Gangrel (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel #3)

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  • Paperback
  • 271 pages
  • Gangrel (Vampire: The Masquerade: Clan Novel #3)
  • Gherbod Fleming
  • English
  • 06 December 2019
  • 9781565048034

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    I know many people cite this novella as one of the better in this thirteen book saga, but I unfortunately can t say the same This novel is certainly focused on character development than driven by action plot However, I didn t find the signature character, Ramona, to be very interesting To me, the attempt to make her dialogue and internal thoughts ghetto or street was inconsistent and forced I honestly have little else to write about Ramona, which must indicate something since she s the focus of 2 3 of the text Her story is focused around her being a fledgling Gangrel of unknown sire, Ramona Romona feels peculiarly drawn to a mortal girl around her own age that she saves from being raped and killed Even the unastute reader will realize she s just fixated on the mortal s well, mortality Otherwise, there s really nothing special about this mortal, and there are never any hints that suggest that this could even be the case Unfortunately, the story is completely focused on this fixation for a long, long time and the climax of this isn t handled with deft or poetry It s a little vexing because how hard is it to enter the realm of poetry when you have an immortal obsessively pondering the fragile existence of a mortal I mean moth to flame, short lived flowers e.g., cherry blossoms , sunsets, candle flame in the wind, a spark of lightning quickly extinguished, ripe fruit There s so many easy examples out there to use as a diving board for some decent imagery.In my opinion it s the inclusions of detail work like this the separate a storyteller from an author and that the majority of these clans novels are written by people that have talents suited to writing source books than the art of fiction I mean figurative language and narrative devices were things I was learning about as late as 5th grade in a TX rural public schoolThere s nothing completely terrible about this book and my critique is merely from the angle of authoring interesting, creative, and perhaps even risky fiction It seems like such a waste not to try and experiment with the text when this writers likely knew that White Wolf was going to publish whatever the final product was Why not take a risk Establish yourself as an author To summarize, this book was bland and seemed a little uninspired Perhaps the publisher s insistence on using Signature Characters from source books lent itself to that

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    This is a fantastic series if you are a fan or player of the Vampire the Masquerade Table Top game I gave it a 3 because I don t recomend this series to those who are not.

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    s interesting how re reading a book can change your opinion of it as well as reveal elements you were blind to on your first read through I read Clan Novel Gangrel in June 1999 at the age of 19 I had recently dispersed myself of fundamentalism for liberal Christianity yes, a fundamentalist Vampire The Masquerade player and was only beginning to become aware of the diversity in the world around me.When I first read the novel, I was primarily absorbed in Ramona s journey through the troubling world of Kindred society For me, it was an action adventure novel where a Kindred without knowledge of the Traditions, Clans, Camarilla, Anarchs, or Sabbat did her best to navigate an impossible situation Ultimately, the book culminated in her confrontation with the newly transformed Leopold and indirectly led to the events that caused the Gangrel to depart the Camarilla I was focused on Ramona s status as a Neonate vampire and her journey into becoming a rounded anti heroic figure Basically, the Heroes Journey as defined by Joseph Campbell.It s only now, twenty years later, that I re read the novel and realize the first half is actually an LGBT romance I feel like kicking myself for not realizing this and I m actually quite interested in the storyline presented within Zhavon is a young African American girl who is out meeting her boyfriend when she s nearly raped and murdered before Ramona comes to her rescue in a decidedly undead Punisher esque way Ramona proceeds to start stalking Zhavon afterward as the young woman struggles to process what she witnessed.As the fact I didn t realize this was a romance originally indicates, this is not a traditional love story Zhavon and Ramona don t even share than a few words throughout the story It certainly does not end with them riding off into the sunset spoilers No, it is actually a character exploration of Ramona becoming fascinated with a woman who makes her feel human again It is love for a woman who reminds her so strongly of her mortal self that there is a deep desire to become closer A desire that can only end in Ramona either turning her or killing her Except, Ramona doesn t know how to turn a human into a vampire yet.The first half of the novel is easily the best part and I wish we could have gotten of Ramona and Zhavon The real heart of the story is Ramona trying to get back in touch with her humanity and what reminded her of it but being tempted to destroy that very thing The Beast only sees food where Ramona sees what she wished she could be I think Twilight would have been a pretty good horror novella if Edward had eaten Bella in the woods because he couldn t control himself Stephanie Meyer wouldn t be able to buy her own moon sized battle station but I think romance, death, and self destruction are themes V TM can do well.The other half of the book is basically Hatchet 2 Awesome but terrible movie w a great lead Danielle Harris probably has a restraining order against me given my search history about her It s a monster hunt after an initial encounter with Leopold the Toreador turns into a massacre I actually regret some of the deaths in the book and that s a sign the author has done a good job in establishing the characters they ve chosen to kill off.Basically, Zhavon is kidnapped for somewhat contrived reasons by Leopold his insanity has made her his muse and at this point I can only assume it is Hazmiel screwing with a couple of Neonates for the evulz Ramona attempts to rescue her and things go from bad to worse, getting Xavier the Justicar to go after Leopold despite the vampire having the power of an Antediluvian in his Eye of Vecna esque artifact It s basically a monster hunt with everyone severely underestimating what they re facing.Random aside despite Hazmiel being a Ravnos, Leopold actually displays the powers of a Tzimisce with both Vicissitude and Koldunic Sorcery Then again, Chimestry is basically, Warp Reality at higher levels so I suppose it doesn t matter Either way, it s interesting to read a novel about an all powerful fantasy artifact in a relatively grounded setting like the World of Darkness Epic Magical items aren t usually a thing but they are in this series.The book gives an excellent view of how Gangrel society functions with Ramona being forced to survive on her own while her sire stalks her It s probably the same relationship she has with Zhavon, only he had the knowledge to make a Gangrel from the person he loved from afar The supporting cast do their job and it s nice to see Xavier presented as an initially heroic figure only to show the dark underbelly that all Justicars possess.In conclusion, this is easily my favorite of the Clan Novels so far and one of my favorites in the series as a whole It s really two different novels, though with the character study of Ramona s hunger to be and be with someone she cannot touch without destroying as the first part while the second is a attempt to destroy the monster Leopold has become As a teenager, I was much interested in the second but as an adult, I m much interested in the first.

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    Full review here

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    This third book of the clan novel series starts out very slow, building character depth and exploring the humanity of the world of darkness But the last 1 4 of the book is extremely difficult to set down Fantastic.

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    For my money, the Gangrel Clan offer the best of both worlds the resilience of vampires and the ferocity of werewolves While they couldn t go toe to toe against a werewolf, they could give most members of the other vampire clans a run for their money.

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    While the main character feels a bit week compared to others so far, the story development keeps me from just putting down the book.With a mood matching the Gangrel s clan tendency for wild, if captures their spirit pretty well while keeping you wanting .

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    Good RPG book Story is not really well connected with the other of the series, but anyways it goes smoothly But, if you ask me about the story in details, I could give you only one or two Not quite printed in my mind.

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    Ksi ka fajnie trzyma klimat Wampira Maskarady Warto przeczyta je li kto lubi zw aszcza gra Gangrelami Obni am jednak ocen za to, e nieraz akcja nieco spowalnia.

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    One of the best in the series, the characters has everything and expands the world an the acknowledge of WoD, the action escenes are truly deep and you can feel the hits and the brouses

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