Paris Under Water: How the City of Light Survived the Great Flood of 1910

Paris Under Water: How the City of Light Survived the Great Flood of 1910Floods are scary I am lucky to never have experienced one first hand and don t live in an area that is prone to such things This flood occurred in the heart of a major European city and despite the lack of warning it is remarkable people were not swept away When the flood did come, the residents who survived used some good old ingenuity and resourcefulness to hold it together The political backstory is insightful but not terribly dramatic At the heart of it, a flood is my vision of the worst kind of massive sewage backup imaginable The French love their bakeries and I give them a lot of credit for their clean up to get the city back up and running And aren t we all glad I sleep a little easier knowing they disinfected the place before turning the ovens back on Overall this book was okay, but did not find it the riveting and inspiring survival story that one might expect or that I expected from a book about an unforeseen natural disaster Well written, but reads like a long newspaper article and a bit short on character narrative. This book was hard to put down Mr Jackson gives us a thoroughly researched book filled with fascinating anecdotes and tales of bravery under extreme circumstances During the 1910 flooding the government of Paris responded quickly and efficiently to the crisis, managing to keep a horrific disaster from getting out of control, all without resorting to a declaration of martial law. In The Winter Of , The River That Brought Life To Paris The Seine Became A Force Of Destruction In Just A Matter Of Hours Torrential Rainfall Saturated The Soil, And Faulty Engineering Created Conditions That Soon Drowned Parisian Streets, Homes, Businesses, And Museums, Thrusting The City Of Light Into A Battle With The Elements Given The Parisians History Of Deep Seated Social, Religious, And Political Strife, Many Worried That They Wouldn T Be Able To Collaborate To Confront The Crisis Yet While The Sewers, M Tro, And Electricity Failed Around Them, Parisians Of All Backgrounds Rallied To Save The City And One Another Improvising Techniques To Keep Paris Functioning And Braving The Dangers Of Collapsing Infrastructure And Looters, Leaders And Residents Alike Answered The Call To ActionIn Breathtaking Detail, Jeffrey Jackson Captures Here For The First Time The Epic Story Of The Great Flood As The Waters Rise, So Does The Tension, But Ultimately, The Parisians Love Of Their City Leads Them To Triumph Over Nature Against All Odds In January, 1910, torrential rains sent a flood of Seine water through Paris, including the newly built sewer and Metro underground systems For an urban population already dislocated by Hausmann s city reconstruction and profoundly distrustful of the police, Catholic Church, city and national government and the army, relief efforts and the social upheaval intrinsic to natural disaster reveal the fault lines of Belle Epoque France. I very rarely say this, but I wish that this event book were turned into a movie I think it would make a really powerful film a lesson on screen Unfortunately, when past memories fade, future dangers grow. This book had some interesting sections but was a bit of a heavy read. This book was listed as a reference for Tatiana De Rosnay s book, The Rain Watchers I found it very educational I don t know what possessed me to borrow this book from the library If I wanted to read about natural disasters all I had to do was read the news this is a week when Super Typhoon Hagupit displaced thousands of people in a mass evacuation and Brisbane is cleaning up after a super cell storm caused a damage bill of over 800 million, reviving memories of the 2011 floods when the Brisbane River burst its banks Given that there are dozens of major cities around the world that are built on rivers, there have been countless major flood events for one reason or another, and historians could no doubt flood the market with stories about them all.But tourists love Paris, and so a book about their flood in 1910 was bound to be of interest And so Paris Under Water appears to be, if you check the uncritical GoodReads ratings But truth be told this is a rather dull book It s well researched lots of footnotes c but badly written, with repetitive assertions and inadequate analysis Once the initial fascination with the idea of Paris under water lapses, the book becomes a bit of a slog.To read the rest of my review please visithttp 2014 12 13 pa I had no idea this event had happened and apparently, it was news to the author, too, until 2005 while he was on a tour of the Paris sewers and saw photographs depicting the flood of 1910 Clearly written and well detailed account of how Parisians responded to the rising of the Seine that, from Jan 21 28 of 1910, was higher than it had been in over 250 years It s almost eerie to see the familiar landmarks surrounded by water, and you feel the frantic desperation of the people as you realize that very little can stop the river once it starts rising Something interesting about this account is the feeling of unity the flood created among the citizens including law enforcement, military, and government officials as they worked tirelessly together to rescue each other and their city Jackson illustrates how this unity was a big change from the divisive sentiments felt a few years earlier during the Franco Prussian war feelings that were still felt by some at the time and how it influenced the people s sense of solidarity which could be seen during WWI. This is a well researched and very readable account of the catastrophic flood in Paris in 1910 It takes the reader through the day by day escalation of the waters of the Seine and the resulting destruction throughout Paris and surrounding towns It explains how the sewers and underground train tunnels brought the flood further inland than it could have gone on its own The main story, though, is how the Parisians, overall, pulled together to get through the disaster Photos of the flooding are included, which are interesting to compare to current day photos from other sources to further appreciate the extent of the inundation Fascinating.

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