De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against The Zombies Of Armorica

De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against The Zombies Of Armorica This Time, The Isolated Farmhouse Is A Roman Villa A Recovered Latin Text Tells The Story Of A Struggle Between Roman Legionaries And The Undead In AD Lucius Artorius Castus Leads An Expedition To Gaul To Defeat A Rebellion Against The Rule Of The Emperor Commodus And Gets Than He Bargained For When His Enemies Rise From The Dead To Fight Again The Power Of The Zombie Horde Is Amplified By The Chaos Of Ancient Rome S Competing Religions And Superstitions, And The Terror The Undead Bring In Their Wake Foreshadows The Incipient Medieval Darkness Already Creeping Into The World At The End Of Rome S Antonine Age Richly Annotated, This Mashup Of Survival Horror And Alternate History Takes The Reader On A Bracing Journey Into One Of Ancient Rome S Dark Corners The concept of the zombie horror genre is quite simple the dead come alive in sort of a sleep walking must feed on any living thing trance they attack in any way they can they bite, they gnaw, they claw the only way they re stopped generally speaking is to physically remove their heads from their bodies.The genre master George Romero placed his Night of the Living Dead in a rural farm Not unlike Jason Vorthees Crystal Lake, a dark forboding rural America has become the standard bearer location for hardcore scary think about the chainsaw massacre in Texas, Mel Gibson s farmhouse in Signs , the space frontier in Alien , or M Night Shyamalan s Village.Now move that rural location to Europe in the late 2nd Century A.D And swap out your town sherriffs for Roman soldiers What you have is Thomas Brookside s exquisitely creative De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against the Zombies of Armorica Brookside s role within his story is translator of an ancient document, recently discovered to contain a hidden text De Bello Lemures is the published version of this text originally written by Lucius Artorius Castus.Without giving too much away, Castus has been assigned to move troops from Brittania, and put down a rebel uprising on the mainland While he s mostly successful, let s just say that the rebels who are put down , don t stay down Also, Artorius, it s suggested, is one of the real life characters upon which the legend of King Arthur is based Brookside does a nice job of subtly working this into his story.Brookside hits a home run with this self published 100 page story by thoroughly commiting to presenting the story as a genuine Roman manuscript The translator s introduction analyzes the document s discovery and provenance, even delving into the fact that if it were fiction, it would ve been produced hundreds of years before the first proto novels were written Brookside includes numerous footnotes throughout the story enhancing the understanding of the Roman world through translation and cultural analysis.Brookside s writing is smooth, and he s nailed the perfect tone that blends ancient manuscript with blood and gore zombie storytelling.I highly recommend this terrific offering and look forward to in this new horror sub genre from Brookside. Short, but sweet Well written, and enjoyable than I would have expected I wanted it to be a lot longer than it was The first few chapters of the author s other novel that were included were also good. The Zombie Attacks genre usually doesn t interest me, but I read this and liked it The author throws in some nice historical references and it shows that he did some research. The Lord protect us from zombie mash up novels and self published ones at that But here s a thing This book is really fun Zombies in Ancient Rome Why not I came upon it quite by chance, and was taken at once by its deliciously pedantic faux academic introduction It s not a long book, thankfully much of its length is taken up with Penguin Classics style footnotes But it s a hoot The author, Thomas Brookside, has also published a cod Shakespearian play about the revenge of Shylock, and a biblical horror novel about Joshua, in which God is, I believe, a kind of Lovecraftian monster This man is seriously brilliant I hope he sticks at it Three years ago I noticed this book in the store and thought It would nice to have a kindle to read it Then I bought the kindle, but I forgot about this work sometimes it came to my mind like Uh yeah I have still to read that But let me finish this one first Now it s finally here and what can I say It s a very nice story, the author is using the old literary tri ck where he claim himself to be the editor and translator of the real writing which is attributed to Lucius Artorius Castus, thought by many to be the real figure behind the legendary King Arthur.The commander here is involved in a strange battle against what he calls lemures , spirits coming back from the afterworld entering dead bodies in short, zombies Writing is very good, the author the real one, Thomas Brookside makes use of footnotes to explain terms and cross references, as a scholar would do in translating a real latin writing They can slow the reading a little bit, but for me it was not a big problem.The main flaw is the length The book is best described as a long short story than a novel That s too bad, I would have enjoyed an overall war of the empire against zombies, a rewriting of history as we know itJust a final note I don t remember much latin, but I think that the grammar of the title is wrong The war of the lemures should be something like De bello lemurum , in the genitive case. Romans, Zombies King Arthur the real one Who could possibly dislike this book The author does a fairly decent review of some of the archaeological evidence for an actual Arthur, or at least the one that gave rise to the myth He also weaves the story into that character s life and times with a passable hand.I enjoy archaeology, I enjoy history, I enjoy zombies Combine the three and you ve got a book I ll read most probably enjoy. I enjoyed De Bello Lemures I would have to agree with some of the other reviews that I read that it was too short, I would love to see Brookside expand the story into a full novel The story was fast paced and while pretty much a standard zombie story the setting refreshed it This is well worth the couple of bucks to download it. This was a quick story to read on my kindle over the course of an afternoon.Overall, this book isn t bad there are some decent action sequences, and the descriptions are pretty good There are a lot of Latin and Greek words thrown in to keep up the authenticity facade, so I found myself going to the annotations frequently I like the idea of an ancient text having a zombie tie in, but I guess I m too analytical and familiar with the current zombie culture to say that this book is very original The trend seems to be something zombies automatic success , and I m worried that this will soon be way overdone, if it isn t already. This is a great book It is written as an alternate history from the perspective of a Roman Officer in Gaul who puts down an uprising of barbarians but then must deal with Zombies Very unique, and for the most part very well written in such a way as to mimic much of the written style at the time My only complaint is that it wasn t long enough.

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[PDF / Epub] ☂ De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against The Zombies Of Armorica  By Lucius Artorius Castus –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • De Bello Lemures, Or The Roman War Against The Zombies Of Armorica
  • Lucius Artorius Castus
  • English
  • 24 September 2017
  • 9781449568696

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