Reincarnation This was a very fast read for me Lee is a guy who has relocated to Vegas from the east He likes his job, but has had a frustrating week, so when he stops by a bar, he meets a guy that appeals and they hit it off Something seems strangely familiar about the guy, but Lee has some holes in his memory due to a violent incident in his past.Little does Lee know that Reno, the guy he finds so very attractive and somehow familiar, has his own secrets and his own past But in spite of his rather rigid rules on involvement, Reno is drawn to Lee and he can t seem to stay away As they get closer, Reno is convinced that something could go terribly wrong Even when they go away together, he keeps his guard up and is wary of anything or anyone he finds in the least suspicious or coincidental.When Lee s memories resurface and he figures out what they mean, Reno has his own issues to deal with and they might mean big trouble for both of them Reno is terrified that his past could bring danger to himself and, importantly, to the man he s come to care so much about But should he stay and fight and risk Lee, or should he disappear and hope that Lee will be safe You ll have to read it to find out. When Past And Present Collide, It S Difficult To Know What S Real And What S Not When Lee Stanger And Reno Jackson Meet In A Las Vegas Bar, They Feel An Instant And Mutual Attraction, Plus The Feeling They Ve Met Somewhere Before But They Couldn T Have Met Previously, Since Lee Has Never Been To The West Coast, And Reno Has Never Been Farther East Than Denver And Both Men Have Good Reason Not To Go Digging Up The Past In The Hope Of Figuring It Out Over The Course Of The Evening, However, Lee Has A Series Of Fragmented And Puzzling Flashbacks About An Event From His Past That Includes A Man Who Looks Like Reno Or Could He Be Confusing Two Unrelated Incidents, And If So, Are They Connected In Some Way Until Now, Lee Has Chosen To Ignore Medical Advice And Allow An Unpleasant Experience That Happened Eight Years Ago To Remain A Blank In His Mind But With Details Starting To Resurface And A Burning Need To Remember Exactly What Happened, He Can No Longer Afford To Suppress The Memories, No Matter How Painful Or Traumatic Whether He Wants To Or Not, He Knows It S Time To Fill In The Blanks NOTE Don T Miss The Exciting Sequel, On The Run, Available Soon

aka Chris Grover

❮Ebook❯ ➪ Reincarnation  ➫ Author Christiane France –
  • ebook
  • 70 pages
  • Reincarnation
  • Christiane France
  • English
  • 21 December 2019

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