The Princeton Impostor

The Princeton ImpostorProfessor McLeod Dulany S Unassuming Star Student, Greg Pierre, Actually Is Assuming A False Name, That Is When The Student Who Outed Him Is Found Murdered, Suspicion Falls On Pierre But McLeod Believes In Pierre S Innocence, And Now Must Trace The Clues Left Behind To Find A Killer S True Identity he s a minority student and I feel like he s not as tough as some of us What the heck does that mean, Waldron This book felt very strange to me The dialogue was stilted and there was a lot of repetition of information from scene to scene that made the mystery feel as though it were being solved very slowly I liked the university atmosphere and the reference to the Cotsen Children s Library, which I have visited, but McLeod was not an especially likable main character and I never really bought her reasoning for getting involved in clearing her student of murder in the first place It also annoyed me that she kept commenting on how little she understood about science Surely someone who teaches at Princeton and who specifically teaches students to write nonfiction, would have some ability to read and understand new scientific concepts In any case, this was a random selection from a book sale, and I ll be donating my copy in the hopes that someone else will give it a loving home It was not my cup of tea and I feel no need to look for the earlier books of the series. Bad Like for serious bad And I ve read all the others It s now clear why this was the last one Was Waldron under contract so just churned out a mess and said here The plot is bad the characters are inconsistent from their past and the main characterin a mystery should never be both absent from and surprised by the murderer when he she is revealed Bad form Oh, and it s full of copyediting mistakes too, which added to my severe disappointment.It was a guilty pleasure brainvacation anyway maybe i shouldn t be so hard on it.Nevermind, yes, I should. While I have been looking for professor sleuths, this was not the answer to my quest The story is very disconnected, and written oddly characters repeat things often, sometimes within two lines, and there s no buildup of tension Things just happen, and they aren t particularly believable Then, to top it off, the main character doesn t actually solve the mystery It was just a strange book, and not in a good way.

Ann Waldron was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up on Cotton Avenue in West End She went to Hemphill Grammar School and West End High School She and her parents and older sister lived three blocks from the Vine Street Presbyterian Church, which they attended twice every Sunday and on Wednesday nights for prayer meeting They spent summers on an 80 acre farm her parents owned in St Clair Co

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  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Princeton Impostor
  • Ann Waldron
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9780425213629

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