A Brother's Journey

A Brother's JourneyHEARTBREAKING STORYThis story gives a heartbreaking personal look into child abuse during a time when no one stepped in to help The ending w Aaron s disappointing though..I wanted to know the rest of the story that s all I m saying to prevent spoilers I read all of his brother s Dave Pelzer accounts of what happened to him, and I was always curious about what happened to Dave s brothers when the was finally taken away,and this novel answered many of the questions for me however, the needing of this novel has left me with questions I couldn t help but notice some of the glaring contradictions to his brother s book It seems to me as if this is a sort of hey, don t forget about me I was abused too book While he admits that his brother had it MUCH worse than he ever did, it seems to me that he wrote this in hopes of convincing others, and mainly himself, that he isn t a bad person for instigating and adding to the abuse of his brother I don t know how I feel about him, but I certainly hate the mother even now I honestly am saddened that she was able to live to old age and die naturally Dave s books were really good, and this justwasn t Richard seemed to repeat himself over and over I hate that he went through so much, but I had pretty much heard all about it in Dave s books. This book is such a waste of time I read it to get the brother s perspective of the situation and story in A Child Called It , written by Dave Pelzer, the brother of the author Richard doesn t even talk about the abuse of David, he is very busy being angry at him, because he is now in the that position and he needs to face his mother He was the tattle taler before, and now he is angry because the victim has disappeared.Richard seemed to repeat himself over and over And his story is not that interesting I will probably stay with many question marks about the Pelzer family did everything that was described in Dave s book actually happened I feel for them, but highly recommend to skip this book. Another view from Davids brother Richard on what went on in that abusive home with their mother monster A captivating story on childhood abuse that went on for years with than one child involved Sad but reminds people that reading such a story makes it real and instils in one to help stop this sort of parental abuse on their children whom they are supposed to protect A very good read Contination saga of this poor family. Richard B Pelzer is the younger brother of David Pelzer, author of the incredibly inspirational story of survival detailed in his personal memoirs, beginning with A Child Called It Richard s memoir is a must read for anyone who has been moved by the story of his brother David, as it provides an important point of view in this story of horrific abuse that of a sibling who first participated in the family s abuse of David, and then after David was removed from his abuse environment, as the new recipient of his mother s alcohol fueled rage Unfortunately, there is no dramatic resolution at the end although he is able to escape from his emotional attachment to his abusive mother, physically he was not able to escape from the nightmarish environment she provided.What is so incredibly shocking is that the Social Service system would have allowed that mother to continue to raise any children in the house after they deemed her unfit to have any contact with David Certainly, the abuse that Richard suffered could have and should have been prevented by authorities who knew better. After reading A Boy called IT, A Man Named Dave, and The Lost Boy I had a lot of questions that were left unanswered For example why did Dave s mother only abuse Dave I found this book by Richard Pelzer and it was like a continuation of where Dave left off Unfortunately, once Dave was removed from the home his mother turned the abuse on to another child Richard This book explains from Richard s point of view what he went through as a child and what his mother did to him.I read the book in less than a day It was just as good as Dave s books, but not as gut wrenching His writing style is slightly different from Dave s In other words, if you think you will sit and cry your way through the book as I did for Dave s books , it won t happen with Richards book You still feel the pain that he went through but not like your right there living it with him as was the case with Dave I also like how some parts overlapped from Dave s books Things Dave described, instances or situations that Dave described, Richard describes also from Richards perspective.The hardest part to the reading was if you read Dave s book first as I did than read Richards book, the names of the brothers have been changed Dave used one set of names for his brothers and Richard used a different set of names for the brothers That was a bit confusing at first figuring out who is who. This book is a sequel of a sort to A Child Called It A Child Called It follows the true story of David Pelzer as he survives the abuse at the hands of his mentally ill, alcoholic mother David is moved from his home at age 12 A Brother s Journey follows David s brother Richard Richard becomes the new scapegoat for the mother s abusive rages after David is removed from the home This story is particularly interesting because Richard offers a glimpse of the twisted role siblings can play in abusive homes He is used as a pawn in his mother s games against David, all the while knowing it could just as easily be him The story is also horribly sad, since the reader knows David was rescued from the home, yet no one offers that same escape to Richard I recommend this book if you have read A Child Called It or the other books written by David Pelzer. This might be a good suggestion for readers who can t get enough of Dave Pelzer s stories This book retells the Child Called It story and continues afterwards Richard Pelzer discusses witnessing the abuse of his brother and then having the abuse turned towards himself The pace is slower and it is not as well written It still offers an interesting perspective. Mom Has No One Like David Around To Beat On Any I Am Afraid Of Her Than EverI Get In Trouble For Anything I Do Or Say Now I Find That I M Always In Trouble And I Don T Know Why Now That David Is Gone, I M Afraid That She Will Try To Kill Me, Like She Tried To Kill Him I M Afraid That She Will Treat Me Like An Animal Like She Did Him I M Afraid That Now I M Her IT The Pelzer Family S Secret Life Of Fear And Abuse Was First Revealed In Dave Pelzer S Inspiring New York Times Bestseller, A Child Called It, Followed By The Lost Child And A Man Called Dave Here, For The First Time, Richard Pelzer Tells The Courageous And Moving Story Of His Abusive Childhood From Tormenting His Brother David To Becoming Himself The Focus Of His Mother S Wrath To His Ultimate Liberation Here Is A Horrifying Glimpse At What Existed Behind Closed Doors In The Pelzer Home Equally Important, Richard Pelzer S Touching Account Is A Testament To The Strength Of The Human Heart And Its Capacity To Triumph Over Almost Unimaginable Trauma

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  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • A Brother's Journey
  • Richard B. Pelzer
  • English
  • 13 February 2019
  • 9780446696333

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