History of the Civil War, 1861-1865

History of the Civil War, 1861-1865Really enjoyable history of the Civil War by a Midwest industrialist Unbiased but clearly in awe of the political leadership of the United States and the generalship of both sides, it never gets bogged down It is wide ranging and covers a lot of the foreign policy stuff that often gets overlooked in these single volume histories Very good. Wow A great historical read of the Civil War.The author does an excellent job of reviewing significant details on the Civil War Extensive research and information included in this work, so much so that if you cannot read this work in a fairly short time frame you may want to keep notes on who s who so you don t get confused. James Ford Rhodes , Was An American Industrialist And Historian Born In Cleveland, Ohio His Major Work, History Of The United States From The Compromise Of Appeared In Seven Volumes, The Eight Volume Edition Appeared In The One Volume Version History Of The Civil War Earned Him A Pulitzer Prize In History In His Work Focuses On National Politics Using Newspapers And Published Memoirs, Rhodes Meticulously Reconstructed The Process By Which Major National Decisions Were Made He Carefully Evaluated The Strengths And Weaknesses Of All The Major Leaders, And Is Well Regarded For His Lack Of Bias He Emphasized Slavery And Anti Slavery As Causes Of The Civil War, And Bemoaned The Corruption Of The Reconstruction Republican Governments In Washington And The Southern States He Was Awarded The Loubat Prize Of The Berlin Academy Of Sciences And The Gold Medal Of The National Institute Of Arts And Letters Oxford And Many American Universities Gave Him Honorary Degrees Amongst His Other Works Are History Of The United States From Hayes To McKinley And Historical Essays I thought this was an excellent book I really enjoyed the balance between the history of the military events and the political, social and economic circumstances of the war It is an extremely accessible read and gave me a good sense of the major themes that determined the war s course and outcome I deducted one star because it suffers slightly from the common ailment of many history books in that it focuses primarily on the side that ultimately won the war. Although I had difficulty following a few times, I learned a LOT. Informative and keeps you interested Very well written One of the best books on the civil war that I ve read I definitely recommend this book Excellent overview of the Civil War, and I can see why it won a Pulitzer Worth reading 90 years later makes you realize the book was written closer to the war itself than to the present I read this online.I was impressed with the scope of the book, covering not just the fighting, but politics, foreign interest, diplomacy, economics, business, and society as well, to name a few But due to its nature, you sometimes notice the lack of detail in the book It is very literally a history of the war, as motivations before the war and reactions after are not included In fact Lincoln s assassination isn t given much than a few paragraphs But it did make me want to seek out Rhodes larger work, History of the United States, in several volumes, so I guess I liked the author s style. I cannot say enough of this book Rhodes leaves no stone unturned throughout it The history of the civil war is not told from a biased standpoint He lays out the facts of each side as honestly as possible and only infers his opinions to help understand the strategy thinking of the times His opinions are always declared so and never laid out to be mistaken with fact His style is a brilliant form of narrative that left it hard to put down the work at times I try to reserve my five star ratings, but there is nothing that I could detract from this book Once finished, I wanted to go back and read it from the beginning as with the vast amount of information contained in it I am sure to have missed plenty I can see myself reading this multiple times in the future to gain information, pleasure, and to experience the author s style again and again. I read a first edition, published by Macmillan in 1917, which included the elegant fold out maps It turned out the maps were unnecessary as Rhodes spent almost no time on any detail of the battles His work 438 pages covers mostly the details of the personalities and politics of the great conflict These he deals with in a business like and straight forward and extremely accurate manner He clearly educates the reader of the political and economic conditions that lead both sides in the early years of the war to conceal from public discourse the obvious and evident nature of the true cause, that of course being slavery He elucidates Lincoln s reasoning during 1863 in abandoning this falsity with the eventual publication of the Emancipation Proclamation, and how it served, among other result, to end the duplicity of the English and French and resolved their foreign policy to one of actual neutrality and ended their deceptive and clandestine support of the Confederacy This book is one of politics and strategy and would make an excellent introduction for the beginning student I have often felt that accurate history can hardly be written within 50 years of an event, after partisanship and passion have departed the field Rhodes position is certainly sympathetic to the Union cause how could it be otherwise for a civilized writer in the 20th century but he deals evenhandedly with most events and issues So far as I known, contemporary historians would take no significant exceptions to Rhodes excellent little work Given the nature of Rhodes work, a low cost paperback or electronic copy would than suffice most readers For those seeking the immense detail of the Civil War years, including military aspects, I know of none better than Shelby Foote for those who can digest 3000 pages. Written almost a hundred years ago this single volume history of the Civil War by Ohio native James Ford Rhodes is quite engaging in its straight forward narrative Between the accounts of the major battles he gives interesting insight to the affects of the War on foreign economies, the civilian home fronts in the South and the North and other social concerns affected by the conflict.The interesting state of the monetary currency, the impressment issue in the North and South and other matters of the Civil War.

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