ЖД In A World A Few Decades From Now, Russia Has Lost Its Influence And Descended Into A Farcical Civil War With An Extreme Right Wing Cult In Power, Racial Tensions Have Divided The Country Into The Varangians Those Who Consider Themselves To Be The Original Aryan Settlers Of Russia And The Khazars, The Liberals And Jews Driven Out Of Moscow By Recent Events Morale Has Reached An All Time Low As The Brutality And Pointlessness Of The Situation Is Becoming And Apparent What Is Left Of The Fighting Now Revolves Around Capturing And Recapturing Degunino, A Seemingly Magical Village With An Abundance Of Pies, Vodka And Accommodating Womenfolk But There Is Also A Third People Timid, Itinerant And On The Brink Of Extinction Who Lay Claim To Degunino And Russia As Their Homeland Against This Rich Backdrop Of Events, Living Souls Follows The Lives Of Four Couples Struggling To Escape The Chaos And Stupidity Of The War Around Them A Teenage Girl Who Adopts A Homeless Man, A Poet Turned General Separated From His Lover, A Provincial Governor In Love With One Of The Natives, And A Legendary Military Commander Who Is Sleeping With The Enemy A Wide Ranging Work Dealing With The Ideas Of Language, Power And National Identity, Living Souls Is A Comic And Thought Provoking Novel With Tremendous Relevance To The Present Day

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the ЖД book, this is one of the most wanted Dmitry Bykov author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 550 pages
  • ЖД
  • Dmitry Bykov
  • English
  • 22 March 2019
  • 9781846880988

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    On the front cover of the Alma Books edition there is a quote from Elaine Feinstein A Catch 22 for modern Russia I can see why she might say that but as she herself points out there is no character as likeable as Yossarian for us to root for For my money there were too many characters and too many of them had similar sounding names it got confusing Of course one has to wonder how much of the problem can be laid at the door of the translator On her blog translator Lisa Hayden who has also read the book in its original form had this to say The Living Souls translator, Cathy Porter, told me in e mail correspondence that, in collaboration with Bykov, she didn t chop but chose to prune things like repetition and untranslatable Russian word play, to keep the narrative moving without losing the book s humour and poetry Porter said Bykov, who encouraged a free translation, thoroughly appreciates her tightening of the text Her overall opinion of the book corresponds with my own Great idea Messy execution In that respect the adjective sprawling does fit the book well She also wonders if Bykov couldn t decide if he wanted to write essays or a novel and I agree with her there too There are lengthy bouts of exposition, some masquerading as conversations that make you feel like you re attending a lecture rather than reading a novel for fun It does feel as if he s been determined to make use of every scrap of his research and touch on every aspect of Russian culture, past, present and future What bothered me the most is that after wading through some of these conversations I found I wasn t any the wiser I m sure if I had the time, energy and interest to read the book from the start I might get a lot out of it That is not a criticism Who said the mark of a good book was a full understanding after one quick read The main criticism levelled at it by the Financial Times was that you almost need to be Russian to understand it, but having read the comments made by a couple of native Russians I m not sure the answer is quite that simple You can read my full review on my blog here.

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    Fascinating concept, poor execution I only made it to page 140 out of 450 The book is all exposition and musings nothing happens Many interesting ideas, but it gets old after 140 pages There was no way I could get through the entire book Its a shame Bykov didn t add an actual plot, because this could have been quite a good novel.

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    I really enjoyed this work The different take on Russian History and which ethnic established the country Which group should rule and the lengths that each peoples will go to for their ethnic to be on top Part social comment with Anti German Aryan and Anti Semiotic overtones through out Has Bykov written a sequel that has been translated I would really enjoy a sequel Which says how much I enjoyed this work.

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    Meandering dystopian tome, drily amusing, without much relief from cynicism about the potential of humans to create a pluralist society.

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    Vividly written novel with rich language and complex characters I suggest to read something on Russian history before diving into this monumental work.

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