Paul Newman: A Life

Paul Newman: A LifeInteresting but laborious lots and lots of detail, but in no particular order Most biographies are written in chronological order or at least by subject matter, but this one was like someone threw information pick up sticks in the air and wrote it like they landed.sometimes with duplications For someone as accomplished as Paul Newman, I expected a better read Some similarities of other Hollywood men booze, infidelity, lousy at being a father while his children were growing up, but in the end became a giving, successful and respected man He made mistakes, but over came them His charity work is unsurpassed As the world goes, a very appreciative, decent human being who gave much to others and felt it was a privilege to have lived I think the world is a better place because he did. A perfectly acceptable biography It s nothing special, but Levy does avoid meaningless gossip for the most part There is some repetition of facts okay, Paul Newman drank a case of beer every day, you don t have to keep reminding us and there are definite gaps in the story since it s an unauthorized biography It will do until someone else can really delve into this remarkable man s life. This was a good read on the life of Paul Newman, his acting days and marriages, right up till he passed away It has some good stories about the making of his many films, and the directors and actors he and Joanne knew, very full of that type of thing if you enjoy it Made me want to watch of his movies that I haven t seen. I m really on a biography kick Paul Newman A Life really depicts an amazing life of an amazing man It hardly seems one book can cover all that he was, from an Oscar winning actor to a championship racecar driver, to a fabulously generous philanthropist, and of course dedicated husband and father of six I learned things I never knew about Newman that he was born in Shaker Heights, that he had been married before his legendary 50 year marriage to Joanne Woodward, and that his famous Newman s Own salad dressing evolved from his own personal recipe that he often put into use in public restaurants when he found himself dissatisfied with what he was offered I enjoyed all the behind the scenes stories of movies I love particularly Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid he was originally slated to play Sundance, not Butch and The Sting and the tales of his backstage hijinx shades of my dear George Clooney I found myself very teary eyed at the end and in awe of his amazing heart On a side note I also never knew there were tongue in cheek stories on the backs of his Newman s Own products and went immediately to my fridge to read the backs of two Newman s Own dressing bottles and the Alfredo sauce, as well. This gets off to a very rocky start by falling into the same trap 99% of all biographies fall into too much pointless info While I admire the research that went into unearthing everything about Newman s uncles, I just found it a snooze Luckily, this same level of detail soon went into Newman himself, which is why I, ya know, wanted to read this This was a pretty emotional ride much in the way the best Paul Newman performances were I was stunned to learn of his affair in the late 60s and his general indulgence since both fly in the face of his public image when he died Around this point, I was sorry I was reading this even though it was a real page turner once it got cooking The death of Newman s son is the event that turned him into the man I admire He turned the next 30 years to unpretentious charity and became the fierce character actor Brando had long since sold out he was dismissed as a Brando clone in the 50s but time rendered a different verdict This was the most surprising biography I ve read in a long time but well worth it Paul Newman wasn t perfect but in the end, the good far outweighs the flaws. Para m , Paul Newman era no solo un gran actor, sino que era completamente perfecto en todo sentido, desde su carisma en pantalla o vulnerabilidad hasta su trayectoria personal fuera de c mara Recuerdo que la primera vez que lo vi fue en la pel cula Mensaje en una botella basada en la novela de Nicholas Sparks Era la poca en que descubr a el cine y qued fascinada cuando vi esos hermosos ojos azules y esa postura rebelde que no aceptaba una respuesta negativa combinado con esa actitud descarada que m s que molestar llegaba a encantar Tambi n recuerdo lo avergonzada que me sent por sentirme tan hormonal por un hombre que podr a tener la edad de mi abuelo Pero los a os pasaron y conoc otras pel culas de Newman, conoc al joven Paul que me volvi loca, incluso hasta la actualidad y por ello mismo sent mucha pena cuando me enter de su fallecimiento el a o 2008.Encontrar este libro fue un aut ntico tesoro, nunca hab a le do nada sobre este incre ble actor, apenas lo vi, lo compr antes de que alguien m s se lo llevase y leerlo fue toda una experiencia, fue conocerlo nuevamente y descubrir mucha informaci n que antes no conoc a He le do muchas biograf as as como autobiograf as, narrar una vida no es lo mismo que contar la historia de un personaje ficticio, aqu hay mucho m s en juego al intentar hacer un retrato de la realidad sin que altere los hechos u ofenda a alguien La carga puede ser abrumadora si el resultado no es el que todos esperan, pero no fue este el caso, Shawn Levy nos deleita con una narrativa que no aburre y que sabe c mo ocupar los tonos adecuados al cederle la palabra a Paul Varias partes son de entrevistas ver dicas y Levy sabe colocarlas en el momento exacto como si el mismo Newman nos contara su propia experiencia y es imposible no aburrirse, cada nuevo cap tulo cuenta alguna nueva an cdota de una vida que estuvo llena de actividades Actualmente, es considerado una de las leyendas del cine, pero el libro nos muestra m s all de esa leyenda, un hombre que como todos, puede cometer errores, que por mucho que lo muestren junto a su esposa como la m s durable pareja de Hollywood, no siempre todo fue sobre ruedas en un matrimonio tan largo y que m s de alg n tropiezo hubo Solo doy un consejo a la hora de leerlo, que al mismo tiempo vean las pel culas que se mencionen en el libro, personalmente me quedo con Paris Blues y Road to Perdition Cada una, por s misma, es todo un arte Tambi n recomiendo este excelente art culo sobre Paul y Joanne duda, uno de los mejores libros con los que empec este 2017Aqu yace un viejo que no formaba parte de su tiempoPaul Newman. I debated for awhile over whether or not to give this three or four stars, and while talking it over with my boyfriend, I ll go with four, and we can assume I really mean 3.5 The book is well researched and interesting if you are even a mild fan of Paul Newman I wanted to learn about him, and I really, truly did He was a strange guy, but one who lived an extraordinary, giving life I m glad I read the book I think my issue with the book, though, is that it feels a littledistant Granted, the author does point out that there was no involvement from any of the Newmans, resulting in his information coming from scattered sources and thus possibly proving impressive for the thoroughness , but at the same time it does feel removed from Newman His motivations sometimes feel distant, and I m not sure I necessarily understand him I just know about him Regardless, though, I think Levy did a good job It s just a bit impersonal. Paul Newman, The Oscar Winning Actor With The Legendary Blue Eyes, Achieved Superstar Status By Playing Charismatic Renegades, Broken Heroes, And Winsome Antiheroes In Such Revered Films As The Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, The Verdict, The Color Of Money, And Nobody S Fool But Newman Was Also An Oddity In Hollywood The Rare Box Office Titan Who Cared About The Craft Of Acting, The Sexy Leading Man Known For The Staying Power Of His Marriage, And The Humble Celebrity Who Made Philanthropy His Calling Card Long Before It Was Cool The Son Of A Successful Entrepreneur, Newman Grew Up In A Prosperous Cleveland Suburb Despite Fears That He Would Fail To Live Up To His Father S Expectations, Newman Bypassed The Family Sporting Goods Business To Pursue An Acting Career After Struggling As A Theater And Television Actor, Newman Saw His Star Rise In A Tragic Twist Of Fate, Landing The Role Of Boxer Rocky Graziano In Somebody Up There Likes Me When James Dean Was Killed In A Car Accident Though He Would Joke About Instances Of Newman S Luck Throughout His Career, He Refused To Coast On His Stunning Boyish Looks And Impish Charm Part Of The Original Actors Studio Generation, Newman Demanded A High Level Of Rigor And Clarity From Every Project The Artistic Battles That Nearly Derailed His Early Movie Career Would Pay Off Handsomely At The Box Office And Earn Him Critical Acclaim He Applied That Tenacity To Every Endeavor Both On And Off The Set The Outspoken Newman Used His Celebrity To Call Attention To Political Causes Dear To His Heart, Including Civil Rights And Nuclear Proliferation Taking Up Auto Racing In Midlife, Newman Became The Oldest Driver To Ever Win A Major Professional Auto Race A Food Enthusiast Who Would Dress His Own Salads In Restaurants, He Launched The Newman S Own Brand Dedicated To Fresh Ingredients, A Nonprofit Juggernaut That Has Generated Than Million For CharityIn Paul Newman A Life, Film Critic And Pop Culture Historian Shawn Levy Gives Readers The Ultimate Behind The Scenes Examination Of The Actor S Life, From His Merry Pranks On The Set To His Lasting Romance With Joanne Woodward To The Devastating Impact Of His Son S Death From A Drug Overdose This Definitive Biography Is A Fascinating Portrait Of An Extraordinarily Gifted Man Who Gave Back As Much As He Got Out Of Life And Just Happened To Be One Of The Most Celebrated Movie Stars Of The Twentieth Century From The Hardcover Edition I ve always been a fan of Paul Newman He seemed modest and likeable and un Hollywood But I had no idea how many lives he touched He was someone who deserved his luck because he shared it When he and his friend started the Newman s Own food brand, they didn t know it would be so successful and decided to put all the profits into a foundation Over his lifetime, Paul Newman donated to the arts and scholarships, political campaigns and causes, but most impressive of all, he created his Hole in the Wall camps for terminally ill children Not only did he fund them, he participated often visiting the children This book is about his life, his film roles, his interest in racing and his charity work He wasn t perfect, and it was interesting to read about his childhood, his relationship with his father, his flaws, his famous friendships, his marriage and his kids It s a well researched book, very thorough The first 14 pages were unnecessary but once I got past that, I was riveted I wish there had been photos. There is a reason why I ve seen Shawn Levy s book loitering around in my circles for the last decade it s a mammoth retrospective, painstakingly detailed with a critical and appreciative eye Admittedly I ve never been a major Paul Newman fan but celebrities you share a birthday with have a way of sticking out yet Levy gives the biography the works He correctly classifies Newman as a member of Hollywood s method generation Marlon Brando, James Dean, Steve McQueen However, Newman developed into his own career operator choosing the projects he wanted to take on instead of being tied to a studio For a man of his magnitude, an in depth analysis is required as he was somewhat of a enigma in the auto racing world, persuade salad dressings for fun and building a miniature food empire Levy highlights Newman s luck which is the result of when someone lives life to the fullest as this man did.

Shawn Levy is the author of nine books of biography and pop culture history The former film critic of The Oregonian and KGW TV and a former editor of American Film, he has been published in Sight and Sound, Film Comment, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Black Rock Beacon, among many other outlets He jumps and claps and sings for victory in

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