Rumble Fish

Rumble FishStrange little thing, this one.Although part of the reason why I feel that way is probably the fact that it s I think the first YA novel I read that was written long before I was born which, for me, makes it something of a hybrid of a classic style and a modern trend Or something.It s mysterious and sort of obscure, but at the same time it feels crystal clear in that the narrator s voice is simple and direct.Let s face it he s not the brightest bulb in the box He s a hood kid, and he s a good kid He s loyal and brave and strong, but rather fucked up, and he makes you grow to love him even though you don t know him all that well.For chrissake, this is not even a novel My edition of the ebook is 72 pages long it slike a novella, which is also why it feelslike a snapshot, a fragment of life, the picture of a turning point than a person s story.And that s really cool Quite different, and really cool, and I ll have to think about it somebecause I m not certain I got everything there was to get, and I simultaneously hate and love this feeling. Rumble Fish was a cool movie that looked a lot like Robert Frank s The Americans and had Mickey Rourke perfecting his Richard Hell impersonation with Tom Waits doing a Pop s Chocklit Shoppe routine, whilst listening to Wall Of Voodoo and The Police jamming on the soundtrack very new wave totally Eighties Then there s the book.S.E Hinton writeslike a noir writer than a YA one, complete with flashbacks, delusional madness and death Her uncanny ability to get into a teenage boy s mind and do so with intensive insight is nothing short of remarkable Rumble Fish was written in the Seventies so I imagineof a burned out Motorcycle Boy fried by too many Boones Farm empties, dozens of Testors glue tubes, and scratchy Steppenwolf records Whichever spin you put on Rumble Fish it s one of the best tomes in the Teenage Wasteland bookshelf. Rusty James Is The Toughest Guy In The Group Of High School Kids Who Hang Out And Shoot Pool Down At Benny S, And He Enjoys Keeping Up His Reputation What He Wants Most Of All Is To Be Just Like His Older Brother, The Motorcycle Boy He Wants To Stay Calm And Laughing When Things Get Dangerous, To Be The Toughest Street Fighter And The Most Respected Guy On Their Side Of The River Rusty James Isn T Book Smart, And He Knows It He Relies On His Fists Instead Of His Brains Until Now He S Gotten Along All Right, Because Whenever He Gets Into Trouble, The Motorcycle Boy Bails Him Out But Rusty James Drive To Be Like His Brother Eats Away At His World Until It All Comes Apart In An Explosive Chain Of Events And This Time The Motorcycle Boy Isn T Around To Pick Up The Pieces Things in life don t come with equal weight The biggest and heaviest impacts are when an event or a moment grab a life that is completely and utterly ripe for something it didn t know existed.The film Rumble Fish was one of the big blows of my early adulthood To me it was and still is mind blowingly good The cast, the themes, the black and white and The Motorcycle Boy, Tom Waits raising his middle finger and chewing gum and an ending capable of knocking out a cinema full in the one go What I didn t realise at the time was how much it had stayed true to the book I honestly don t know why I didn t think of reading it earlier As with The Outsiders, I think it had something to do with the Young Adult tag even though that s what I was at the first viewing of each film Rumblefish at the Scala cinema in London s King s Cross and The Outsiders on video in my family home.Wasted years, I can tell you.The first thing that struck me about Rumble Fish the book was the power of the opening chapter It s nigh on perfect I d say Sets the scene, hooks the reader, gives the voice and explodes into action in a way that s laid back and almost lazy I know that laid back and explode contradict each other, but that s how it feels I guess that a slick car with great gears and engine might do this as it accelerates, fast as hell yet so smooth the motion is hardly felt.After reading those first few pages, I had to pause for a couple of days just to think about it.The next thing that hit was the way that the movie of the book had stuck so closely to the dialogue it s practically verbatim I loved reading lines that I ve been carrying around with me for years Even the most primitive societies have an innate respect for the insane Loyalty is his only vice The Greeks got her California is like a beautiful wild kid on heroin, high as a kite and thinking she s on top of the world, not knowing she s dying, not believing it even if you show her the marks Winners all And there are so many .The story itself is brilliant It s everything I want from a book The characters are so well drawn and the setting and the plot are great It holds an incredible romance for me, a nostalgia for something I didn t really experience, the kind of nostalgia I felt with books like The Great Gatsby and the like.I love the idea of people being born in the wrong age I swear I know a few of those or in the wrong place ditto The sense of heroes and idolisation reminds me of my own idols The relationships are dysfunctional in a way that s almost caricature but maintain love at their core Time flies, life is short, people are different, we have dreams and nightmares, we re all products of our genetic mix and our realities.As far as I know, this book is studied still as a modern classic in the US I can see why that is if I ever write anything as good, I ll have achieved all I ever wanted to with my work I can also see why this might attract the odd detractor Too simple they might say Too unreal Too pretentious Too whatever they feel it s too much of Whatever it is, they might be right, but then again, maybe they just didn t read it at the right moment or in the right place.To me, it s just brilliant And I still want to be The Motorcycle Boy even though I get nervous as a passenger on a scooter as soon as it racks up 30 miles per.Read this one I say Read and weep. This book is confusingly bad It lacks the charm and sincerity of The Outsiders and it also lacks a shirtless teenage Rob Lowe, which could have made up for a lot None of the characters are as skillfully drawn or believable, the story is meandering and poorly written, and the heart of the novel the relationship between Rusty James and the Motorcycle Boy isn t given enough time to mature.On the other hand, this is probably a pretty good movie, because it stars Matt Dillon and Diane Lane forever cast in S.E Hinton projects. RumblefishFa parte del mio periodo dorato parlo di letture tra i minimalisti statunitensi.Ho molto amato questo libro e il film che ne trasse Francis Ford Coppola, quell altalenarsi di immagini sincopate in bianco e nero scandite dalla batteria di Stewart Copeland in Don t box me in.Cos come ho amato moltissimo anche I ragazzi della 56esima strada stessa autrice, stesso regista La mia copertina riproduce il manifesto del film Matt Dillon illustrato da Renato Casaro, un altro grandissimo maestro.http watch v 8j6Tln This book was very, very good, but there were some things about it that I didn t quite enjoy FIrst off, while I was reading it, I kept asking myself, okay, this is all background, now when s the plot going to start I was in suspense for a really long time, due to the fact that the plot wasn t very obvious It seemed that it was one of those quick reads that leaves you with a well what if. kind of ending All you know is that Motorcycle Boy dies at the end and in those few seconds afterwards, it is aparant that Rusty James s life is screwed up after that Then, it goes back to when Steve and Rusty James talk years and years later, and Rusty James is still very emotionally scarred It left me with the questions, How did he get there What happened after Motorcycle boy died This was, in my opinion, the downside of the book, and also the good part about it.The downside of that is that I felt that the book was very empty, like it didn t really have a beginning or an end It just started, told a sad story, and then ended in one motion It was confusing I kept wondering, well, why does Hinton want to tell me this What is she trying to get across The good side of that is that it left me thinking about what would happen It was like Hinton made up the author of his life, as I imagined how he strugged to continue without Motorcycle Boy, getting in many fights, drinking too much, etc I even came up with my own story to fill in the gap at the end.I think it s a great book, like I said before I recommend it only for S E Hinton lovers that read The Outsiders Although it is very different, it is concerning the same theme, and it leaves you with many questions I think that people who never read The Outsiders wouldn t really understand or appreciate it as much, beacuse the book is very different than normal fiction books. I m really not sure how to rate this one I read it in one day and it hooked me with its suspenseful plot and realistic dialogue Plus, I love stories about tough guys and gangs in the 50s and 60s But after I closed the book, I didn t have a clear reaction to it that I could pinpoint and then translate into a starred rating Rusty James is a young tough guy who idolized his older brother, The Motorcycle Boy real name is never mentioned Like any young kid with a cool older brother, Rusty wants to be just like him tough, carefree, strong and smart I think we ve all known someone like the Motorcycle Boy It s that person that seems to be able to do anything and everything, who is effortlessly cool and confident, and who makes life seem easy The trouble is people like that don t exist From the outside looking in, they may seem to have all the answers, but deep down they re people just like the rest of us with all kinds of problems and insecurities The Motorcycle Boy islike a symbol or metaphor in that sense, and from the beginning I had guessed at how things would turn out at the end because that just doesn t last I didn t enjoy this as much as The Outsiders, but it s a very thought provoking book ETA Upon further reflection, I m giving it a 3. There s something about Rumble Fish that makes me read it a few times every year If you think this is a book just about gang fighting you re wack It s about wanting to be something you can t be, finally getting it and realizing that it wasn t what what you wanted It s about being misunderstood and misinterpreted It s about picking the wrong heroes It s about wanting to belong to anybody It s about life turning into black and white. Ten a ganas de leer algo m s de la autora de una de mis novelas favoritas, Rebeldes No sab a qu esperarme, pero desde luego no una historia que siguiera los pasos de su primera obra.Pareciendo un spin off, tratando el tema de las bandas callejeras, las peleas y las relaciones sexuales, Susan E Hinton crea una historia fuerte con mucho que ense ar, aunque no mucho que contar Con apenas un par de escenas memorables, la novela es demasiado corta y no consigue profundizar en los personajes.Es decir, es similar a un mon logo interior todo desde el punto de vista de Rusty, demasiado centrado en sus pensamientos y sentimientos, y ese estilo me gusta siempre En este caso no ha sido menos, pero esperaba una historia que no me dejase a medias en cuanto a conocer el resto de personajes Que quiz esa sea la intenci n, el centrarse solo en el protagonista Pues oye, puede ser, pero es una novela que trata de profundizar y se queda ah.Sin embargo, es una historia dura que te hace ponerte en la piel de varias situaciones complicadas, con una narraci n incre ble y muy entretenida Guarda unos cuantos giros m s que interesantes y se lee de una sentada La recomiendo, pero no vay is buscando algo que os cambie la vida.

S.E Hinton, was and still is, one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction Her books have been taught in some schools, and banned from others Her novels changed the way people look at young adult literature Susan Eloise Hinton was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma She has always enjoyed reading but wasn t satisfied with the literature that was being written for young adults, wh

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