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Norske FolkeeventyrWhat the Grimm brothers did for central Europe, these two authors did for the Land of the Midnight Sun Grotesque, chilling, and far from civilized, these tales are the weird sort of formative influences that only the luckiest people encounter as children And just as memorable are the book s fantastic illustrations.There are basically two genres of stories here, as noted in Pat Shaw s introductionIt seems that there was a difference between the stories told by old men and old women The old women usually kept to deep, mystic or eerie themes, while the men best related humorous, sometimes bawdy, storiesI think the latter will appeal to anyone who revels in the rustic character of his or her Scandinavian heritage Personally, though, I most enjoyed the old wives tales, and some of the best of these are The Seventh Father of the House The Three Princesses in the Mountain in the Blue The Golden Bird The Companion Squire Per The Golden Castle that Hung in the Air Incorrect information is given in the book description Oris Forlag not Orlis Forlag is the publisher, not the author The authors are Peter Christen Asbj rnsen and J rgen Engebretsen Moe These ten folktales from Norway are illustrated with photos by Ivo Caprino, taken at Ivo Caprino s Fairy Tale Grotto in Hunderfossen Family Park.These are classic folktales which include, of course, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.I particularly liked White Bear King Valemon with its echoes of the English folktale The Black Bull of Norroway even though it doesn t have that most wonderful of laments Seven long years I served for thee, the hill of glass I crossed for thee, the shirt of blood I washed for thee Oh, won t thou wake and look at me .The other satisfying story was Askeladden and the Good Helpers in it, the old gods of the north seem to have each been reduced to odd fellows who still retain a single miraculous characteristic of their former status And in this story they are assigned as helpers to an adventurous youngest son who, at home, doesn t do much other than play in the ashes. My edition of this book is yellow and worn.It s a wonderful book Totally unedited tales, including one where a man murders his wife In fact, and this is horrible to say, that tale is rather funny This collection includes tales that were sources for the better know Hans Christian Andersen versions, such as The Companion and The Twevle Ducks.One of the better tales is a version of Puss in Boots mixed with the French The White Cat Puss in the Norwegian tale is a nice female cat This makes the tale closer to the the older Italian form, but without the rather cycnical ending that tale offers It also makes me wonder why Puss is most often, at least today, a tom Most of the women in the collection are princesses in need of rescuing, though some construct tests for their would be lovers.My favorite tale, as always, is The Companion , which Andersen redrafted as The Traveling Companion The tale transends the standard feel of death that many children have, and says about pity and piety than most other tales Though, I do have to wonder about the view of the princess in it, especially towards the end.All in all a charming collection. Some of the stories are rather savage, and most of them are based on repetition resulting in copy pasted passages , but it s all part of the charm Only one story left me puzzled I couldn t find the moral of the story in the one about a woman who always did everything contrary, and against the flow. Long A Treasure In Norway, The Folktales Collected By Peter Christen Asbjornsen And Jorgen Moe Have Been Acclaimed For Their Richness Of Humor, Fullness Of Life, And Depth Of Understanding Since They First Appeared In Translation Than A Hundred Years Ago The Norwegian Folktales, Said Jacob Grimm, Surpass Nearly All Others Within These Captivating Tales We Meet Witches, Trolls, And Ogres Sly Foxes And Great, Mysterious Bears Beautiful Princesses And Country Lads Turned Heroes Collected Here In A Sparkling Contemporary Translation By Pat Shaw Iversen And Carl Norman, These Tales Brim With The Matchless Vitality And Power Of Their Original Telling Included Also Are The Wonderfully Evocative Original Illustrations Of Erik Werenskiold And Theodor Kittelsen Krom toho, e jsou Norsk poh dky velmi specifick , tak jsou jako kniha takovou zvl tn , nevyv enou sm skou jak d lkou poh dka na p l str nky vs poh dka na 10 str nek , tak typem klasick poh dky vs bajky vs pastor ln ponau en Ocenil bych, kdyby v kn ce bylo v ce t ch opravdov ch poh dek A d ti taky ten o chozen na z du n m e by s nazna en m zombie masakrem , i o zkou k ch pevnosti v ry v Boha nen pln to prav o echov.Nicm n , tam kde opravdu jde o poh dky, tak kniha exceluje Sv t seversk imaginace je nespoutan , drsn a nep edv dateln U toho bych se r d zastavil Tak jako seversk detektivky evokuj ve ten ch cosi velmi drsn ho, krvav ho a to c ho na aludek, tak seversk poh dky maj stejn aspekt, asto pro d ti nijak neupraven.Jedna princezna je nap klad zbi ov na vrbov mi proutky, dokud se proutky nerozpadnou, jin dokud se z n nesed e v echna k e zvl tn , e se to d je v dycky princezn m Sek n hlav troll m , i trh n hlav princezn m nen nijak v jime n B n jsou taky spousty nemrtv ch ne v dy jako negativn m aspekt.Co m taky zaujalo, je v r mci nru velmi explicitn odkazov n k sexu Samoz ejm , d ti p ed pubertou tam nic z toho nevn maj , ale dosp l m jasno princezny tr v noc trolly, sp s nimi opakovan v jedn posteli sp n dosti o str ven noci s p isl benou princeznou, asto je t p ed spln n m kol , nebo v r mci jejich pln n Kr lovna r da d v lese 300 hubi ek pas kovi aby o tom pozd ji lhala sv mu man elovi , jej dcera takt d r da 200 hubi ek, s jedinou podm nkou nesm je p i tom nikdo vid t Atd.V hrady m m k esk verzi knihy Hodn gramatick ch a typografick ch chyb ur it chyb l korektor A pak grafick str nka ilustrace jsou odfl knut a o kliv vypadaj , jako by je n kdo poslepoval z roztrhan ch pij k Ocenil bych novou edici doplnit opravdov poh dky, vyh zet krat mravok rn z le itosti, po dn ilustrace a samoz ejm , korektury Pak by to bylo par da Ale i tak, pokud je to zat m jedin vyd n , stoj to za p e ten. . I picked up this up at second hand book fair for the bargain price of 2 It was well worth the price and then some This is a wonderful little hardback of 35 Norwegian Folk tales that are beautifully illustrated Some of the stories are similar and there is quite a bit of Christian references through them My favourite tale was The Ram and the Pig who went into the woods to live by themselves which has some wonderful lines such as with chat and quack one builds neither house nor shack Or my other favourite line was good advice and skill will help a lame man up a hill and last one for a good neighbour is better than a brother in a far off land What you learn from folk tales is that you do not offer to share your meal the consequences can be dire and that being poor is never a barrier to finding a Princess as a wife These are fun and enjoyable. Siden jeg ikke vokste opp i Norge har jeg ikke f tt historiene til Asbj rnsen Moe inn med morsmelka, s n r jeg fant denne flotte utgaven p salg tenkte jeg at det var p tide oppdatere meg ordentlig s rlig med tanke p at jeg jobber i barnehage Det lese disse historiene som voksen er nok litt annerledes enn oppleve f de fortalt som barn, kan jeg tenke, men det er flotte fortellinger, om enn litt s re Mange av de samme tingene g r naturlig nok igjen, s lese alle historiene rett etter hverandre kan lett bli litt ensformig, men til gjengeld fikk jeg et godt innblikk i de sm forskjellene i hver historie Kjekt ha alle samlet i en bok og jeg f ler jeg forst r litt mer av norsk barndomslitteratur og kultur. A solid collection of folk tales from a region not often included in popular fairy tales The language is sometimes a little stilted, but that could be due to the translator s desire to stick to a literal translation I like seeing the similarities between these stories and well known versions from other regions.The themes and common phrases used in Norwegian folk tales really jump out when you read so many back to back For example, the Ash Lad is a common hero in these stories Usually the youngest of three, the Ash Lad is the seemingly useless son who pokes around in the ashes and embers However, he s the one with a pure heart and quick wit who is able to defeat the Trolls and marry the princess in the end.

Peter Christen Asbj rnsen was a Norwegian writer and scholar He and J rgen Engebretsen Moe were collectors of Norwegian folklore They were so closely united in their lives work that their folk tale collections are commonly mentioned only as Asbj rnsen and Moe.

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