Big Fat Hen

Big Fat Hen One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Three, Four, Shut The Door Nine, Ten, Big Fat Hen Now Young Children Can Enjoy A Popular Nursery Rhyme And Learn To Count, Too Keith Baker S Delightful Illustrations Filled With Eggs And Chicks And Bugs Are Sure To Tickle Little Ones For Hours Of Read Aloud Fun

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❰Reading❯ ➷ Big Fat Hen Author Keith  Baker –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Big Fat Hen
  • Keith Baker
  • English
  • 24 October 2018
  • 9780152019518

10 thoughts on “Big Fat Hen

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    This green big fat hen will have you counting in no time

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    Such a cute counting book It adds rhymes as you go such as 1, 2 buckle my shoe and 3, 4 shut the door The illustrations are cute as well It is a cartoon like hen and you are counting her eggs In the end the book shows the hen s friends and all of their eggs chicks together Kids will love the colors, rhyming, and of course seeing the adorable baby chicks

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    My kids really like this book The artwork is bright and colorful and each hen as her own fanciful designs on her feathers The chicks are really adorable It s a fun take on the nursery rhyme One, two, buckle my shoe Really, really cute.

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    I read this book to two groups of toddlers The illustrations are colorful yet simple with bold, defined lines I like that it incorporates counting.

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    This book is so so cute for little ones Really colorful and vivid and rhymes Almost 2 year old looked at it forever Really cute little book.

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    Illustrations are cartoony and sweet Love the simplicity of the poetry, it makes it open to younger grades.

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    Read at Baby Lap Time on 4 8 11 at Baby Lap Time on 9 28 11 and 9 29 11 at Baby Lap Time on 2 1 12 2 2 12 at Baby Toddler Lap Time on 3 23 12 at Baby Time on 4 4 12 at Baby Lap Time on 8 9 12 and 8 10 12 at Baby Lap Time on 10 18 12 at Baby Toddler Story Time on 11 29 12 at Toddler Lap Time on 2 8 13 at Moms Club Story Time on 9 11 14

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    Big Fat HenIllustrated by Keith BakerGenre CountingA cute rhyming story that counts up to ten The pictures are wonderful Critique A The area for critique is definitely the illustrations B The illustrator uses shading and many colors to make this book memorable I am not quite sure of the technique here but I think it is a paint pastel combination The author uses both pages to illustrate one idea.C I particularly like the first page, 1 and 2 The hen has laid 2 eggs but she is chasing a dragon fly It seems to me that the dragon fly scared the hen enough that she laid her eggs There is a lot of yellow tan colors but still the illustrations are amazing Throughout all of the illustrations, there is some small detail that is missed the first time around Numbers 5 and 6 have snails that the hen is looking at, pick up sticks has a lady bug up near the leaf Curriculum Connection I would use this in any age classroom to enforce counting and rhyming techniques.

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    Genre CountingSummary A classic nursery rhyme of numbers is retold and depicted with colorful illustrations Critique A RhymeB This story is told in a simple rhyme scheme that is easily related to small children Using numbers as rhyming words allows children to remember them and recognize them C For example, the story says, 3, 4, shut the door This is a simple line that many children would remember and is easy to say Curriculum Connection This story would be most effective for preschool aged children The simple rhymes with the numbers and concepts could be used in the classroom and at home with parents For example, the teacher could count and use numbers as rhyming words throughout everyday activities If the parent or the teacher is reading this story aloud to children, the reader could prompt children to count the many eggs and chicks depicted at the end of the story.

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    This familiar nursery rhyme is a great way to help your child learn to recognize numbers, or learn to read.The illustrations give clear visual clues as to what number or verse is in the accompanying text For every odd number there is a corresponding number of insects milling around in the picture and for every even number there are that many eggs piling up with the mama hen For every rhyming verse you will see the chicks from the eggs on the previous page performing said task One, dragonfly two, eggs , buckle my shoe, 2 chicks buckling a shoe , three, worms four, eggs , shut the door four chicks shutting a door ,and so on and so forth There is a twist at the end, than I had ever heard.the hen has friends and they too have chicks

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