The Gift

The GiftWerelion Carlos Rivera, Werewolf Declan Roberts, And Human Hunter Sunny Nolan Are Behind Enemy Lines In South Florida Hunting A Werewolf Who May Or May Not Be Rogue And Sunny S Missing Twin Sister, Jaz The Straightforward Mission Gets Complicated When Both Men Claim Sunny, And Each OtherAll Sunny Wants Is To Rescue Her Sister, Get To Know Her Mates Better, And Escape The Society Unscathed To Return To A Simpler Life But Simple Is Not In The Cards Because Sunny And Jaz Share A Secret That Will Shake The Very Foundations Of The Shape Shifting World Overall I enjoyed this My only problem was with the 4th at the end of the story.He s got a mate or mates so WTF is he doing Granted its one time but still this did not sit well with me knowing about Jaz. In all of the books I have read by Hunt, I am always impressed by how effortless she builds a complete world and culture This is the case in this book as well It made the book worth reading for me The erotica is the book is steamy but I wish time was spent on the romance and relationship This book is mainly erotica with a dash of shifter based paranormal and some romance. Super sexy shifter tale Loved all the hot and steamy scenes Well written story with lots of heart A really interesting world is created and I am loving this paranormal erotica Can t wait for Great engaging characters Oh, Lord the steamy was hot and heavy And oh so delicious I love the fact that there is love making with all three together not just two guys with the girl, this is way hotter Great characters. Read in 2009.I wasn t too impressed with this series but I did overall enjoy it. This could have easily been a 4 rating if attention had been paid to the budding relationship and plot rather than so much emphasis on the intimate portions of the story The erotic areas are definitely a 4 , but the plot itself could have been given a bigger spotlight However, that said, I liked the premise and the characters a lot It just had so much potential that wasn t fully realized A decent read though and I don t regret it.

As a native of the South, is it any wonder Loribelle has a love of storytelling She started writing seriously as a teenager and finished her first manuscript, a mystery, when she was nineteen After a few bumps along the way and stints as an Army MP, a waitress, a book store manager, a student, and a wedding photographer, she turned to writing full time Now she divides her time between a husband

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