Creatures of the abyss

Creatures of the abyss Orejas De Ellos, The Things Who Listen, Whispered The Superstitious Fishermen When The Strange Occurrences Began Off The Philippine Coast How Else Could You Explain The Sudden Disappearance Of A Vessel Beneath A Mysterious Curtain Of Foam The Writhings Of Thousands Of Maddened Fish Trapped In A Coffin Like Area Of Ocean An Alien Intelligence Gorged At The Bottom Of The Luzon Deep And Made Its Plans Radar Expert Terry Holt And The Crew Of The Experance Had To Devise A Weapon Against The Horrifying Creatures Which Threatened Mankind With Extinction Here Are Terror, Excitement, And The Clutch Of Cold Death As Combined By A Master Hand In The Field Of Science Fiction Approx Hours

Will F Jenkins

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  • 08 November 2019

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    A good SF yarn based on an old local legend about creatures in the sea There was a romantic thread that was far better done than is usual in this sort of story The lovers had plenty of contact time to come to their conclusions about each other rather than the instant variety The story likewise built up well came to a good conclusion There were some dated elements, but not too bad Very well narrated by Mark Nelson, too.

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    I listened to the LibriVox free audio version, narrated by the wonderful Mark Douglas Nelson.Radar expert and electronic engineer Terry Holt has been recruited by a scientific expedition in the Phillipines to make underwater listening devices They won t tell him what his inventions are meant to investigate And that makes him mad.He has some ideas though Orejas de ellos, the things who listen, have been the explanation by fishermen about strange catches of fish Are they real or just superstition What are the mysterious shooting stars that seem to fall with such frequency into the Luzon Deep Why do mysterious swarms of fish gather in one specific area of the ocean Had Leinster been reading Jules Verne Had he been reading H.G Wells Or is this a completely new creation Those are the questions I repeatedly asked as I vacillated between three different theories about the mysterious fish herding and who is doing it As Leinster always does, I was glued to this adventure story investigating what comes from the abyss, which may be deadly, especially to those who are set on discovering the truth I will disclose only this I was very surprised by the end of the story Bravo, Murray Leinster.

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    Spy fish from the deep equipped with mechanical recording devices, asteroids landing in the same spot of the China Sea, a huge, whale like abomination from 27,000 feetLeinster takes a regional fisherman s myth about las orejas de ellos they who listen and some science extrapolated from the use of soundwaves underwater to craft a modest sci fi adventure yarn.The elements listed above should have led to some thrills Flat, lifeless characters and a thin plot stretched beyond the point of interest to its eventual extraterrestrial conclusions soon put paid to that.The scientists spent the entire story speaking about the need to be cautious in the face of the incredible, resisting the temptation to state any theories even as the evidence mounted, only to end up in an orgy of speculation because the poor plot resolution demanded it.Las bostezo de ellos.

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    Interesting sci fi novel that reminds the structure of a mystery novel, as the protagonist finds himself in the middle of a set of puzzles and enigmas, is bothered because those around him do not give him information, and he has to discover the facts by himself Finally he comes to the conclusion that the reason why they looked mysterious was because they did not have an answer to the problem and did not trust their own ideas about the solution.The novel contains outdated scientific material, such as the assertion that Venus is an oceanic planet, typical when it was written, but currently abandoned.

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    A well done story There are a couple of dated references to equipment used but the tale has held up very well over time The character are believable and their interactions are smooth The plot has a plausibility to it then many other science ficton I have read Mark Nelson s narration as always is professional and easy to listen to.

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    I haven t listened to a lot of older science fiction stories, but when I noticed that audiobook reader Mark Nelson a personal favorite reader had read this story, I decided to spend a few minutes listening to his librivox reading at, my interest was perked by those first few minutes of conversation between Terry and Deirdre in their first meeting GISTAfter being left holding the bag after his business partner leaves him to deal with the knock on affect of fitting some new technology onto a successful fishing vessel, radar and electrical engineer is approached by a young woman offering him some quick vacation cash in exchange for making a fish driving paddle Initial suspicion and angst leads to rampant curiosity when he learns the purpose for it As he begins to piece together the mystery, he and the volunteer crew discover that there is to the situation than a simple squabble over fishing a danger that lurks in the bottom of the Luzon Deep THOUGHTSI love the textual narrative of this story, one that Mark Nelson does justice to Told primarily through the eyes of Terry Holt, the readers get to learn tidbits of information in a rather timely fashion The descriptive is awesome as well, though highly recognizable as old school with terms such as presently which are common before the 1970 s The characterization and dialogue was worthy, adding to the tension as the mystery unraveled The romance between Terry and Deirdre plays out subtly enough to not overshadow the main plot And it works well because of it The pacing was spot on as well No ninjas No problem as this story has giant squid and other monsters CONCLUSIONYes, I did adore this story Any story featuring sea monsters is a winner, with the addition of aliens doing alien things even better The first contact scenario forced the humans to adapt to the odd situation which gave a solid purpose for the crew after they come to certain conclusions about what they are facing It was a great introduction to Murray Leinster s writing and I highly recommend folks giving it a listen and or read.

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    Electronics expert Terry Holt needs to vacate Manilla while some furore between fishing boat crews dies down so when he gets an offer to spend some paid time on a swanky sailing vessel building some experimental gear he almost jumps at the chance Almost because they won t tell him what they re doing or what the kit is for and he s not very happy about that All he s told is that something mysterious is happening in the Luzon Deep and it s connected to the fishing boat situation.This is an old fashioned, science fiction novella mixing deep sea monsters with strange, outer space mystery and it works pretty well It is a bit dated as such an isolated situation couldn t really exist today with everyone connected to the Internet I m sure they d have soon had some serious interest from the world s press and U.S Navy as soon as whispers of this got out but back in the 50s or 60 s it s perfectly believable.It s a bit predictable as you can pretty much guess what the mystery is quickly enough but it s a decent read, reasonably well paced and with some good old monster action on the high seas.

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    I read the paperback version of this novel a million years ago and didn t have much memory of it other than thinking it was pretty good Leinster was one of my favorites when I was young, especially his Med Service stories and the Joe Ken trilogy I have just finished listening to the Librivox audio version, which is a very capably and professionally performed reading It s an undersea adventure, Pacific Rim without the kaiju and robots if you will, very entertaining and a lot of fun.

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    Great science fiction story Third Murray Leinster story I have listened to Throughly enjoy his work Mark Nelson does a wonderful job reading the author s books They are a perfect match If you enjoy science fiction you will find a great combo in Leinster and Nelson on Librivox.

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    In the fifties and sixties the sea was seen as the last frontier on Earth The oceans were and they still are, but less a world to discover, where the overpopulated humanity could someday live, or at least exploit its resources This was reflected in popular culture and, of course, in science fiction works I intend to read three books about this subgenre, and the first one is Creatures of the Abyss 1961.Please, see full review on the blog los a os cincuenta y sesenta del siglo pasado el mar es visto como la ltima frontera de nuestro planeta Los oc anos eran y a n lo son, pero algo menos un mundo por descubrir, donde una humanidad con exceso de poblaci n podr a vivir alg n d a, o al menos explotar sus recursos Esto se reflej en la cultura popular y, por supuesto, en las obras de ciencia ficci n de su tiempo Me he propuesto visitar este tema mediante tres lecturas, la primera de las cuales es la que nos ocupa Creatures of the Abyss 1961 , de Murray Leinster.Si os apetece, pod is leer la rese a entera en el blog

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