Tranquilista The most practical, inspiring, creative book of 2010 Ditto both 2012 while I was in the process of finding a premises for my business and 2013 while I worked on glorious expansion plans I picked up this book because I really liked Wilson s other book on yoga I tried to look past the pink cover and the goofy chapter titles sassy spirituality divine do gooding because I wanted to get her take on practicing mindfulness in a jam packed life Instead I got a girl s guide manual to things I did not need advice on The chapter on goal setting and aspirations was great Everything else was unnecessary Not only is the second half of the book dedicated to starting your own business which I m pretty sure you d buy a separate book on , Wilson seems to think her experience as a yoga instructor and business owner qualifies her to give advice on everything from attire apparently you should never wear sneakers unless you are running to the bikini line wax, don t shave I can t imagine how this relates to living a mindful life and it made me feel that Wilson judges everyone who enters her studio by their appearance It was quite disappointing. Second reading. Why doesn t Goodreads show the subtitles They re very important Anyway, this one s for Tranquilista Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play.Kimberly Wilson is one of my heroes Just one year older than me, this amazing woman is a yoga teacher and creative director and founder of the three Tranquil Space yoga studios in the D.C area She designs and runs an eco conscious fashion line that uses only sustainably harvested bamboo fabric oversees the non profit foundation she started blogs and podcasts weekly interviews with inspiring women tranquil yoga poses and does everything with her very own, very cultivated personal style , always making time to indulge in precious solo time, like baths, artist dates, and jewelry making for fun Oh, she s also written two books Her first, Hip Tranquil Chick, is one of my old school favorites on lifestyle and yoga.Needless to say, Tranquilista is my new favorite guide to life In it, she covers everything from adding creativity to your day, taking time for yourself, finding space in your life to create, defining your personal style, living green even launching a non profit All topics are covered in step by step and totally readable ways again, this woman does NOT compromise her personal style ever She is truly a model for the creative, independent woman And though it seems that if one DID all of the stuff in the book, there d be no time left over to build and cultivate a romantic relationship yet Wilson herself has been with her beau and her pets for several years, none worse for the wear I put the book down utterly inspired definitely my new favorite I know for sure I will be referring back to it many times in the future. As Defined By The Author, A Tranquilista Is A Woman Who Embraces Her Many Sides Spiritual She S A Tranquility Seeker , Creative Loves Style , And Entrepreneurial Calls Her Own Shots She Hearts Fashion And Philanthropy Entertaining And Enlightenment She Is Full Of Aspirations And Always Seeking Inspiration Oh, And She Sparkles Literally Presenting A Potpourri Of Real World Tips, Inspiration From Modern Day Muses, And Savvy Sources For Further Exploration, Tranquilista Offers Everything You Need To Bring Balance And Bliss Into Your Everyday Life With Spirituality As Its Foundation, The Book Highlights Creative Individual Expression And Offers An Entrepreneurial Approach To Everything From Homemaking To Brand Building Step By Step Projects And To Dos Cover A Tranquilista S Key Pursuits Meditation, Setting Goals, Personal Style, Living Green, And Even Launching A Nonprofit The Aim Throughout Is To Help You Realize And Revel In Your Unique Potential To Make A Splash And Make A Difference Are you creative Would you call yourself spiritual Do you also enjoy the beautiful things in life If so, maybe you re a tranquilista What is a tranquilista This term describes a woman who is multi dimensionally She s got a brain and is passionate about what she does with her life She is also centered but than willing to show off her unique flair Most importantly she s not afraid to show all sides of herself Tranquilista is a great book aimed at young women So often, we feel trapped into being only part of ourselves but the truth is that we are all multidimensional We should be celebrating all that we are and Tranquilista provides lots of examples on how to get started. A good thing to know about this book It s aimed at enrepreneurs, self employed folks, and small business owners It does not discuss enlightened work and mindful play in general it s specific to freelancers business owners So it didn t really apply to me It would have been nice if the title or description made that clear I like the message and information it contains It has some good tips for staying sane while getting your business up and running, good marketing PR tips, and things to keep in mind while growing your brand, things like that But I don t have a business of my own I m not freelancing So there s not much I can do with this information It did really make me want to open a shop any shop though. This book was kind of like a girly magazine It had three parts spirituality, style, and entrepreneurial I liked the first part of the book because it had great recommendations for further reading on yoga, spirituality and meditation I also enjoyed the recommendations in the second part for further reading on style not trendy The last part on making your own business offered a few good tips, but really did not hit home with me This was just an easy read to kick off my summer reading. The book has caught my attention while browsing my friend s book collection on her desk A book for the women of today who loves success and enjoying the spices of life To all my friend this book is for us. This book was a helpful resource as I launched my business

I m a writer, psychotherapist, and designer of eco friendly TranquiliT clothing who dreams of Paris and global animal welfare.You ll often find me sipping fragrant green tea, practicing d gag s in pink ballet slippers, or leading retreats around the world My work has been featured in US News World Reports, Washingtonian, Fast Company, Yoga Journal, and Bella Grace.I live in a petite pink pa

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