The Hood Life

The Hood LifeThe Hood Life is All We KnowThere is nothing as interesting as other people s lives, especially when it s filled with drama And drama best describes Bentley Manor In this Bentley Manor edition, the lives of four males are chronicled Pimping came naturally to Tavon Sweet Diamondtrim Johnson Can the same be said for his parenting skills when he learns he has a teenage daughter Kaseem became the man after his best friend, Maleek DESPERATE HOODWIVES , caught a federal bid Is Kaseem built for the treachery and violence that comes with drug dealing With his gray eyes, good hair, rip body and big shut yo mouth Rhakmon can talk any female out of her panties and her wallet But when what goes around comes around, can Rhakmon handle it Demarcus Killer Jones did the crime and did the time Home after ten years, he s a changed man Or is he An ambitious project a three book series , this third book was the weakest The drama was definitely there, but at times THE HOOD LIFE seems to be overreaching as if to live up to its title That s not to say THE HOOD LIFE is not worth reading There is a solid story, good pacing, melodrama, and a few twists THE HOOD LIFE won t take your breath away, but it will take you on an interesting ride Reviewed by Toni In The Third And Final Installment Of The Desperate Hoodwives Trilogy, Hailed By The New York Post And Essence As A Can T Miss New Series, A Pimp, A Killer, A Playa, And A Drug Dealer Struggle To Get Their Game Right In A Sizzling Novel Where Leaving The Life And Trying To Go Straight Is A Deadly OptionTavon, Better Known As Sweet, Would Pimp His Own Mother And He Does Convinced That The Prostitution Game Chose Him, Sweet Loves His High Rolling Life But When He Unexpectedly Becomes A Father, Will Sweet Be Able To Choose Between The Family Trade And His Grown, Not So Innocent Daughter After Ten Years In Prison, The Drive By Demarcus Committed Still Haunts Him Determined To Stay Above The Law, He S Found Allah, Promised To Change His Ways Forever, And Finally Do Right By His Girl, Zoey But When An Opportunity Arises That Will Set Him And Zoey Right For Life, Demarcus May Have Faith In His Killah Reputation Than The KoranKaseem Runs Every Single Drug Going In And Out Of Bentley Manor His Empire Provides Clothes, Cash, And His Satisfaction Of His Wifey, Quilla Along With The Company Of Other Ladies, Of Course But When Kaseem S Crew Becomes Violent, Will He Be Able To Escape The Life And The Gangsters He Created The Best Playa On The Block, Rhakmon Can Get A Woman To Do Anything He Wants His Latest Girlfriend, Shaterica, Lets Him Steal, Lie, And Cheat Smitten To Be Under His Spell But When Rhakmon S Devious Deeds Are Finally Brought To Light, The Revenge Shaterica Plans May Ultimately Be Horrible Than Anything He Could Have ImaginedFrom The Ladies Who Brought You Desperate Hoodwives And Shameless Hoodwives, The Streets Of Atlanta Are Hotter Than Ever With Drama, Sex, And Danger Profilin Four Men Desperate For Anything But Their Hood Life Everybody knows there s hella drama up in Bentley Manor Them Hoodwives alone had enough drama to last until the twenty second century But the dudes Oh my Lawd I ve said it before and I ll say it again nobody does Hood tales better than Mink and Diamond Hood tales are a Dime A Dozen these days, with trite storylines featuring Pimps and Ho s practically jumping off the shelves begging to be bought Unfortunately, most of the stories these days make me holla for my money back.Even the ones I ve won in contests.But not the Bentley Manor series Mink and Diamond take the same ole boring Hood standbys the Pimp, the Playa, the Killa and the Drug Dealer and breathe new life into them through creative twists and turns The pimp with the porno star wife Yes, we Heard It All Before The pimp has a daughter who drops in out of the sky Been There, Done That But the pimp with the transsexual best friend lover Stop Playin And Tavon Wonders Why the wife is jealous Like all pimps everywhere Tavon is blissfully unconcerned with his wife s feelings He s got it under control After all, like every good pimp Tavon keeps his ho s in check, right As the Black Philosopher Martin used to say she can Get To Steppin What Tavon doesn t know is you can never really control another person s emotions, and personally I think Tavon got Way More than his Hand called for.Demarcus, the Killa, went to jail not for the many murders he actually committed but for trying to kill his girl Zoey, yet she stood by him those ten long years he was in the pen Now he s found God in the form of Allah, but can t find a job How long will Zoey stand by Demarcus when the bills pile up and she can t work because she s pregnant Does his faith hold him up or will the problems of life choke the fragile seeds of religion planted in prison Circumstances show Demarcus just who he really is Or is that just who he thinks he is And does he get what he really deserves in the end Babies are raining out the sky all over the Hood, and Kaseem s baby happens to be a boy For this suburban boy from a Fine Middle Class Home, dealing drugs gets everything Kas has ever wanted, but was afraid to work for The horrors of drug abuse hit too close to home when the woman Kas once loved offers to sell him their son for ten thousand dollars And a cookie a portion of crack that resembles its name When his baby s moms dies from the crack he gave her Kas wants out of the game He shoulda Told Somebody though, cause Somebody wants Kas out the game too enough to kill him And Kas is a Peaceful Drug Dealer Who does THAT Does he make it out alive How about his girl, whom he loves And why can t that fool see who s gunnin for him when I knew right away Finally there s Rhakmon, the so called Playa of the set This had to be the weakest story of them all If you ask me Rhak is bout as Low Budget a Playa as it gets The Fat Chicks Rhak The toothless old woman That ain t Playin, that s Ho in Crack Ho in You supposedta get than a Burger Fries with all that d ck you throwin around And how he talked that simple chick into I ain t gon spoil it for you, but she Made Me Mad Anyway, trust that Rhak gets what he deserves too In ways than one.Is there a happy ending in the Hood Life I ain t gon tell you that either I will tell you that the end of this book made me tremble for the future of the franchise And left me Wanting More I Go For MineOver the years, drugs, gang violence and neglect created terrible conditions for the residents of Bentley Manor In fact, Bentley Manor has become synonymous with the problems associated with public housing A pimp, a killer, a player and a drug dealer utilize this to their advantage Davon Taylor, the pimp, learned early on the importance of supply and demand As a kid growing up in Bentley Manor with a mother who sold herself to afford a better way, he soon just took over the reins of the family business When he learns about Corrine, a 15 year old daughter he never knew, his lifestyle may be too much for her Is he willing to make adjustments for her The difference with Kaseem, the dealer, and other dealers is, Kaseem comes from a good home and family and is educated Yes he s had a good run in the streets But like most, his induction into the game was merely to come up with chicks Due to Maleek s downfall, he s at the top of his game Organized and a pretty powerful dude, he s never really had to result to intimidation tactics to maintain his spot Now someone is trying to test his gangster When pushed does he rise to the occasion Demarcus Jones, the killer, earned his name as he took to the streets in hopes of finally finding a family As a newborn he was tossed in the trash Finally the Disciples, his gang, welcomed him with open arms That is only after he pledged his undying allegiance on the street killing others Once incarcerated, he no longer desired to live that way and gave his life to Allah Freed from jail, with plans of never returning, he believes that people can change Can he fight the urge Rhakmon Reynolds, the player, is fine His mother taught him early on that he had to make it do what it do and he s been hustlin women since he was twelve Driving this one s car, get money from that one and laying up with this one, Rhak, is a player s player All of the girls love him When a past beef is resolved, Rhak realizes too late the error in his ways However, there just may be a way out When Shaterica, his girl, takes on his time, Rhak feels free to do whatever he pleases Too bad he forgot to re up with some new chick to keep him laced Will Rhakmon come to regret his decisions THE HOOD LIFE installment three in The Bentley Manor Tale reversed the roles profilin four men and the decisions they ve made to keep, live and attain what their hearts desired, money, power and respect While I enjoyed the stories, I don t think that it was the same as when the highlight reel featured women As always the characters are hilarious, drama is on tap and the decisions made by a few changes the lives of many. This was a pretty ok book, but I m getting tired of all the different characters Just too many to keep up with Maybe I m slow I don t know It took me longer than I wanted to read it too which meant it wasn t that much of a page turner, but it still was a decent read I must admit, all of the main characters endings were not to my liking, but that still makes for a good book I don t think this is the last of Bentley Manor. Move over ladies of Bentley Manor The men have definitely taken over in The Hood Life by Meesah Mink and De Nesha Diamond.Tavon the Pimp was born to pimp if you let him tell it As a child, he had to get up close and personal with the oldest profession in the book for survival How else could he make sure his prostitute mother fed them when she got strung out on crack So his career choice was a no brainer, but when he is faced with being a father to a teenage girl, can his mind really stay on his Benjamins Or will he be forced to retire his pimp cane and raise his little woman the right way Demarcus the Killer was a changed man when he was released from prison He had his ride or die chick by his side and decided he would do right by her But what happens when a convicted felon is faced with very few job options How can he provide for his woman without swallowing his pride With very few places to turn, the streets call for him Will he answer Or will he be able to overcome the temptation to engage in the behaviors that got him is first ten year bid Kaseem the Dealer is not the average drug dealer He lived a privileged life and never wanted for a thing He is also the type of brother who does not believe violence has to be a part of the drug game, so he discourages violent acts from his crew When tempers mount, Kaseem finds himself being drawn to the idea of leaving the fast life And this urge to leave only worsens when he finds out he is the father of an infant son Will he successfully leave Or will he become another casualty of the game making his son another statistic Rhakmon the Playa has a wicked sex game So much so, he loves nothing than using what he has to get what he needs If that means sexing the neighborhood halitosis ridden, alcoholic so he can take care of financial needs, he is all for it When he finds himself in a situation that can lead to a prison sentence, his ride or die chick steps up and plays her position But how long can playas play without karma catching up to them The Hood Life is another explosive tale of the Bentley Manor chronicles These four men personify the saying go hard or go home I was instantly taken into their stories and each of them was surprising and unpredictable I read an unproofed advance review copy, and editing was still needed but the twists and turns were worth the distraction The ending definitely leaves questions of the saga continuing though My hope is that it will If you are a fan of this series, you will not be disappointed I recommend The Hood Life to all street lit connoisseurs But be warned This book is not easy to put down so be prepared to read it in one sitting. This book was good it s about 4 men living there life in Bentlye Manor Sweet is a well known pimp that makes his money pimping women even his own mom Sweet try to live life with his wife that is welling to try to let him have his own downlow life from time to time with one of his prostituts Sweet then try to do the daddy thing when his daughter after fifteen years pops in his life for the first time.Demarcus is a killer He leaves jail thinking postive about starting over and getting on the straight and narrow but, things like no job, money and his girl taking care of him gets the worst in him to go back to beeing the killer he was well known to be.Kaseem is the big time drug dealer He takes care of his girl but, he also find himself messing around with other women from time to time When his old girlfriend pops up strug out on crack with his now baby in her hands he has to pay her to get his son away from her Then all hell brakes loose with he finds out that he is set up by one of the people he thought he could trust.Rhakmon he has it made using women to get by He used sex to get all he needs He even talks he main girl in taking a murder rap for me in exchange for him to marry her but, while she in jail he is laying around having sex with on gods know who but, then his main girl finally tells the truth and Rhakmon gets what he deserve.This book was good Like that now that Bentley Manor had some lead male characters thoughtout the book These 2 authors done it again Great book Had me at the edge of the bed. The final Bentley Manor Tale that deals with the men of Bentley Manor A pimp, a playa, a drug dealer, a recent parolee out of prison are the principles of the this last installment of the The Hood Life I have enjoyed the books, and I know that there s a million sad stories from the hood I know I have seen it for myself, but dang, does it have to be ALL BAD although the brothers here are rough, the authors did a great job bringing their stories to light and how they have come to that point but I guess I am tired of hearing one brother not making it in this country story No, I know I am. These authors are now writing from male perspectives in this newest Bentley Manor tale In my opinion, the second one was the best I wasn t impressed with this one very much Yes, there was drama of course but it was not exciting and it felt forced Just because the authors switched it up this time bringing the men, they still should have brought the same creative energy they had with the other two books. They always say the 1st is always better I agree in most parts But the hood life by these 2 authors was the last installment of the Bentley Manor tale The 1st two where about the ladies of Bentley Manor and they did the damn thing with all the drama they had going on The 3rd part, the men had 2 put their bid in and did a good job with the drama in 1 projects in ATL And who can 4get Ms Cleo Ms Osceola telling us this story.

Meesha Mink is the popular pseudonym of Niobia Bryant, the award winning and national bestselling author of than forty works of romance and commercial mainstream fiction Twice she has won RT Magazine s Best African American Multicultural Romance Award, Kiss the Ring written as Meesha Mink was listed as one of the Library Journal s Best Books, and her books have appeared in Ebony, Essence

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