Alice in Time

Alice in Time Alice is 14 and going through the typical, my life sucks phase Her parents are divorced, her younger brother is annoying, and she can never get through to her best friend, Imogen When Alice skips out on plans with her best friend and goes to the park with an older boy, her mum and Imogen are both very disappointed in her Imogen questions their friendship and her mum questions who she raised It was very difficult to put this book down The you read, the intriguing it becomes As Alice goes back in time, the truth begins to come out and her perspective of her parents divorce changes When Alice becomes seven years old again she has to become accustomed to a different lifestyle She begins to realize that her 14 year old life is nothing like her seven year old life As Alice realizes this, she also realizes that maybe she can change the way her 14 year old life is Alice starts on a list of things she wants to change and really sets her mind to it I really enjoyed this book because it made me think about the changes I would try to make if I got to go back I believe that teenage girls in highschool would enjoy this book Many could relate to the divorced parents, the annoying younger sibling, and the best friend who you don t know how to approach This book teaches you that while everything in the world seems big, most of it is small. I gave it 4 chapters and then gave up The book centers on a whiny teenager who thinks her entire life is terrible because her baby brother was born seven years before What she needs is a good smack upside the head and a reality check I had no desire to see how she would go back and change her life because in end, I m sure, she just realizes that her life is best the way that it is. Things Are At A Crisis Point For Fourteen Year Old Alice Her Mum Is Ruining Her Life, Her Dad Is Getting Remarried, And Sasha, The Most Popular Girl In School, Hates Her Guts Then A Bizarre Accident Happens, And Alice Finds Herself Re Living Her Life As A Seven Year Old Through Teenage Eyes And Discovering Some Awkward Truths But Can She Use Her New Knowledge To Change Her Own Future This book Alice in Time is a great fiction story written by Penelope Bush This story follows a young girl called Alice that is only 14 years old and her life is very messed up Her parents are divorced, she hates her mom, her grandmother just passed away, her little brother is so very annoying, she is very poor, and she is having a really hard time in school because there is a bully named Sasha Alice meets a boy that she really likes She sneaks away from her friend s house from her mom by lying just so she could meet this boy The boy takes Alice to his house and Alice finds out that this boy is Sasha step brother While eavesdropping on Sasha, she finds out that Sasha had a bet with her step brother to see if he could last a week with Alice After finding out about this, Alice runs to the park enraged by all the messed up things in her life She gets on the merry go round and the world starts spinning around her and she closes her eyes When she opens her eyes she is still on the merry go round except it is now morning.Alice looks down at herself and realizes that she is looking at 6 year old self She runs back to her old house and finds her grandmother to be home Consciously she has a mind of a 14 year old but apparently she has gone back in time Alice thinks of this as a second chance so she tries her best to stop her parents from divorcing She finds out that it was her father that left her mother, and all the things that she has blamed on her mom was actually her father s fault She goes to school and finds out that back then she was best friends with Sasha She stays friends with Sasha uses manipulation to make everyone else hate Sasha and the only friend Sasha has is Alice and really appreciates her for being her only friend, this causes Sasha to respect Alice and appreciate her Alice couldn t stop her parents from divorcing but this time she chose to stay with her mother that was pregnant with her baby brother and help her mom through the hard times Alice tells her grandmother the depression her mom is suffering and her grandma comes over to take care of her daughter Alice then promises her mother that she would love her new baby brother and take care of him.After Alice realizes that her life is very stable and perfect in her 6 year old world, she goes back to the park where the merry go round is and she starts spinning She then finds herself back in her 14 year old body She looks down and she is wearing totally different clothes She runs back to her old home and finds it to be re modeled She finds out that her mother is a english teacher and her little brother is nice and disciplined that loves his older sister She then goes to school to find out that she was the cool kid her and Sasha is no longer a bully, instead Sasha respects Alice The story then ends off with Sasha staring at pictures of all the friends she has now.I think that this is a great book and that this book tells us that there is a second chance to make things right I love how the story started off all sad and horrible which then transitions into something good and perfect I recommend this book to those that want something to read for fun. This book was ok it wasn t good but it wasn t bad either, I don t really understood some British words that didn t make sense but it was a good, I didn t really liked Alice because she wasn t a good person to her mom but at the end she started being better I think there should have been to the story but it was still good. Alice may have been one of the most annoying protagonists I have come across so far. really liked it finished it in one sitting. Rebecca PaulBook Review 2 Alice In Time is a book that shows adventure With its unique characters, interesting plot, and easy to follow read, Penelope Bush, leaves the reader questioning and hanging on the edge of their seat each chapter In the first couple chapters, characters were revealed and each had a different personality Later on into the book characters start having conflict and new mysteries are solved and new questions are made The constant problems and mysteries going on leaves the reader glued to the book wanted to see what was next In many cases I enjoyed when the author would end the chapter with you questioning With all the action, there was enjoyment The book can be found bringing suspense to readers through its well thought out organization Every chapter was written in an easy to read understandable way Each chapter was written with different emotions Due to that, I find myself wanting to read the book The author seems to make it clear to the reader what s going on and giving a clear visual In each chapter the author makes it clear what characters are taking a certain action This makes it clear to me as a reader so I am able to follow along better The books plot is smooth and gives clear detail In the first few chapters, the author starts the book off slow The author seems to start off telling about Alice the main characters life In the middle of my book Alice stubs up upon some problems, when her and her best friend Imogen, are not invited to the biggest party of the year From that point on the book still contained Rising action throughout the whole book This made the book appealing to me because it keeps me waning to read and see what happens next The author keeps the reader interested and glued to their book During the book it keeps me so hooked that at this point I wish there could have been a sequel I was never let down or disappointed in the end of chapters or of the book If any improvements were to be made it would be for their use of vocabulary.When reading a book, readers are going to want to have a book that is understandable and fun to read and personally I think that Alice in Time is a great book and can be read by a wide variety of ages I really enjoyed and recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book with suspense. Alice is a typical 14 year old girl dealing with a newly remarried father, constant arguments with her mother and worst yet she s being bullied by the school s resident Regina George When Alice believes things can t possibly get any worse, she hops onto a merry go roundthe schoolyard kind, not a carouseland is transported back in time to when she was 7 years old It s like BIG It s A Wonderful Life all wrapped into one pretty package.Alice decides to carpe diem right all the wrongs that have happened over the years Prevent her parents from getting divorced, save her cat Sooty from getting hit by a car, and stand up to the Mean Girl But can these actions actually alter future events And what s , are the events she witnessed as a 7 year old the same when looked upon from an older, nuanced perspective Unfortunately,Alice in Timeis interesting in concept than execution Definitely worth a read, especially since it s so short, you won t regret wasting time whatever your end opinion Alice s epiphanies could ve been fleshed out They re too abrupt and everything s just a little too neat and tidy Almost like the author was rushing toward the finish line and wanted to tie everything together with a nice little bow.Alice s transformation is also unbelievable That s not to say that I don t think shecouldchange from her experience, but the complete 180 is hard to swallow She starts the book as a bitter, snarky, slightly selfish girl and devolves into a Mary SueAlice in Timewants to portray Alice as having made the right choices when trying to correct past events However, a few of her actions were dubious at best If the writer acknowledged that Alice was ultimately flawed, I could accept these actions However, that s clearly not the intention All in all, a pleasant enough read, and a great concept However, I m convinced that in the hands of a skilled writerJohn Green, Jay Asher, Lauren Oliver,etc Alice in Time could ve been profound, rather than just fluffy. A somewhat facile transformation of the the protagonist from unlikeable mean girl To what Kind of an unlikeable nice girl

Penelope Bush trained and worked as a tapestry weaver, but always knew that one day she would write.She lives in West Sussex with her husband and son and elderly cat She hides away in an old caravan to do her writing, where the only distraction is the occasional pheasant wandering past Now and again, the family reclaim the caravan and it is towed down the coast to Dorset, where many happy hours

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