Easy Street: A Lillian Byrd Crime Story

Easy Street: A Lillian Byrd Crime Story Her Old Caprice Is Convulsing Through The Last Of Its Death Throes, Her Pet Rabbit And Constant Companion Todd Ails And, As Usual, Lillian Byrd Is Flat Broke For A Few Extra Bucks She Agrees To Help An Old Friend Renovate Her House, But Nothing Ever Goes Smoothly In The Life Of Lillian Byrd

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  • Paperback
  • 229 pages
  • Easy Street: A Lillian Byrd Crime Story
  • Elizabeth Sims
  • English
  • 20 May 2019
  • 9781555839260

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    My heart bleeds for Lillian Byrd when she s so down on her luck And in this 4th installment Easy Street life hits her particularly hard But as she says herself she has a talent to get into trouble but an ever greater talent to get herself out of it I want the best for Lillian because I have such an enormous soft spot for her.The further I get along in the series, the I love everything about it The writing is always top notch and the dialogue is an absolute joy Elizabeth Sims is a master of her craft for sure She has a great knowledge of human nature and the way she puts those observations to paper is quite unique And she is funny Sims is an author who always makes me both laugh and cry through the course of a book Easy Street was quite an emotional roller coaster and, without having read the last book, I think it is the most pivotal one in the series I can t tell you much about the plot, you have to find out the same time Lillian does but you will be amused, shocked and biting your nails from start to finish.If you haven t yet, I wish you would start reading Holy Hell Get to know Lillian and her sidekick, rabbit Todd I highly, highly recommend it.f f Themes Detroit, DIY takes a grizzly turn, what s hidden in those walls, who can you trust, drooly Rick, oh Todd, it s goodbye to the Caprice, Lou is back and she cracks me up, Calico Jones, trips to Idaho and Florida, Greyhound.5 stars

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    Easy Street is the 4th of five books in the Lillian Byrd crime series, and the vibe is similar to that of the 1st book in the series which is a good thing Book Two took awhile to get going, and Book Three had less humor, as Lillian was investigating the death of her own parents We once again find Lillian essentially penniless, unemployed and loveless her rekindled affair with Minerva LeBlanc fizzled out between books A retiring detective friend offers to hire Lillian to help renovate her new home.and with Lillian involved, things don t quite go as planned Lillian s street friend Drooley Rick quickly becomes a dead body, walls are destroyed, a treasure is hinted at and Lillian falls head over Bass Weejun penny loafers for the neighbor in 2 B, Audrey Knox.Lillian s animal control officer friend Lou returns she s a great side character , and during any downtime Lillian relaxes and shares with us stories of the amazing and sexy Calico Jones, written by a wonderful author whose name Lillian can never recall Pet rabbit Todd remains a wonderful confidante, but he is, sad to say, getting on in years, as is Lillian s car Nothing s easy for Lillian.Lillian travels to Idaho and then to Florida in search of the mysterious Beverly, and since she travels by Greyhound buses we have time to savor her impressions of places it s wonderful writing, and the narrator does a wonderful job throughout the book.Lillian does solve the murder and treasure mysteries before the police.but not before the readers As wonderful as Lillian is to everyone, and as wonderful as most people are to Lillian.she s not the best judge of character even when red flags are waving everywhere This was my favorite of the series so far, and the first of the series that I ll listen to again 4.5 rounded to 5

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    Oh dear Lillian is really down on her luck, Todd is getting on a bit and is unwell, and nothing is working out If I could, I d buy Lillian a good meal and a service for the car but she s gonna have to find her own way out of this mess And if she doesn t wise up, she might not figure things out in time I don t really listen to read watch a lot of mysteries but I understand the mystery element here is pretty straightforward Even I figured things out ahead of the protagonist But this series continues to delight with a charming lead, wonderful humor and observations, and a wide cast of characters full of humanity ordinary people are kind but lonely friends are well meaning if intense family only see the best in family, despite the evidence I m enjoying these so much I want to start a GoFundMe for Lillian And she needs it

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    Another great time with my girl Lillian Easy Street Lillian Byrd Crime Series Volume 4 Elizabeth Sims This book is the fourth installment in the Lillian Byrd series and we see Lillian get into trouble This time with a recently retired cop friend, a homeless man, and a femme fatale named Audrey Knox What starts out as trying to help someone out ends up with murder and a mystery surrounding drug money and the people after it Of course Lillian is right in the thick of things and craziness ensues It seems as though the author sticks for a formula, but the formula works and the stories are different enough that it s just so enjoyable to take the ride with the cooky main character Once again the narrator just embodies the whole story for me I find myself trying to find reasons to listen instead of read which is unusual for me I will definitely be reading all the books in this series I m just a little sad that there are only five.

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    Top Quality ReadBook 4 sees Lillian broke as usual and helps her old friend Erma Porrocks renovate her house I love that Lillian is not afraid to use her hands and isn t a corporate executive or super talented somebody, she is an ordinary dyke who always finds a mystery Some great scenes of Lillian renovating the house All the characters are well developed and realistic, I loved the character of Erma Porrocks Superb entertaining murder mystery full of humour.Expertly written by the brilliant Elizabeth Sims.

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    I have followed this author s works for some time and each story involving the heroine Lillian Byrd gets better I wished Hollywood would wake up and make this series into a movie.

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