referenced in the song Tee Pees 1 12 by Father John Misty, a song that also manages to capture the feeling of this novel The take away message here is that Trout Fishing in America is many things, and many things embrace the vibe of the novel while also not being an accurate way to describe it If anything can be said about this book it is that Trout Fishing in America is all that is fun and good about living, like spending a day in the hot sun reading or drunk in a trout stream, or whatever it is that suits your fancy.4 5 Did you really think I d leave a review short and sweet It s just not in my nature, and I apologize, but I also love to vomit my mind out into half assed words I feel labeling Brautigan as a late Beat is an easy label, but one that doesn t serve him proper justice Not like I have any better label for him, but it is akin to those who also consider Bukowski a Beat poet The comparison makes sense, yet also misses the mark all at once Hemingway fanatics will recognize this river as the location and title of one of his most famous short stories while beer fanatics will be salivating for the taste of that delicious IPA by Bell s Brewery that I am currently and probably obviously imbibing. RICKY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS Pesca alla Trota in America una novella scritta da Richard Brautigan pubblicata nel 1967 Si tratta di un libro astratto senza una trama precisa, formato da una serie di aneddoti ognuno dei quali costituisce un capitolo con gli stessi personaggi che ricompaiono pi volte all interno delle diverse storie.La foto di copertina della prima edizione Brautigan insieme all amica Michaela Le Grand, da Brautigan chiamata la sua musa Dietro di loro la statua di Benjamin Franklin a Washington Square, S.F.Il libro ambientato in tre luoghi principali la zona nord ovest degli Stati Uniti dove l autore spese buona parte della sua infanzia , a San Francisco e nell Idaho, luogo nel quale Brautigan si era recato a fare un viaggio con la moglie e la figlia.L espressione Pesca alla trota in America usata con molteplici significati in base al contesto pu rappresentare la pesca vera e propria, un hotel, un personaggio, un vecchio barbone, uno stato d animo e cos via La pesca alla trota diventa, attraverso i vari capitoli del libro, un modo per osservare in maniera critica e dissacrante la societ americana contemporanea.Il libro sicuramente l opera pi famosa di Richard Brautigan, ha venduto oltre due milioni di copie negli USA dopo la pubblicazione nel 1967, diventando un punto di riferimento della controcultura americana Venne tradotto in italiano solo nel 1989.Un libro cos poteva essere scritto solo da uno scrittore cos.Tutto quello che precede l ho letto su e ricopiato da Avevo bisogno di qualcuno, o qualcosa, che mi spiegasse Perch non faccio acidi da diversi anni E agli acidi non ho mai mischiato alcol, speed, polvere bianca di vario tipo, ecstasy Prerequisito che mi sembra essenziale per comprendere questo libro.E per goderselo.O se non altro, godersi il cocktail di sostanze.E mi dispiace per quell amica che si infastidisce quando si dice America al posto di Stati Uniti d America per lei l America l intero continente, nord centro e sud Per gli statunitensi, invece, risaputo, US America E America US.D altra parte, secondo me, molti di loro pensano che US mondo Non c nient altro, oltre loro.Comunque, qui per America si intende Stati Uniti d America E, comunque, queste pagine sono uno spasso non si capisce niente, ma si gode tutto I ll have what he had cit.Richard Brautigan in perfetto stile Washinton Square negli anni Sessanta.Da non prendere sotto gamba Jack Schmitt, astronauta dell Apollo 17, diede il nome Shorty che compare nel romanzo a un cratere della Luna a Carpinteria, in California, nel marzo del 1994, Peter Eastman jr, diciassettenne, cambi il suo nome in Pesca alla trota in America Trout Fishing In America adesso vive in Giappone dove insegna inglese pi o meno nello stesso anno, una giovane coppia diede al suo bimbo il nome Trout Fishing In America.La prima copertina del libro si merita addirittura il primo capitolo dove Brautigan disquisisce sul monumento a Benjamin Franklin a Washington Square, San Francisco ora, come ben sa chi conosce la piazza, il monumento decentrato, piuttosto piccolo, niente di che, nascosto dagli alberi proprio l ultima cosa da notare su quella celebre bella piazza.San Francisco, Washington Square la statua di Benjamin Franklin nel boschetto di pioppi Una volta, mentre m ero fermato a pulire il pesce prima di tornare a casa, che ormai era quasi notte, ho immaginato di fare il giro del cimitero dei poveri e di raccogliere l erba, i vasetti di vetro, i barattoli di latta, le tavolette, i fiori appassiti, gli insetti, le erbacce e le zolle e di portarmi tutto a casa dove avrei messo un amo nella morsa e ci avrei legato tutte quelle cose per farne una mosca e poi sarei uscito e l avrei lanciata su nel cielo per poi osservarla galleggiare sopra le nuvole e infine sprofondare nella stella vespertina. OK, well, first of all, it s not about trout fishing in America.Well, mostly not, sort of, well, see here s the thing Richard Brautigan s very unique 1964 publication blurs the line between prose and poetry, and in the same way that blue sounds a lot like jazz.Yes, the similes.Let s visit some of Mr Brautigan sbizarre and outlandish similes, and it is here that his readers first notice leaving a well worn path like a famous brain surgeon removing a disordered portion of the imagination the flesh about my body felt soft and relaxed like an experiment in functional background music the fish taking all the bows like a young Jewish comedian talking about Adlai Stevenson And there are many, many like these that give the book it s charming but absurd quality The book is arranged into dozens of loosely connected vignettes and sketches, many with no apparent theme or notion of why they re being told Also, the term trout fishing in America can be a person, as in I went to visit my friend Trout Fishing in America and it can be a place, a state of mind, and also, sometimes and obliquely, the literal act of trout fishing.Funny Yes, it can be funny, but for me the laughs came fewer and fewer as I turned the pages and became somewhat tiresome This was not the Samuel Beckett or Bertold Brecht absurdism, or the drug induced gonzo weirdness of Hunter S Thompson, but some form of sixties inventive and experimental lyric improvisation, like scat singing.I recently visited Asheville, NC and had a great time, really enjoyed the natural setting, the accessible and ubiquitous beer and the art galleries I observed in one gallery that although I liked just about everything I saw, I could not discern the distinction between paintings that would be worth 50,000 and another worth 500 Likewise, if I were to sample exquisite wine, I am sure that my palette is not discriminating enough to tell the difference between a very expensive Dom de la Romanee Conti Montrachet Grand Cru cote beaune le Puligny from Burgundy France and one of the fine table wines from Asheville I am, usually, able to keep my knuckles from dragging the floor when I walk But my point is that it is very likely that Brautigan s work is masterful and inspiring and his great literary vision is just lost on me He had a photograph taken of Existentialism and himself sitting at a sidewalk caf. tAKE mE fIVE Trout Fishing in AustraliaA Richard Brautigan craze started in Australia when I was in secondary school The focus wasTrout Fishing in America , even if I had already read and preferredConfederate General from Big Sur. I loved the zany, almost hallucinogenic brevity of his novels They were as short and stimulating as a good high, and they were funny They didn t necessarily have a plot, but they were full of acute, though relaxed, proto stoner observations Brautigan walked through life, detecting and reflecting on the comic side of absurdity, rather than the despair that was emphasised by the common or garden variety of Existentialism that prevailed in the media Brautigan seemed to suggest that we should be glad just to exist, to be alive, stoned, immaculate He looked into the abyss and laughed aloud And it was infectious Like nostalgia.After re reading this novella, I was tempted to reduce my rating to four stars, but what the heck That wouldn t be in the spirit of Brautigan, who was always generous with his sense of optimism and enjoyment.Below is a pastiche that will hopefully give you an idea of whether he is your kind of thing.P.S It might help to know that he always wanted to end a novel with the wordmayonaise.What s So Funny about Trout Fishing in America Assembled from Fragments of Richard Brautigan s TextTrout Fishing in America. What does it mean Think hard about it for a minute WhyTrout Fishing in AmericaI thought about it for a while, hiding it from the rest of my mind But I didn t ruin the day by secretly thinking too hard It exists, like any other book, for no reason other than to amaze me.You might say, it won t do to write aboutTrout Fishing in America , but then you might not say that at all There is a romance aboutTrout Fishing in America. Nobody else would have thought of it Beautiful blondes followed me wherever I went They were those great cuddly women of the past, wearing those pants they used to wear and those hightop, laced boots They believed in their own immortality Could be the fact that we were still alive had something to do with it Hard to tell We sat there and drank and talked about books I can have a couple once in a while I m not supposed to, but it won t kill me Trout fishing is one of the best things in the world for remembering what you read in books It can also make you wonder whatever happened to the Zoot suit I guess it was just a passing fad Like World War II and the Andrews Sisters During the war I saw a Deanna Durbin movie seven times in Great Falls, Montana There was a darkness to that theatre different from any theatre I ve been in since Now I live in this place in San Francisco, this strange cabin above Mill Valley We are a funny bunch, Pard and his girlfriend and Existentialism and me, all living here together Pard met Existentialism in a sidewalk cafe in Paris, when he became an Existentialist and grew a beard Now in his late thirties, Pard works at an avant garde print shop that prints poetry and experimental prose On the wall of the outhouse is a roll of toilet paper, so old it looks like a relative, perhaps a cousin, of the Magna Carta I guess that s why Pard calls the outhouse the Magna Crappa.Are we agreed, ladies and gentlemen Agreed What about the mayonaise What do you mean, what about the mayonaise Published in 1967 but written in 1961 and with a Best Before Date of June 1972 , here we have a loopy, silly, zonked and floaty novel if that s what it is that most surprisingly is actually in a bumbly zagzig manner all about trout fishing Well, you know, kind of The bizarro world version of trout fishing This is so much like a rural version of Donald Barthelme who was beginning to crank out his brilliant stories at exactly the same time that I checked my Barthelme biography to remind myself what connections there were between these two American comedians Only there was not one reference to Richard Brautigan So then I saw that fans of RB bracket him with Kerouac and Burroughs, two other writers with whacked out styles So I checked my hefty biographies of those two gentlemen and what do you know Not one mention of Richard Brautigan, not even a footnote So now I ve got the idea that this guy has been airbrushed from history The humour is gentle For instance, he finds a place called The Cleveland Wrecking Yard where there s a used trout stream for saleWe re selling it by the foot length You can buy as little as you want or you can buy all we ve got left A man came in here this morning and bought 563 feet We re selling the waterfalls separately of course, and the trees and birds, flowers, grass and ferns we re also selling extra The insects we re giving away free with a minimum purchase of ten feet of stream And the humour is surreal too Trout Fishing in America the novel if that s what it is is a character in Trout Fishing in America The way that works is uh Well, you had to be there It was kind of funny at the time One thing I thought was funny but I don t think Richard Brautigan intended it to be is how the narrator is traipsing all over various states to find a nice trout stream accompanied by his wife and daughter but the wife is never named and is always referred to as my woman And the kid is called the baby And finally, what many people remember about this tiny 120 page novel is the obsession RB has with outrageous similes Almost everything comes with a simile Here are a couple of typical ones I saw a woodstock He had a long bill like putting a fire hydrant into a pencil sharpener, then pasting it onto a birdWhen the sun went behind a cloud, the smell of the sheep decreased, like standing on some old guy s hearing aid, and when the sun came back again, the smell of sheep was loud, like a clap of thunder inside a cup of coffee.This novel would really get on your nerves if it was 300 pages long but it wasn t and so it didn t A perfect gift to distract the old stoned hippy in your life from his Grateful Dead box sets for a couple of hours. Penned at the tail end of the Beat movement, Brautigan s Trout Fishing in America is his surreal novel on the battle for humanity s soul waged between the high stakes, ever expanding industrialism of the expiring 20th century and the salad days of nature worshiping 19th century The opening chapter of the book is fantastic and worth the investment in the novel just for those few pages alone Even when the surrealism is thick Brautigan never lets go of his reader s hand He wants us to see the promise of potentiality in both his work and the world at large He also writes some beautiful sentences, such as The sheep lulled themselves into senseless sleep, one following another like the banners of a lost army. After finishing this book I looked to find outof this author and learned that he killed himself in 1984 at the young age of 49 He suffered from clinical depression and paranoid schizophrenia He once wrote, All of us have a place in history Mine is clouds. Richard Brautigan Was A Literary Idol Of The S And S Whose Comic Genius And Iconoclastic Vision Of American Life Caught The Imagination Of Young People Everywhere He Came Of Age During The Haight Ashbury Period And Has Been Called The Last Of The Beats His Early Books Became Required Reading For The Hip Generation, And On Its Publication Trout Fishing In America Became An International Bestseller An Indescribable Romp, The Novel Is Best Summed Up In One Word Mayonnaise This New Edition Includes An Introduction By The Poet Billy Collins, Who First Encountered Brautigan S Work As A Student In California life time palyboy doorstown oakland portland

Richard Brautigan was an American novelist, poet, and short story writer Born in Tacoma, Washington, he moved to San Francisco in the 1950s and began publishing poetry in 1957 He started writing novels in 1961 and is probably best known for his early work

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