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Rock Chick Indy Savage, Cop S Daughter, Rock Chick And Used Bookstore Owner, Has Been In Love With Lee Nightingale, Once Bad Boy, Now The Man Behind Nightingale Investigations, Since She Was Five Years Old No Matter What Ingenious Schemes Indy Used To Capture His Attention, Lee Never Showed An Interest And Indy Finally Gave Up Now Indy S Employee, Rosie, Has Lost A Bag Of Diamonds And Bad Guys Are Shooting At Him When Indy Gets Involved, Lee Is Forced To Help Complicating Matters, Lee Has Decided He S Interested, Indy S Decided She S Not But She Can T Seem To Keep Lee Out Of Her Life When She S Repeatedly Stun Gunned, Kidnapped And There Are Car Bombs Exploding Not To Mention She S Finding Dead BodiesIndy S Best Bet Is To Solve The Mystery Of The Diamonds Before Lee Lee S Challenge Is To Keep Indy Alive And, At The Same Time, Win Back Her Heart

Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn t taken her first breath Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England Thus she has been blessed to have friends a

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  • 09 May 2017
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    2 starsI guess this is one of those books that everyone loved but me I tried I really tried to love this book Then I tried to like this book Then I just tried to finish this book Unfortunately, Indy, the heroine, ruined the story for me I m honestly at a loss trying to express my sheer annoyance, disapointment, and frankly, total embarrassment with Indy s character Not only was she flat out nuts, had one too many TSTL to stupid to live moments, and was beyond wishy washy but, she was also the stupidest heroine I ve read to date I mean, the girl needed a basic refresher course in 6th grade sexual education for heaven sakes The only good that came from this book, in my opinion, was the amazing and sexy hero, Lee Nightingale I loved his charcter and name Other than that, I did not enjoy this story I hope I ll have better luck with the rest of the series If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads

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    This was my first Kristen Ashley experience, and I am officially confused.Let me explain.1 You are finally together with the man you ve been in love with your entire life Do you flirt with his colleagues and friends in front of him a Hell to the no, why would I do that b Hell yeah, momma likes some action c N A2 You ve been shot at and kidnapped Your badass boyfriend who has ties with the police and the mob asks you to let him handle the situation and refrain from doing something stupid because the guys you re dealing with are super dangerous and creepy You a Do as he told because you don t want to die youngb Do the exact opposite, attack assassins and get kidnapped again while you pretend to be a ninja because no man will tell you what to do but at the same time when things get serious, you wait impatiently for him to come rescue you and clean up your mess c N AIf you answered at least one a like me, then Indy will annoy the crap out of you My life had been simple a day ago Work, coffee, rock n roll Now I was being shot at, dragged around by bad guys and propositioned by the love of my life who I had decided I didn t want any That s what happens in Rock Chick Stolen diamonds, hitmen, icky and slightly insane crime lords and Indy in the middle, because she was at the wrong place the wrong time But this unfortunate situation brings her closer to Lee, the man she s been in love with since she was 5 years old and rejected her repeatedly, who has made up his mind and wants to be with her at all costs And is also involved in this bizarre diamonds hunt Indy tries to resist Lee s charms and solve the case on her own, because she is a Rock Chick and doesn t like staying behind Even if that means discovering dead bodies, being kidnapped three times and endangering everyone near her I haven t been avoiding you You re lying The last time we were both at dinner, you got up in the middle of Mom s fajita presentation and said you forgot to feed your cat So You don t have a cat I really liked this book, I can t deny that It was funny, with a generous dose of action and sexual tension, and I would rate it higher if it wasn t this long and if Indy stopped acting like a 6 years old Yes she was cool and strong minded but man there were times I wanted to throttle her She argued for the sake of arguing and had the weird belief that being a Rock Chick means never listen to the voice of reason because this voice belongs to a man, a hunk a licous man I may say, who wants to protect you because you re batshit crazy I listen to metal and enjoy a decent headbanging once in a while but I don t stun gun people in bar fights and I don t play detective when I m not even sure what s at stake besides my life, of course.Setting aside Indy s shenanigans, I did enjoy the story There were plenty of interesting and hilarious characters, and Lee had me drooling because holy.hawt.alpha.male.alert He was cocky and badass and very, very yummy And patient, anyone else would run away from Indy faster than Road Runner Their scenes were loaded with sizzling tension, and I loved the fact that they had history together and knew each other so well I would not mind spending the rest of my days in Lee s cabin, just saying I don t get a taste of you soon, I m givin up the search and takin you to my cabin in Grand Lake No phones, no cell coverage, no buzzer Anyone knocks on the door and I m shooting them Overall, I think I ll give Kristen Ashley another shot, but only if I get some guarantee that I will not want to murder her female characters

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    Pure Freaking Gold LOVE LOVE LOVED this hilarious, romantic, action packed book This is probably the most all out FUN book I ve ever read I mean, how can you not love a book about a smart, independent, sassy heroine and her Badass Extraordinaire hero getting together huh Its impossible not to I tell you Impossible I cannot possibly gush enough This book was BRILLIANT It had me flipping pages like mad, grinning endlessly and laughing and squeeing out loud times than I could count Its insanely well written Kristen Ashley has an absolute gift with words Her writing style is so effortless, you feel like you are right in the head of the main character.The book is never boring, there is no stupidity from the characters, and the drama in the background compliments the character development of the story rather than complicates it Its a delicate balance that Ms Ashley has really perfected The story is about India Indy Savage and Liam Lee Nightingale Indy s been in love with Lee since she was five For reasons you ll learn about, he couldn t admit he felt the same way until very recently But they basically grew up together, then Lee went off to join the Army Special Ops and went from badboy to Badass Extraordinaire and now runs his own detective agency Fast track to present day, Indy s friend gets involved in some very shady business involving some illegally grown plants and million dollar diamonds, resulting in people shooting at them with guns and end up being helped out of the predicament by Lee who of course uses this as the perfect stepping stone to finally get together with Indy What was he playing at He told me.And he told me bluntly I do this thing for Rosie, you sleep with me I stared at him, open mouthed and in stunned silence.I did, of course, understand what he meant but he explained further Not like last night, we ll both be naked and sexual acts will be performed My expression didn t change except maybe my mouth opened wider I ll expect your participation Holy shit Your avid participation Dear Lord in Heaven.Eventually, I whispered, You must be joking He shook his head and watched me.I dropped my eyes, unable to hold his stare I think I need coffee, Oooooo Lee Liam freaking Nightingale I love you There I said it He s a wonderful hero all delicious badass, uberly possessive, don t fuck with me or my woman, Alpha male He is YUMMY conversation with her delightful gay neighbour Girlie, he is fine He s fine times twelve He s the definition of fine I ve been in love with him since I was five, I told Tod I m in love with him now I want to have his children, Tod told me I loved that he doesn t play games, is open and honest about his feelings and thoughts even to the point of being cocky but never hides anything What you see is what you get Oh, and did I mention he s totally hot Jesus, he buried his face in my neck There s nothin better in the world than hearing you say my name when I m inside you He slid in deeper, filling me I ve been waiting years to be right here And Indy was feisty, fun loving, sassy, takes no orders and won t back down from anything, funny, not at all annoying and totally lovable And I loved that they had known each other their whole lives instead of just meeting and hooking up Its gave a familiarity to the characters and made their fast relationship much believable I like that we have history and our kids will have a big family and share that history because there was never a time when their Mom and Dad weren t together LeeThis book is full of typical KA fun there are kidnappings galore, car chases, steamy bedroom scenes, swoony moments, outright hilarious moments, drag queen performances, shoot outs, explosions, a seriously epic food fight, and of course, a wonderful love story Also, we get introduced to a bunch of wonderful side characters who will be heavily featured in the rest of the series I absolutely ADORED this book and I recommend it to everybody and anybody Run and get this book you won t regret it Here s how I see Lee and Indy For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    So, I ve decided to bring this book with me to Thanksgiving dinner.Why, you ask Well, that s a silly question.I mean, I have to have something to show good ol Aunt Deb when I tell her that my future husband is Lee Nightingale.Duh.Otherwise everyone will just think I m crazy.Which is ridiculous.Clearly But enough about Lee I ll get to him later eyebrow waggle I want to talk to ya guys about Kristen Ashley This is the first novel of her that I ve read we ll celebrate later and it s crazy because right away, her writing FLOORED me She has such a signature writing style that I love It s witty it s snarky it s sexy And she s just so comfy with it, know what I mean This is an author who completely owns what she does AND I LOVE THAT So onto the story Rock Chick in a nutshell, is about a kickass girl, Indy Savage Indy owns a bookstore, and her brilliant coffee maker guy gets into trouble Because well, he s a pot as in marijuana seller And he makes the mistake of selling to the wrong guy, who instead of paying coffee maker guy in cash, pays him in diamonds That didn t even belong to him in the first place.Follow So because they don t belong to him, coffee maker guy is now stuck with stolen diamonds And one morning he shows up to work, at Indy s bookstore, and they both get shot at because they have stolen diamonds.Now, Indy is the daughter of a cop So she has plenty of people to call for help on this But she knows there s only really one man who can get the job done BIG eyebrow waggle That s right she calls none other than THE Lee Nightingale And the reason why I call him the Lee Nightingale is because that s exactly how Indy thinks of him, as well See, Indy has been in love with Lee since she was five They grew up together But he s always been off limits.Plus, he s kind of scary As in jenny get your gun scary.So she calls him And he, of course, helps her out But he s not just doing it be a good ol Samaritan No no no he s doing it because he expects sexual favors in return Which baffles the cruddola out of Indy, because well Lee has always told her that he always saw her as the little sister type.So now Indy s getting shot at all of a sudden and the love of her life who she s finally gotten over suddenly decides he wants her.Aaaand I can t tell you any because I ll give everything away So about the characters I loved every character in this book Every Single One.I loved the stoner Kevster his vocabulary is ha ha larious.I loved Indy s drag queen neighbor.And laaaaaawd, did I freaking LOVE cat sitter Tex Holy fuck, pandemonium at the gay bar Best Line Ever What was so awesome about the characters is that they re all so eclectically eccentric But they go together so well Bravo, Kristen Ashley bra freakin vo.So about my review My review is this this is book fantastic, and if you haven t read it yet I really don t know what you re doing sitting there reading this review This book s got everything guns, car chases, hysterical one liners, a kickass heroine, and one SEXY AS HELL alpha male Just remember he s mine, okay So GO GO GO Read Rock Chick, and let me know what you think view spoiler P.S.To those who have read it HUGE HIGH FIVE hide spoiler

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    This is the first Kristen Ashley henceforth KA book I ever read, and I LOVE it I read the rest of the ROCK CHICK books over the following week or two, and I loved them too, but I missed Lee and Indy The whole time Missed them Now that I ve reread it, I feel totally vindicated b c they are as great as I remembered If you re new to KA, this is a good place to start It follows her model, Indy is one of my favorite of KA s sassy, female MCs, and Lee is the archetypal seriously badass, ex special services, don t worry I got this guy Their relationship is only made sweeter by the fact that Indy has loved Lee since she was five years old and he held her hand at her mother s funeral BUH BUH means too cute for words So yeah Really good HEA, no cliff hanger, contemporary romance romantic suspense Also I want a stun gun My other reviews for this series Rock Chick Rescue Rock Chick, 2

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    Controlling asshole TSTL heroine plot nonsense stereotypes everywhere I m calling bullshit.For real, this book takes the crappy romance at a whole new level I could be almost bewildered if I wasn t so pissed You know what I read the full book and I don t get it I might write a full review when I calm down Someday In the meantime, I must introduce some facts to provide further information to explain my rating, because I do realize that I m in a huge minority here.Before I start, what you need to know is the fact that Indy knows Lee from her childhood and loved him almost always since, except for the 10 previous years Why is it important Why, because it s used as the perfect excuse to explain that there isn t ANY character development and or relationship growth Controlling asshole Okay OKAY I get it, I get it Here s a handsome wild man, a tad mysterious, drop dead sexy, who Indy loves since she s 5, who carries a gun and is protective, who s WHATEVER I don t care about all these wonderful qualities, because 1 He is repeatedly violent in his moves he pushes her, catches her wrist, hook her around the back of the neck with enough force to send her slamming into him Wow, how romantic 2 He wants to control every one of her actions, starting with their relationship This is happening between you and me, he threatened Indeed Indy repeats several times that she is SCARED by him and his controlling behavior What bothered me the most is the fact that the TSTL behavior of the heroine is used as an EXCUSE to explain Lee s reactions and to make the reader believe that it s okay Nope It s not okay to handcuff your girlfriend at the bed because you don t want her to go out And it s certainly not okay to FORBID your girlfriend to wear what she wants to wear Oh, but don t worry, Lee has an asshole as a friend who agrees with him For what it s worth, I m with Lee If you were my woman, there s no fuckin way I d let you out of the house wearin that YOU DON T SAY 3 He is a jealous prick Now, a little jealousy can be great, but come on Lee overreacts completely when Indy talks to another guy TSTL heroine basically, Indy is the stupid chick in scary movie Yeah, you got it, the one we can t help but yell at to STAY IN THE FUCKING HOUSE To sum up, she is kidnapped 3 times, goes out every time someone tells her to stay hidden despite the really bad guys who constantly shot at her, decides to investigate while she obviously shouldn t plus, she gives her real name to every dubious person she meets who does that I know some readers found her kick ass I m sorry but this girl She isn t badass No When I think of her, here s how I picture Indy What She acts like she s 6 while she s 30 Moreover, although in her inner monologues she complains about Lee s controlling behavior, she always gave in EVERY FUCKING TIME.PS I almost forgot to say that she is so fucking SPECIAL that she has 3 guys fighting for her Yep 3 Plot nonsense You know what I m done For of my reviews, please visit

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    The first book in the Rock Chick series was highly amusing, but I don t think this book is for meI m kind of terrified of Kristen Ashley Fans The author has this huge loyal following which I was not aware of this until I started reading this and they love these books Like REALLY LOVE them To the point that when I realized that this book wasn t for me personally living up to the hype, I got worried about how I would write this review.With that in mindMs Ashley, and her Adoring Fans, I want you to know the following 1 I already plan to read some other series from the talented Ms Ashley, and see if those work better for me.2 I will always give my honest opinion in a book review, and I never expect the whole world to agree with me.3 Maybe one day I ll try to read the rest of the series, and something will spark which was lacking this time.THE AWESOME STUFF ABOUT THIS BOOK 1 I am a total sucker for the girl crush grows up to become full blown love plot line swoon 2 Um Lee Nightingale Yes please 3 Sassy heroine Love that 4 There were so many awesome secondary and tertiary characters.5 The humor was great, even if it got down right silly at times.6 Tex Crazy cat man, coffee savant, looks like a serial killer OMG yes.THINGS WHICH WERE LESS THAN AWESOME 1 You read the synopsis there s a HUGE Mob plot in this book Stolen diamonds, drugs, kidnappings, car chases, people got shot So there should have been suspense, right I didn t feel the suspense 2 I was way not in love with India Indy Savage She was a magnet for self inflicted misfortune It got old the second time she got kidnapped.3 Indy was supposed to be thirty years old, but she had the emotional maturity of a nineteen year old, she was alarmingly sophomoric.4 It was the mixture of immature humor and fumbled suspense which really wrecked the book for me Consider a certain scene which began with someone being the target of a food fight hee hee and ended on the next page with that same person being the target of a car bomb what There were several other examples of this dichotomy, and it really diluted any threat of the Mob plot line being taken seriously.HEAR ME OUT I really, really wanted to like this book I am a Rock Chick I grew up listening to Mom s tapes of 70 s rockers I ve tried to burst my own eardrums listening to Led Zeplin I had my Grunge phase, my Metal phase, and yes Even my Goth phase lord help us all With the exception of Red Hot Chili Peppers because I couldn t get tickets I have been to every single show that Indy mentioned throughout this book I am STILL one of the biggest TOOL fans you will ever meet in your life I d trade all my book boyfriends for Maynard James Keenan, and that just how it is So I say again KA fans, don t hurt meAnd to all my friends and followers, I m not a hater I will never hate on a book or an author for the sake of being negative Nor will I ever lie about my feelings about a book to pander to a particular audience And most importantly, I would never ever unfollow unfriend or make nasty comments to a person simply because they don t like a book that I do I m classy like that, and I know that Kristen Ashley her fans are classy like that too Some of My Favorite Moments view spoiler He smiled.He smiled The Smile.Fuck, fuck, fuck.Man, Lee could smile.I was never, never, never in a million years going to tell Lee Nightingale that I d been in love with him since I was five and he sat next to me during my Mom s memorial service and held my hand I was never going to tell him it was a Bon Jovi style shot through the heart when he told me he wasn t interested in me because I was his little sister s best friend And I was never, never, never, ever going to tell him that something had changed in him and he scared the pants off me.What was he playing at He told me.And he told me bluntly I do this thing for Rosie, you sleep with me I stared at him, open mouthed and in stunned silence.I did, of course, understand what he meant but he explained further Not like last night, we ll both be naked and sexual acts will be performed My expression didn t change except maybe my mouth opened wider I ll expect your participation Holy shit Your avid participation Dear Lord in Heaven.Lee was not just a Bad Boy, a Badass or a Badass Extraordinaire, he was a fucking crazy man.I figured it would be bad form to smack Lee in front of his mother.And definitely strangulation was out.I d never replace Rosie at the espresso machine He had a God given talent, no joke He was the Picasso of Coffee.My life had been simple a day ago Work, coffee, rock n roll Now I was being shot at, dragged around by bad guys and propositioned by the love of my life who I had decided I didn t want any Stop it, you re crazy One second you tell me to pack my bags, the next second you re on me like white on rice The backs of my knees hit the bed and we both went down, him on top of me, his lips on mine Gorgeous, give me ten minutes and I ll be in you Can t be fun to be practically famous for fucking anything that breathes and being able to do so by expending the immense effort of just sending a smile their way Then, later, you find yourself in a position where you re serious about a woman who s known you all your life and knows this fact real well and have to convince her you re serious They all wanted the facts, all the facts.If I but breathed a word of what it actually was like to kiss Lee, be held by Lee, or, dear Lord, what Lee looked like naked, I might cause a riot, even a war I might have to arm myself and fight them all back lest Lee be torn limb from limb.It was for the better health of the female population and peace in the land that I kept my mouth shut I gave him your excuses for missing dinner on Wednesday What were those You d be with me and I d be fucking your brains out He s from Texas and he s a drag queen He has quick reflexes, That was hardly the point.Okay, it was a point, just not the point.It was my longstanding theory that men missed the point on purpose He s straight, he s taken and if he turns, I have first dibs Holy fuck, pandemonium at the gay bar he yelled Jesus, he buried his face in my neck, there s nothin better in the world than hearin you say my name when I m inside you He slid in deep, filling me I ve been waitin years to be right here Holy crap.His mouth was at my ear I could be on assignment, in a desert as hot as an oven, in a jungle as close as fuck and sometimes I d get through it dreamin of you sayin my name like that Holy crap, crap, crap.I had to pull out the big guns There ll be naked gratitude in it for you Lee hesitated, but just for a moment We gotta talk Do you think Betty and Veronica here can keep an eye on these two I get to be Veronica, Ally said instantly.I turned to her Why do you get to be Veronica I didn t want to be Betty, Betty was a doormat Veronica had attitude I m so Veronica, Ally said in answer Lee, you re gonna have to get over this jealous possessiveness thing Indy, you re gonna have to get used to the fact that I m the jealous possessive type Mace Who had a name like Mace Where did these macho idiots come up with this shit You got a guy named Mace I asked, I couldn t help myself His name s Mason Mason is a shit name We call him Mace That made sense I discovered I loved stun guns, stun guns were righteous when they weren t used on you I don t do hearts and flowers but I promise you won t be disappointed You are so cocky Honey, I don t give a fuck if you don t believe it s gonna be good between us I know we ll both enjoy me proving it to you Maybe we should have this conversation upstairs, Lee suggested when he saw my attention turn to Eddie Maybe we should have this conversation in an alternate universe where Alternate Indy gives a shit what Alternate Lee wants her to wear What re you doing Collecting the straight, super macho Village People I ll help you forget Nightingale, Wilcox told me.Okay, seriously, this guy was nuts Even if he wasn t a weird, creepy, icky, scary bad guy who killed people, there wasn t a woman alive who would forget Liam Nightingale, especially if she d seen him naked.I wanted to run to him, throw my arms around him, do a lot of girlie, oh my god I m glad you re all right and oh my god I m glad I m all right stuff but his body language was not inviting that This was badass Lee and hugs and cuddles were obviously not acceptable at this juncture Therefore I kept my distance hide spoiler

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    I ll keep this review short.This is my first KA book and obviously not the last.Now I understand why everyone loves her and I want to read all her books.The plot,the characters and the writing style will definitely amaze you.Truth be told,I wasn t familiar with her writing style because it s unique.It took me a while to get used to it but I ended up loving it.LeeIndyThese two heros were so strong.Lee is dangerous and one of the sexiest Alpha males.His word is a vow,his kiss happy sigh Lee and Indy grew up together but he was alaways declining her efforts of being together.Indy grew up loving him.In the beginning it might have seemed like an innocent crush but years showed otherwise.In the present,Indy is now a bookstore owner and she finds herself entangled with the mafia.It s not her fault though.Her employe,Rosie has a side job,which obvioulsy he screwed up with since the diamonds were lost.She is in a big rouble and only Lee can help her.The story evolves beautifully and it catches your interest,especially the Lee scenes What annoyed me Indy sometimes was way too stubborn and Lee was acting like a caveman.Well sometimes his cavemanish behaviour was cute but there were times where he was over reacting.The word YIKES OMG I read it like a million times Is it a KA bad habit or it was just Indy s attitute of saying it,like a lot Overall it was an enjoyable read and I m looking forward to reading I cant wait for Eddie s book Your grandmother used to say that you were two souls separated in heaven She mainly meant you were both trouble and deserved each other

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    Review to come.

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    3.75 batshit crazy STARS Honey, it s good you re gorgeous or you d be a pain in the ass Finally I ve been meaning to get into KA s Rock Chick series for ages and suddenly the mood struck me And here I am scrambling to write reviews, since I m already on book three.Rock Chick is book one in the series and is one of Kristen Ashley s older works published in 2008 and I would say you can see the difference We get the usual overly descriptive style, a world filled to the brink with detail, crazy stuff happening, slightly annoying heroines and bad ass alpha males But the writing is not as refined as it is in her older books But to be honest I didn t care much If there is one thing Ms Ashley always accomplishes it is sucking me into her world and not letting me go until the end Rule Number One in the India Savage Life Code When in doubt or possible trouble, lie The story India Savage also known as Indy is a used book shop owner, tough girl, redhead and a rock chick She has been in love with Lee Nightingale since she was five years old when he was holding her hand during her mother s funeral For the better part of her teenage years, Indy tried to get together with Lee, who also happens to be her best friends brother She was very obvious and forward about it That is until she was 20 and Lee told her in no uncertain terms that he viewed her as his little sister and doesn t want to be with her So for the last ten years she has kept her distance and even actively avoided the love of her life.What the rock chick doesn t know is that Lee has always had a thing for her as well But the circumstances were never right and he felt the need to stay away That is until things changed and he found Indy sleeping in his bed after being in hiding frombad people who are looking for some diamonds That s where the patented KA CRAZY comes into play One of Indy s employees, her coffee guru gets himself into a bind and being who she is Indy gets stuck in the middle Luckily Lee is some sort of PI fixer badass scary guy, who is feared by Denver s criminal underworld.And Lee is quick enough to use the position to his advantageif only Indy and his crazy sister Ally weren t prone to look for danger and trouble, his life would be a whole lot easier All kinds of drama and over the top shenanigans ensue Your grandmother used to say that you were two souls separated in heaven She mainly meant you were both trouble and deserved each other I have to say, I m not 100% sold on Lee and Indy as a couple They have this amazing and complicated history, but I didn t get that warm and fuzzy feeling KA couples usually evoke in me I m pretty sure it s because of all the drama There rarely was a quiet and peaceful moment for them to really convince me But then again all the drama is what makes this book so unbelievably hilarious and addictive It s filled with strange characters and lovable things, I just couldn t put it down.Sometimes it takes me a week to finish one small novella, but a full length KA novel with 500 or 600 pages doesn t face me AT ALL Read it within a day That s how addicted I am and that s also the way these stories completely captivate my time and mind It s easy content, fluidly written and magically predictable I m thinking the Rock Chick series is a bit of an acquired taste KA on steroids if you will Everything you know from her other books if you have read them is double crazy There are car bombs on every turn, people getting kidnapped, being shot at is a question of when and not if and the chicks have a knack for ignoring male advice And let me tell you, it s good advice But do they listen Nope Where would be the fun in that Crazy ride Amazing reading times all around.

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