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Der Schwarm For Than Two Years, One Book Has Taken Over Germany S Hardcover And Paperback Bestseller Lists, Reaching Number One In Der Spiegel And Setting Off A Frenzy In Bookstores The SwarmWhales Begin Sinking Ships Toxic, Eyeless Crabs Poison Long Island S Water Supply The North Sea Shelf Collapses, Killing Thousands In Europe Around The World, Countries Are Beginning To Feel The Effects Of The Ocean S Revenge As The Seas And Their Inhabi Tants Begin A Violent Revolution Against Mankind In This Riveting Novel, Full Of Twists, Turns, And Cliffhangers, A Team Of Scientists Discovers A Strange, Intelligent Life Force Called The Yrr That Takes Form In Marine Animals, Using Them To Wreak Havoc On Humanity For Our Ecological Abuses Soon A Struggle Between Good And Evil Is In Full Swing, With Both Human And Suboceanic Forces Battling For Control Of The Waters At Stake Is The Survival Of The Earth S Fragile Ecology And Ultimately, The Survival Of The Human Race ItselfThe Apocalyptic Catastrophes Of The Day After Tomorrow Meet The Watery Menace Of The Abyss In This Gripping, Scientifically Realistic, And Utterly Imaginative Thriller WithMillion Copies Sold In Germany Where It Has Been On The Bestseller List Without Fail Since Its Debut And The Author S Skillfully Executed Blend Of Compelling Story, Vivid Characters, And Eerie Locales, Frank Schatzing S The Swarm Will Keep You In Tense Anticipation Until The Last Suspenseful Page Is Turned Front Flap

Sch tzing was born in Cologne and studied communication studies he later ran his own company, an advertising agency named INTEVI, in Cologne Sch tzing became a writer in 1990, and penned several novellas and satires His first published novel was the historical Tod und Teufel in 1995, and in 2000 his thriller Lautlos.Sch tzing achieved his greatest success in 2004 with the science fiction

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  • Der Schwarm
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  • 11 April 2019
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    This is probably the only non political book where I wanted to punch the author in the face after reading it Possibly the most irritating book I have read since The Dark Tower the book is fine for about 600 pages, then Frank loses it completely First off, if after 600 pages you don t care whether a single character lives or dies, you know your in trouble Secondly, if you are going to make the argument that everyone is just a mass of DNA and everything we do is the sole outcome of that DNA, why is every single American in this book practically evil I don t have a problem with the portrayal as such, just that it doesn t jive with what he is putting forth about humanity And Lastly, if the Yrr are so much better than humanity, so much in tune with nature and basically benevolent, why are they using whales as projectiles All of their offensives essentially involve that mass destruction of living creatures both human and non That kind of hurts the case of them being benevolent avatars of mother nature or whatever he is trying to suggest The chapter about the trip a particle takes through the oceans right in the middle of the books Climax was particularly galling This may be the first any only time I invested this much time in a book to basically skim the ending It is big and long so it would undoubtedly make excellent kindling.

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    Speculative fiction at it s very best, and if the genre in which it has been categorized doesn t make you curious perhaps nothing will, for this is an apocalyptic eco thriller, focused on telling the story of who is behind a series of catastrophic natural events occurring all too close together to be coincidental I loved this book Not only is the science behind it solid the author even spent some time sampling the gelid waters of the Northern Seas along a bunch of scientist but the story is compelling, and scary, and you can t stop reading I think I finished the book in three days and the thing is about 900 pages long because I had to know how everything would end The cast of characters is huge, diverse, and beyond wonderful The majority of them are marine scientists from various fields, called into action when strange things start to happen in the world s oceans It all begins with the discovery of a new species of worms living on the methane hydrate deposits on the world s deep sea continental shelves The worms feed on the methane deposits, weakening the continental shelves that soon start to collapse But that s just the beginning, and when poisonous jellyfish and crabs come out from the sea to attack everything moving on land, whales start sinking ships, and underwater probes start going missing, it becomes obvious that there s something going on, and that mankind has a new enemy.If you want to read a good thriller that is original beyond bounds, this is the book you have to choose because the novel works well The premise is quite original and well researched The book is entertaining, outdoing many Hollywood disaster movies in certain passages and it s a pleasurable read Especially if you, too, sometimes wish the ocean could fight back.

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    This is by far one of the most amazing books I have ever read in my life First off, the plot is beyond epic For as long as we can remember, we have always thought about the existence of aliens in outer space, but we rarely thought about them being underwater This is where Schatzing does his magic and really gets you going Many of you know the famous line We know about space than we know about our own oceansWell, this statement is out into action after view spoiler the discovery of the Yrr hide spoiler

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    Nature strikes back This is the most important message of this book we have to take care of our environment and that definitely includes the sea, the ocean In this wonderful sci fi book, a group of scientists have to fight against the Yrr, an alien kind of one celled microorganisms found in the bottom of the sea that have the ability to eat away the continental drift and when these pesky creatures destroy the drift, it causes tsunami and flooding These Yrr can even pollute small crabs and lobsters and when these delicious creatures are eaten in New York, it causes epidemic of wide magnitude Red tide, right But Schatzing did not use that term here These Yrr can also trigger the mutation of mussels I am not kidding so they become highly mobile and attack whaling ships These small microorganisms can also be sniffed by whales and orcas that can make these huge sea animals to get crazy and turn ocean liners upside down and sink into the bottom of the sea.The first time this book was published in Germany in 1998, it stayed in their bestsellers list for 7 years This English translation came out in the US in 2004 Hollywood actress and producer Uma Thurman and the German producers bought this book s film rights On May 9, 2007, it was announced that the film was in the works Ted Tally has finished writing the screenplay and Dino De Laurentiis was to be one of the prime financial benefactors of the project The release date is estimated to be in 2015 Source Wiki Eight years to make a huge movie out of this well written sci fi It should be a MUST see movie I say that this is a well written sci fi because its mind boggling claims are backed by scientific explanations What I mean is that Schatzing really did his research he is a marine biologist by profession while writing the book and so each of what the Yrr can do is well explained to make the whole thing plausible to happen Each sub plot chains and chains of tragedies happening in the different parts of the world is well structured and well developed and reading it felt like you are watching different cable channels announcing different sea related incidents and catastrophes happening if not at the same time, close to each other The whole book leaves a scary tone but it is a definitely a wake up call for all of us That s why this probably woke up German readers to put this book into their top spot of their bestsellers list for 7 years.The only little criticism that I d like to point out is that the characters seem like bystanders in this whole thing What I mean is that if you are fond of reading character driven plots, this book is not really for you I mean, by nature sci fi are event driven but some great authors still able to incorporate well developed characters into event driven plots like Ray Bradbury s Fahrenheit 451 or Walter M Miller, Jr s A Canticle for Leibowitz, the last sci fi I read prior to this Both books have mind boggling premise but the characters are involved in those and they evolve as the plot progresses.Also, caveat should be given to those sci fi aficionados who read sci fi only for entertainment You might find readng some scientific details boring This is the reason why it took me too many days to finish this book But if you also read sci fi to further your scientific knowledge on the matters that the author included in the book, then I promise that you will not get bored at all with this Schatzing s masterpiece.

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    From the first time I laid eyes on the plot of The Swarm, I knew I had to read it Nature taking revenge through marine animals for all the shit man has caused Whales killing people, worms coordinating their efforts to cause tsunamis, mutant crabs spreading a deadly virus and so on I was imagining Tool s nema in literary form Now, I m left wondering how such a good idea can end up so fucked upWell, the answer is rather simple The greek edition is 1018 pages long Every 20 30 pages of plot development and rudimentary suspense were followed by 40 50 pages where characters were doing nothing important at all Not to mention a couple of 50 page long breaks where everything that happens is totally unrelated to the story What s , the endless blabbering of the omniscient narrator about scientific facts tested my patience any number of times At first I found those facts to be interesting and educational but soon they became tiring and totally distracting of the plot which took what seemed like forever to develop.As if all this wasn t enough, I found the dialogs to be a bit unrealistic It was like the author was struggling with them and forcing himself to write them in order to make his characters familiar to the reader Although, I ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this as it may well have been the translator s fault.What I found a bit fun, if cheap, was the fact that it s the first among all books and movies about the end of the world where the Americans are the psychotic lunatics who are willing, in their stupidity, to risk sending the world to hell in order to exploit what s happening for their own benefit Of course this makes sense as the author is German but, if only for a little while, I enjoyed the originality of the notion On the long run, though, portraying the Americans in such a caricatural manner served only negatively The Swarm had the potential to be a great novel and that made me even angrier Never mind if I don t like a book It happens and I m ok with it But when I come across a book that not only has a very interesting story to tell but also has a few great elements like the idea of the final solution which I found magnificent , the last thing I d like to see it do is waste its own potential It s a shame but that s exactly how I felt about The Swarm If only it was 600 pages long instead of 1000 and included action and substance instead of an ocean of useless information, I m sure it would be one of the greatest novels of the previous decade , .

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    Sigur Johanson is a wormologist He s actually a biologist at the university Trontheim and an expert for worms Accidentally, there s a strange species of deep sea worms that eat a lot of stuff with complicated names Things threaten to collapse on a continental level Basically, the world as we know it will crumble under the impact of worms so far so awesome.Leon Anawak is a whalist he s a maritime scientist and studies whale behaviour and is taken aback when he watches whales attack boats and kill people gasp More bad things happen jellyfish kill people, ships collide, there s a suspicious absence of the Gulf Stream, a massive crab attack, an epidemic in France because of exploding lobsters and I almost forgot a tsunami that kills a few million people and destroys most cities close to the Baltic Sea the worms Where s Kevin Bacon when you need him Tina Lund dies This is the first in a serious of unrelated characters doing unrelated things with no impact on the main plot I lied It s not the first, but at one point I stopped counting.Naturally, all events are related After what feels like 500 pages, the world is in shambles.Even though most of the damage has been done in Europe and the main protagonist is from Europe, the Americans start a task force they kidnap every scientist and order them to be scientists.They all go to a castle in the mountains for research After all the above mentioned coordinated attacks that have picked up speed, culminating in the Tsunami and forcing the world to react as a unity, what do you think happens Exactly Nothing For excruciating months and about 800 pages, nothing really happens This is because Oh, look An unrelated character is doing something unrelated Shiny The attacks stop and there s research going on Kind of Actually, everyone does a little bit of puttering around.Johanson, who s not only a wormologist but a strange thingologist, develops the following theory we instantly know that he s right There s an unknown species living in the depths of the ocean since the beginning of time They are doing things because Oh, look An unrelated character is doing something unrelated Shiny The Yrr just for the record, I think that s a stupid name are single cell organisms and operate like tiny Borg The Star Trek works because the book swings the moral bat worse than Captain Picard, sadly without having any of his boyish charm.Then there s a 400 page description of someone s father s funeral.Then everyone goes on a ship.Let s just think about this for a moment There s something in the ocean that makes every creature in it go wonky, and that has the power to stop the gulf stream Is it reasonable to put every scientist who has even the slightest chance to fight back on the same ship and let them sail off into the deep sea Obviously it is, because the book expects you to believe this is a good idea.There s a secret lab that we know must be there when we read the word ship for the first time, but we need about 300 pages to discover it Then we need another 600 pages to get inside the lab, and really, it s unexciting.I feel I should mention the evil American antagonist with Asian background, General Li American Navi General, think about it for a moment General Li navy is such an outrageously clich d villain, though, that I refuse to admit her existence.The person representing the United States the one I don t want to discuss , wants to kill all Yrr, and she knows how to do it Somehow we re made to believe that killing a species who s determined to erase mankind and destroys half of the earth while doing so is a bad idea Instead wormo thingologist Johanson, develops a communication method that involves a dead man, Yrr pheromones, mini submarines and blowing himself up in the middle of a tremendously boring 800 pages showdown Don t ask only MacGyver can make that explanation sound reasonable.BTW, if you ever asked yourself how you can possibly make trained military dolphins boring, read the book It s a great step by step guide.Then we finally realise, why during the last 2,000 pages, we ve constantly read about Karen Weaver You don t need to know anything about Karen Weaver except that she was somehow around, is the token female character and love interest of uh someone She is now saving the world after Johanson s and navy general s death Obviously she does that by kidnapping the already mentioned dead body with a mini submarine While she remains in the boat, the body bravely jumps into the water to communicate with the Yrr HUSSAH The attacks of the Yrr stop then, because the dead body which is full of their natural pheromones and Alright, I give up.The book ends.

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    Pretty good yarn if not taken too seriously The strengths are that the story is obviously well researched and the biological and scientific explanations given look quite convincing although my knowledge of the field is admittedly limited The enemy is interesting and adequately mind boggling for a sci fi yarn The cons The characterization is pretty weak, and some of the characters are far too cartoonish to be convincing Judith Li, Greywolf the technique of the all knowing narrator is used a bit haphazardly and when the narrator peaked into the mind of Peak, what came out was pretty stereotypical and at least once down right racist the author really likes to show that he did all this research, and there are lengthy chapters and monologues with scientific details that drag things down when the author goes on existential sprees I lost patience and just skipped the pages Karens descent down to the bottom of the Arctic sea, f.ex., went on forever with existential musings and halucinations that did not add anything to what was happening And the showdown aboard the Independence was quite silly, indeed the authors treatment of the americans although understandably sarcastic, given the flood of movies and books where the Americans come and save the day and turn 4th of July into the Independence day of the world was far too cartoonish and silly and really dragged the whole thing down, especially for a novel trying to go for scientific veracity.

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    A great plot idea by a terrible author Not recommended Characters are flat, one dimensional, and predictable, at times the book is downright sexist and, yes, racist Language I read the German original is puerile and often vulgar in a dumb, embarrassing way While some of the science in the book appears plausible to me, other aspects are strangely under researched Who ever heard of the rank of general commander in the US Navy The absolute low is when Sch tzing descends into the depths of pseudo philosophical bullshit Which he often does I guess I shouldn t be too harsh on a book that kept me going through some 1300 pages So I ll give it one thing The plot was exciting enough to keep me laboring through to the end I need to start reading real books again.

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    I m wavering between 2 and 3 stars for this Crichton esque brick of a sea thriller.On one hand you have whales, crabs, dolphins, sea worms, shoals, and sharks galore All awesome Oh and the top fru fru Parisian restaurant infested with gooey lobsters Right on Also, there s some interesting thoughts on life forms, consciousness, collectives and intelligence I ll be thinking about those ideas for a while, even if they aren t anything new The thriller and horror part of the story was plenty interesting to keep me turning the pages quickly.On the other, much angrier sullied hand, you have obscene amounts of political, environmental and philosophical religious pontification, aimed both directly at the reader and through the super genius beautiful yet one dimensional cast of characters Gah I was so looking forward to a scientific thriller in translation that presented a multi national cast and world view The Swarm has this in spades, but also is incredibly one sided in its vehement anti US stance The rest of the world is beautiful, intelligent, and rational The US, however, is the source of all the world s woes, including inventing conspiracy theories I have lived for over 4 years in other countries, and it s dead easy to vilify the US But the thing is all countries and their citizens have both bad and good virtues No one is perfect, just like no country as a whole is pure evil To portray the US as the latter is lazy characterization, an cheap shot and frankly just immature.Finally, last gripe the science is beyond sketchy Sch tzing clearly has done a ton of research he packed every last detail of it in the book that s why it s over 800 pages Yet he gets so much of the science wrong Methane does not smell like rotten eggs it s odorless.I really like Jay s review that said that The Swarm Science Da Vinci Code ReligionThat pretty much sums it up.

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    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 The Swarm by Frank Sch tzing has been on my TBR for quite a while and I am very happy that I have finally given this book a try I liked the blurb and the premise of nature rebelling against how it is misstreated by humanity Wales, worms and other animals are apparently working together in order to put a stop to the human infraction of nature I definitley liked the whole concept of the story and the fact that dangerous things are happening at different places all around the world Scientists, investors and other characters from different countries are quickly starting to work together to put an end to the nature s rebellion The book is very informative from a scientific point of few the creativity of the author is remarkable, but I unfortunately had the feeling that many chapters of the story have been a little too long and too full of information Parts of the story read like a science book and I had to force myself to not skim these pages And the major aspect I want to critisize is the fact that the many characters invovled in finding a solution to the problem felt a little too flat at places I wasn t able to connect with most of them and I generally had the feeling that the author was focusing too strongly on the scientific part of the books, while forgetting the wide array of possible human reactions to the very dangerous situation I am glad that I gave this book a try and the general topic and the author s creativity have made it a unique read but as mentioned above, the book does have quite a few weaknesses

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