The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer When Milwaukee Police Entered Jeffrey Dahmer S North Th Street Apartment In July , They Discovered That For Some Time This Quiet, Undemonstrative Man Had Been Living Amidst The Debris Of An Orgy Of Killing A Severed Head Lay In The Refrigerator A Freezer Contained Two Heads And A Human Torso Two Skulls And A Complete Skeleton Were Found In A Filing Cabinet A Styrofoam Box Concealed Two Skulls, And A Large Blue Plastic Drum Was Found To Contain Three Further Human Torsos In Various Stages Of Decomposition This Is The Story Of The Mass Murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer

Brian Masters is a British writer best known for his biographies of mass murderers, including Killing for Company, on Dennis Nilsen The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer She Must Have Known, on Rosemary West and The Evil That Men Do He has also written about the British aristocracy and worked as a translator.

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  • The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer
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  • 09 August 2019
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    I do not wish to mitigate the seriousness of the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer but its hard not to imagine a conversation between JD and Britain s own rather intellectually pretentious Dennis Nilsen, who had a similar interest in collecting dead gay boys or should that be gay dead boys Note obviously this imaginary conversation took place before Jeffrey s demise, otherwise it would be completely unbelievable DN I believe the authorities have incarcerated us here because our recreational predilections were not dissimilar.JD Fuck, man.DN So how did you get caught JD Fuck, man One of my zombies ran into the street without no clothes on squawkin and makin a big fuss The problem was I hadn t zombified him enough Cops came in and found fuckin heads and shit in the fridge What about you DN sighs My devotion to domestic hygiene let me down I ran out of places to put them so I chopped up the last one and crammed the bits down the toilet Alas, the drains got blocked up and one of my neighbours called the Dynorod man in Unfortunately for me he knew the difference between pork and people.JD Fuckin busybodies make me sick.

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    I didn t expect much from this book It was published in 1993, not very long after Dahmer s trial, and before he was killed in prison, so I figured it was one of those rush jobs written to capitalize upon the sensationalism of the case I was surprised, however, to find that it was actually a well researched and well written case study of not only Dahmer s crimes, but of his childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, his aberrant psychology and bizarre personality, and his motivations for his crimes One can tell within about two pages that the author is obviously British, and perhaps that allows him a little objectivity on the case Brian Masters, the author, also does a competent job of presenting Dahmer s human face, not just the repellent monster whose name inspires loathing to this day Masters spent time at Dahmer s trial and reports on it faithfully It s a fact often lost upon people that Dahmer was on trial not for the murders he committed he confessed readily and pleaded guilty but to present a case of insanity, which would determine if he would go to prison or a mental institution Ultimately he was found sane at the time he committed his murders and sent to prison Insanity is a legal and not a medical term I personally believe that it would have served the medical community well had Dahmer been sent to an institution and studied Of all the professional and expert testimony at his trial, none could agree on exactly what the nature of Dahmer s mental instability was there was no name or label they could attach to him This is because there isn t one Dahmer engaged in necrophilia, cannibalism, fetishism, and even attempted on at least two occasions to create living zombies, but there is no record of sadism or a desire to inflict pain or suffering on his victims He merely wished them to stay with him to alleviate his loneliness, and he lacked the social skills to develop a normal relationship No one in the psychological community had ever before seen anyone like Dahmer, and the only label put forth at trial was paraphilia, which is an umbrella term for pretty much any sort of sexual deviance The only real quibble I had with this book was the author s insistence at several points to spare the reader from the gruesome details of a particular murder committed by Dahmer Listen if I or anyone else is reading an otherwise detailed biography of one of America s most notorious serial killers, we probably aren t going to be put off by a few gory specifics Full disclosure, by the way I m a well known serial killer buff, and Dahmer is my favorite.

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    By far the very best book on any one specific serial killer I ve ever read This is book is extremely graphic in details regarding the Jeffrey Dahmer murders, but it s necessary to fully grasp how utterly insane he was The author is English and is an amazing writer who delves into multiple subjects regarding Dahmer s influences, psychology and criminal pathology, philosophical concepts regarding good and evil throughout history, etc It s really an awesome read It s not like a typical Ann Rule true crime book nor a profiler book but really a journey into good and evil, mental illness vs personality disorders, etc I can t praise this book enough After reading I understood how completely different Dahmer was from other killers such as Ted Bundy They both struggled with an intense compulsion to kill and there are several arguments and ideas reagarding the origin of compulsion, but it was obvious that Dahmer was almost a pitiful person who was downright sick whereas Bundy was psychopath, big difference Psychopaths don t suffer from a mental illness, it s a personality disorder unlike Dahmer, who was virtually deranged when he was in his prime Enough said, best Dahmer book period, most thorough and articulate true crime book I ve ever read.

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    Though classing a book about a infamous, brutal serial killer as one of my favourite books may cast me in a somewhat dubious light, I m unashamed to say it s the truth There is something gloriously chilling about Master s clear cut writing, delving into Dahmer s past, his killings, crazed obsessions and his capture, culminating in his trial There is no other book apart from Master s other opus, Killing For Company, about the English Dahmer , Dennis Nilson which fully displays, with unstoppable readability, the catastrophic downfall of a deranged monster, and does not fall into emotionalizing Dahmer to the reader which would, of course, be a massive mistake From childhood influences to his ultimate sentencing, this book gives an unbiased view into the mind and calculations of a serial killer, who himself called the majority of the deaths of his victims a side effect To me, a follow up to this book is the wonderfully startling faux fictionalization of a Dahmer esque character, Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates.

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    Amazingly fantastic I totally recommend it along with Lionel Dahmer s A Father s Story , it talks about Dahmer s crimes but also gives an analysis about his actions that are interesting and educational, and in my opinion, mental health experts should investigate further into Dahmer s personality and behaviour.

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    Vaya viaje que fue ste libro sta es una peque a biograf a de uno de los asesinos seriales que dej en shock a varias generaciones a principios de los 90 s cuando fue atrapado, enjuiciado y encarcelado.Jeffrey Dahmer mat desde 1986 hasta 1991 cerca de 16 hombres j venes, los drog y los ahorc con las manos para despu s decapitarlos, desmembrarlos, desollarlos y agregarlos a su altar Jeff era un soci pata, necrof lico, necr fago y homosexual Qu quiere decir todo esto que era una persona que no viv a de acuerdo a las leyes de la sociedad, sino que se creaba las suyas y viv a en su propia realidad, tuvo dificultad para interactuar y entablar relaciones a nivel emocional con sus semejantes, ajeno a la simpat a con animales y personas, prefer a amar a un cad ver que establecer una relaci n emocional o amorosa, sent a que el nico modo de honrar a la v ctima u objeto del deseo era por medio del canibalismo de alg n rgano o parte de su cuerpo y sent a una gran atracci n por los torsos masculinos y la fisionom a masculina.Jeffrey creci en la t pica familia americana, con su madre, su padre y su hermano menor Su madre ten a una enfermedad mental que la convert a en una persona nerviosa y dif cil de manejar, sus ataques de nervios y ansiedad eran constantes, tomaba varios calmantes y relajantes que la dejaban en un estado de olvido por sus hijos Su madre se divorci de su padre cuando Jeff estaba en la High School, siendo ella el motivo por el cu l no quer a ni casarse ni tener un noviazgo o relaci n alguna con las mujeres, ya que cre a que todos los matrimonios deber an ser iguales que en su casa y las mujeres tan dif ciles como su madre.Jeff pas varios a os entre trabajos mediocres y sin un futuro claro Sin rumbo alguno, empez a beber y drogarse ya que desde muy peque o sinti que era diferente, sus gustos por animales muertos y descubrir c mo funcionaban y su gusto por los hombres era motivo de verg enza y pecado mortal frente a la iglesia luterana Dahmer nunca mat animales, l viv a cerca de la highway y los animales eran road kills o atropellados y los llevaba a la covacha de su casa para abrirlos y explorar su interior.El libro nos lleva desde los primeros a os hasta el d a en que una de sus v ctimas escapa y lleva la polic a a su casa El desfile de torsos, cr neos y tambos con v ceras llam la atenci n de la prensa r pidamente Jeff ten a una meta, quer a crear un altar con los cr neos de sus v ctimas favoritas y al mismo tiempo lograr esa satisfacci n teniendo un lugar en d nde disfrutar lo que m s placer le tra a y al mismo tiempo quer a tener un esclavo sexual zombie para vivir feliz en su fantas a.El libro menciona brevemente la psicolog a de ste asesino, haciendo comparaci n con otros casos de necrofilia como Ed Gein y Jack The Ripper entre otros Durante el juicio varios m dicos dan testimonio de los resultados psicol gicos psiqui tricos hechos a Dahmer Los familiares tienen la oportunidad de expresar sus sentimientos por sus familiares y amigos asesinados y al final la sentencia es cadena perpetua.Jeff muere en 1994 camino al hospital despu s de haber sido golpeado en la cabeza por otro compa ero preso durante los trabajos de limpieza El libro es muy descriptivo y da buenas cr ticas desde el campo psicol gico del necrof lico hasta el hist rico sobre el canibalismo as como espiritual sobre el pecado y posesi n demoniaca S lo le falt el biol gico, no hubo mucha investigaci n en cuanto a la formaci n del cerebro de Dahmer y su perfil hormonal o tiroideo, hubiera sido interesante.Creo que con ste libro y a novela gr fica My Friend Dahmer de Derf Backderf completa lo que quer a leer de ste personaje tan extra o.

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    What a grueling and annoyingly pretentious read this was I had hoped for a decent expose of the Dahmer case, perhaps containing some new valid insights, written by someone who was able to interview the various parties involved Instead, Brian Masters book is a never ending stream of psychobabble, combined with the author s criticism of everyone from the psychologist witnesses at the trial, to law enforcement, to the American justice system, all accompanied by the strong implication that Masters knows better Forget the precious literary allusions, the rather lengthy pages which discourse lyrically and needlessly on the Dionysian aspects of the case Forget the extensive quote from the play Equus Forget the fact that Masters an Englishman seems to find the American judicial system barbaric, its judges incompetent and its lawyers arbitrary Much of the portion of the book dealing with the trial is in the form of Masters harsh criticisms of the judge s rulings and the attorneys conduct The balance of those passages seem naught but Masters flaunting his own acumen above that of the mental health professional who testified Masters, you see, has a theory a theory that, according to him, would have shed far greater light on the Dahmer proceedings if ONLY his colleagues in the mental health field had seen what was, to Masters, abundantly clear Apparently, Dahmer had a very painful hernia operation as a child and, throughout the book, Masters hoists this event as his own personal Ah HA moment which, he implies, explains much of what makes Dahmer tick Masters also seems to focus on the cannibalistic acts, albeit briefly, as affecting causation However, the author s stress on cultural and historic aspects of cannibalism from an anthropological point of view are disproportionately lengthy in comparison to how he applies them to the Dahmer case While Masters research into this phenomena may have been intense and thorough, it struck me as an attempt to impress the reader with the author s vast knowledge of the subject and, for me, it was hardly worth the effort of reading I found nothing innovative about the the Dahmer case in my reading of this book Though the work does not go so far as to become a case of what I often call crackpot psychology, it certainly seeks to over simplify the case for what seems to be the author s self aggrandisement If you are a psychologist, or interested in such things, you may think that this book and Masters theories interesting As for me, I found most of the book to be egoistic and boring In spite of the impressive blurbs on the cover from such as Patricia Highsmith, I cannot recommend it.

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    This one gave a lot of the details of Dahmer s life than other books, and from the lives of his victims This book also told me WHOSE sister Errol Lindsey s blew her stack at him during her victim s impact statement It was interesting to read this one partly because the author is a Brit and does not hold back his disparaging comments about the way the American legal system works I had to laugh at the points he got wrong, for instance when he said Dahmer watched THE EXORCIST 2 THE HERETIC over and over it was 3, not 2 Watch both those movies to see why that s a funny mistake to make Ultimately, he makes clear that he feels Dahmer was mentally ill but he does not base his argument on much of anything except res ipsa loquitur look what he did he MUST be crazy , an argument he himself calls fallacious He came so close to getting it right, but missed the boat when he called Dahmer almost autistic.

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    Not going to liedidn t get much sleep last night _ Despite the horrifying subject matter I do consider this a good book It succeeded in humanizing Dahmer in a way I did not expect at all Having recently listened to a podcast detailing his crimes and eventual capture by the police I was interested in reading on this perhaps in an effort to understand how anyone could be capable of such depravity The book delves into his early childhood, adolescence, his decent into madness and finally, his capture and the subsequent trial I found the author a bit verbose at times when dealing with the pshycology of Dahmer and I found my attention drifting but it wasn t to such an extent as to put me off completely I would reccommend this book to true crime buffs although I am sure that many of them would have read this book already.

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    I really did like this book, even though it took me five months to finish it The length of time to finish it is intricately tied to the reason I enjoyed and appreciated the book so much humanization Masters humanizes a man who has been thoroughly demonized in our culture He hands his back his humanity through the close attention paid to Dahmer s quality of life and mental state The man was psychologically tortured and could not make the pain stop Reading about his pain and desperation, his utter hatred of himself, made the content fascinating, horrifying, and deeply saddening I have read several true crime novels, but this was the only one where the subject seemed human I highly recommend it.

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