Master of Crows

Master of Crows What Would You Do To Win Your Freedom This Is The Question That Sets Bondwoman, Martise Of Asher, On A Dangerous Path In Exchange For Her Freedom, She Bargains With Her Masters, The Mage Priests Of Conclave, To Spy On The Renegade Sorcerer, Silhara Of Neith The Priests Want Martise To Expose The Sorcerer S Treachery And Turn Him Over To Conclave Justice A Risky Endeavor, But One She Accepts Without Hesitation Until She Falls In Love With Her Intended TargetSilhara Of Neith, Master Of Crows, Is A Desperate Man The God Called Corruption Invades His Mind, Seducing Him With Promises Of Limitless Power If He Will Help It Gain Dominion Over The World Silhara Struggles Against Corruption S Influence And Searches For Ways To Destroy The God When Conclave Sends Martise As An Apprentice To Help Him, He Knows She S A Spy Now He Fights A War On Two Fronts Against The God Who Would Possess Him And The Apprentice Who Would Betray HimMage And Spy Search Together For A Ritual That Will Annihilate Corruption, But In Doing So, They Discover Secrets About Each Other That May Damn Them Both Silhara Must Decide If His Fate, And The Fate Of Nations, Is Worth The Soul Of The Woman He Has Come To Love, And Martise Must Choose Continued Enslavement Or Freedom At The Cost Of A Man S Life And Love

I m an author and Louisiana native living in Texas with my husband, three smalls and a big doofus dog I have lived in Spain, hiked the Teton Mountains, honeymooned in Scotland, ridden in competition rodeo and am the great great granddaughter of a Nicaraguan president I also hate doing laundry and refuse to iron anything.I ve loved storytelling since forever I published my first short story with

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  • 276 pages
  • Master of Crows
  • Grace Draven
  • English
  • 08 March 2017
  • 9781602728639

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    5 , A fantastic historical fantasy PNR romance HOT.Yum, yum, yummy Seriously, as GOOD AS IT GETS Silhara of Neith, yum

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    OK So I m giving this 5 stars even though it should be 4 for the following reasons the first 20% is a little slow, and the last chapter is kinda weirdly put together BUT I will say I LOVED THIS and it s only 2.99 self published, I picked it up randomly, so my expectations weren t that high and I was forced to obsessively read this so wow, pardon me while I add an extra star for those reasons DThis is a VERY SIMILAR book plot wise to one of my VERY favorite books, Darkangel by Meredith Pierce Which is still one of my fave all time, YA leaning than this though, so this is kinda the sexy time version of that And it s pretty much the same ish plot as a recent book by Nalini Singh Lord of the Abyss Which I didn t enjoy that much 3 stars pretty much.Girl who is plain and unconfident is apprenticed enslaved to a powerful, dangerous and outcast uber dude who falls for him against all sense OK so I love this plot so I was already a sucker for it, and I loved the way it played out in this book There was interesting world building, there were GREAT characters which is the most important thing I dunno, I was so surprised that I loved this so much and bravo for it getting out there, and WOW there were yummy scenes everywhere and I kind of loved the main heroine a ton SOOO I d say if you want a great vaginal fantasy try it out WOOT

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    4.5 starsThe power of the god Corruption is increasing and its aim is to rule the world It has chosen Silhara of Neith, a dark, renegade mage as its avatar Ironically the one person powerful enough to stand against the lure of Corruption and to defeat it is Silhara To do this though, Silhara, the Master of Crows, needs help in the translation of scrolls that will reveal the key to defeating Corruption and rid it from the world.The priests send him Martise of Asher, a skilled scribe and translator But her master, Cumbria, a high bishop and enemy of Silhara has chosen her to spy on Silhara, in return for her freedom Small, plain and insignificant though Martise may appear to Silhara initially, over the months as they work together he sees the quiet determination and intelligence beneath the drab exterior.The enjoyment of a romance for me, regardless of its sub genre, is in the balance created by the writer between as in Master of Crows the fantasy and the romance This is an incredibly sweet romance where the protagonists fall slowly yet deeply in love as they see the good in the other Their initial doubts and suspicions, give way to respect and friendship, and finally to love and devotion.Author Grace Draven has created a vivid, harsh, magical world Though not as dark nor as complex as, for example the fantasy The Black Jewels by Anne Bishop, it is every bit as enthralling This fantasy romance deserves so much exposure that it will probably ever get 4.5 stars

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    SO.One night Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind , Laini Taylor Daughther of Smoke and Bones , and Nalini Singh Angel s Blood walked into a brothel.Why Because I have a sick and twisted mine.So these three authors walk into a high end brothel, order Absynthe, and prepare to do the NASTY yeah I m bringing that term back Clothes are torn Sweat trickles Erections and moistoning arise A CHILD IS CONCIEVED Yes Nalini Singh and Laini Taylor impregnate Patrick Rothfuss finally a man gets to understand the cruelty of pregnancy.Okay Fast forward.the child is born.It was a C section And as this crying child is ripped out of Patrick s sliced gut to see the world, the child begins to reshape into something else Its flesh fades into an image The infant s body sinks into itself as if something within its core is swallowing him whole The poor kid forms into a book The scent of paper rises in the operation room The doctors gasp as these words appear, Master of the Crows Argueing erupts within the room This is an amazing occurence but now what will everyone do Do they give the child to the government for testing and prodding Should Patrick, Nalini, and Laini dash off to a secluded mountain on an exclusive island teaching the child the genius things that these authors know They fight to the death, punching, slashing with knifes, and at times urinating on their fallen oponents Laini Taylo doesn t mess around Blood and death linger in the air When all was said and done.They picked the last option They gave the child to the world I love this book I humped it twice And let me tell you, humping your Kindle Fire is not really good on the poor screen is cracked at the edge.Okay so for the bad stuff Sadly yes no child is perfect I have three kids so I have to remind myself of that everyday and force myself to not flee my home.The book s bad things This author is an expressive author that loves to form words together into beautiful images She s a liteary painter If you don t like an author over describing then you may need to just read the sample chapter first.Other than that.I LOVED THIS BOOK Awesome world Outstanding Hero Cool Heroine Great plot

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    This is a tough one. I enjoyed the book as a whole, the writing style was flowery, the world building was well done and it was interesting enough to keep me turning the pages BUT I could not stand Silhara, our leading man, who was nothing but a giant JERK.Look I am all for an asshole leading man Just look at my love of Panty Melting Andrew, Dragos and Daemon But Silhara There was just something inherently wrong about him I ve dubbed him King of the Backhanded Compliment He constantly and consistently puts our heroine down And when he does bad things to her, he has the gall to turn it around and blame her for his errors He was such a dick face, I nearly had to stop reading.Honestly Silhara, view spoiler you won t bang Martise, because she is a spy and blah blah blah, but you will send for a whore and then spell the whore so that she looks like Martise FUCK YOU hide spoiler

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    Amazing Incredible Exquisite Marvelous Fantastic Beautiful I m going to attempt to write a review for this but in no way will I come near to doing it justice It was just that great I was drawn in and hooked from the very beginning The historical fantasy world was intricate and brilliantly described to the point that it impacted all of my senses the frangrance of the oranges, the sounds of Neith, the touch of Silhara, the taste of Dragon Piss and the images of the Gift The character development was flawless even with all their complexities The story is enemies to lovers themed revolving around Silhara H and Martise h Silhara is a poor orange farmer and outcast mage known as the Master of Crows His deep dark secret is that he is the reborn avatar to the god Corruption Martise is a plain, servant slave loaned to Silhara for research and translations Actually she is there to earn her freedom by spying on Silhara and providing proof of his crimes of treachery and heresy In return, he is supposed to help her Gift manifest Um, I will just say that nothing went exactly as planned Even with all the darkness, I loved their snarky wit and humerous banter I actually found myself laughing so hard my eyes were watering Also, the sexual tension between them was thick and the sex was scorching hot I was too enad with the story to highlight many quotes, but this one in particular affected me Did I please you Silhara raised his head slowly to stare at her High color flagged his cheekbones His pupils swallowed the lighter black of his eyes Please me You ve vanquished me The story does end with a HEA but there is some angst along the way It had some really intense moments and I had to take a few breaks near the end to settle my stomach and catch my breath view spoiler Just the thoughts of self sacrifice was making me nauseous hide spoiler

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    4.5 starsNeith, a place few visit and none are welcome.Silhara of Neith, a powerful mage He was pragmatic That s one thing I liked about him He can be an alpha as well One move and I ll slit your throat Die handsome or live honest What will it be Martise of Asher, a skillful translator, was sent to Neith to spy on Silhara Her mission obviously failed cos dude, she was no spy and at times, she couldn t help acting like this sad mouse of a woman who would leap at her own shadow Oh well She just didn t know she was a keeper of immense untapped power Slow building relationship Silhara You have done an unwise thing, Martise of Asher, You ve caught my interest Their relationship was layered with distrust, apprenticeship, friendship, respect and love No insta love.Simple worldbuilding A well executed story with great characters development and good pace This is my first book by Grace Draven and I look forward to adding her books to my bookshelf

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    Draven has the knack of creating really fascinating worlds, fully formed, with back histories, and a logic that makes sense Add to this characters that are than what they appear, with depth, and I m impressed This is my third title from this author and each time I ve been totally taken by her stories favourite is still Radiance She combines fantasy and romance effortlessly, using tropes of each genre to great effect, each given its due importance It s not a fantasy with a pinch of romance, or indeed the reverse It is both and thus focuses in the foreground on people, their relationships not just amorous but all of them and psychology, and in the background compelling societies with complex politics and beliefs each sphere influencing the other My only drawback is that I want MORE

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    Master of Crows was wonderful If I hadn t gotten a rec from a Goodreads friend Thanks Heather , I d have probably been a bit skeptical going into the book, because the reviews I d seen had been so overwhelmingly positive well now you can add me to the gushers Having caught the eye of a corrupt god, a god who intends to use the Crow Mage Silhara as the vessel for his latest incarnation, the outcast mage is desperately trying to resist the god s powerful lure But the god is seductive and Silhara is running out of time and will power his only hope is to find a way to kill a god Choosing the lesser of evils, Silhara petitions the Conclave for a scholar with expertise in archaic languages to help him dig through ancient texts for spell Having no love for Silhara, the Conclave leader Cumbria, sees Silhara s request as the perfect opportunity to install a spy in Silhara s house So Cumbria s ward Martise a slave promised her freedom in exchange for information leading to Silhara s downfall is sent to aid Silhara, and in exchanger for Conclave s assistance Silhara will help Martise to discover her hidden magic As the pair slowly overcome their distrust and come to admire each other, both Martise and Silhara will have to decide whether their own freedom is worth the price of the other s life.I am really character centric in my reading and I loved both Martise and Silhara Author Draven really took the time to flesh out her cast even her supporting characters are well drawn So for me it was a big plus that instead of being action driven, Master of Crows was character driven The interractions between Martise and Silharea were deftly crafted with key moments that moved their relationship along throughout the story, even as they both fought not to go there And since the pair started out pretty much as adversaries who needed the other for their own salvation, they both had really good reasons for not wanting to want each other As a result, their mutual admiration and later their romance built slowly before finally progressing to the physical and capping off with a nice amount of steam As a magic fantasy romance, Master of Crows is not erotic by Paranormal Romance standards but probably falls into that category by Fantasy standards So the bottom line is that I really enjoyed Master of Crows, it was a pleasant surprise and with an ending and a happily ever after that feel very finished, Martise and Silhara s tale looks to be a standalone story Though not available on Kindle yet, Draven does have several other standalone looking ebooks out there and I plan to find out whether they are just as good as Master of Crows.

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    Grace Draven creates such compelling stories I think what I love about her stories is that her characters are unconventional and unique They are not pretty, kind or well mannered But somehow they grow on you Martise and Silhara are both such characters and I fell in love with them.Also the love that blossoms between them is so slow and subtle that it feels really natural and unavoidable.If you ve read any of her other books, then I don t have to try hard to convince you to give this book a chance Her storytelling is superb, there is enough action to keep the pages turning and lots of feelings to keep your heart beating fast.

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