Blood War

Blood WarFor Ten Thousand Years A Race Of Immortal Vampires Has Waged A Secret War To Control Mankind Beings Of Incredible Supernatural Powers, They Are Driven By A Lust For Power And Human BloodThey Are The KindredThough Mortal, The Enigmatic Detective Dire McCann Knows A Great Deal About These Undead So Does Alicia Varney, One Of The World S Wealthiest Women They Are Two Wild Cards In A Global Game Of Chess That Has Lasted For Over A Hundred CenturesBut Now A New Player Has Entered The Fray Known Only As The Red Death, He Controls Forces That Make Even The Kindred Tremble Who Is This Mysterious Avatar Of Blood And Is His Appearance The First Sign That Gehenna, The Dread Apocalypse For Both Humans And Vampires Is About To Begin Hace muchos a os jugu en ordenador el juego de Vampire The masquerade redemption y me gustaron mucho las aventuras de Christof Romuald y Anezka, con ese juego conoc todo el mundillo del Vampire, investigu la historia y me encontr un universo inmenso de informaci n, mitolog a y leyendas, no en vano es uno de los juegos de rol m s populares con el permiso del todopoderoso Dungeons Dragons y existe infinidad de material, el caso es que hace tiempo me econtr esta trilog a y la puse en pedientes pero hasta ahora no me habia puesto a leerla, no me ha defraudado para nada este primer libro, nos situa en esta tradici n vamp rica de manera general contando los origenes en un acertado pr logo y metiendo algunas partes de historia durante el desarrollo de manera que el lector que no conozca nada sobre la raza de Ca n no se sienta perdido, pero a su vez los que lo conozcan de sobra no se aburran, aparte de eso la historia con la Muerte Roja, el Mesias Oscuro y la Reina de la Noche es puro thriller sobrenatural con un final que hace que tengas que empezar el segundo libro nada mas terminar el primero. Not really sure why I like these books as much as I do But I think it is becuse it feels like you dip your toes into something much bigger which you are, as the Vampire rpg has a LOAD of books on background And I also really like the vampire history in this world and its realism If you have the possibility to live forever and is a greedy son of a bitch, you plan very far ahead You do not spend your time like some vampires I can talk to you about Its a shame that Weinberg basically copy paste this plot on his books in the Mage universe But that is no fault on these books. This is not really a novel, but a role playing game narrative and not a great one at that There s a funny undercurrent of social criticism, however, for which the points. V tejte ve Sv t temnoty m ete zn t z her Vampire The Masquerade a Bloodlines , v n m chod m st i cel ch zem d ze st n stalet , n kdy i tis cilet sta up i Milovn ci sub nr Emo a Goth si sice p ijdou na sv , ale kriminalita je rekordn vysok a smrt h na ka d m rohu.Up i s neuv itelnou fyzickou i psychickou silou jsou rozd leny do r zn ch klan a jejich nejv t z libou je obvykle pleticha en a vym len bezohledn ch pl n na z sk n v t moci Do toho razantn vstupuje ohniv up r Red Death, kter pl nuje rozpoutat velkou up rskou v lku.V prvn m d le trilogie Blood War se sezn m me se spoustou postav Ka d z nich m n co do sebe, a proto zamrz , e s n kter mi se setk me jen t eba ve dvou kapitol ch Nap klad tu m minim ln prostor zohyzd n up r z klanu Nosferatu jm n m Fantomas, kter tis ce let v pa sk ch kan lech buduje tu nejv t up rskou encyklopedii v ech dob, i trojice krut ch francouzsk ch voj k z prvn sv tov , z nich p em na na up ry vys la posledn zbytky lidskosti a kte se d ky sv m rozd ln m povah m navz jem dopl uj p i sv m c li zab jet mocn j up ry a n sobit t m svou s lu Budu si holt muset p e st dal d l Co bych ud lal i tak, proto e Bloodwar je velmi fajn ten.Sedm up rsk ch tes k z deseti. Interessnte saga de libros, siento que se desperdicio parte del universo que conforma el mundo de la mascarada, podr a haber dado para mucho m s. I ve never tried to read a book set in a pre existing role playing world before, so I apologise to this author if there is a quota of game stuff he had to include and this is normal, but my main problem with this book was the barely disguised info dumps The book started with one character telling another the introduction to Vampire The Masquerade I guess if you d never role played the game this would be necessary, but it nearly stopped me reading further, it was BORING.To be fair, the book improved after that, but there were still moments where the plot and characterisation stopped while the author explained something about the World of Darkness, or what a Clan was The balance is obviously tricky and overall the book scraped 3 stars because I liked the characters and it was quite fun, plus it reminded me of role playing, but I m not sure I d recommend it. Book 1 of the Masquerade of the Red Death trilogy.This book was lent to me years ago and I finished all three in two days, if that says anything These books are set in White Wolf s world of Vampire the Masquerade, which is a terribly interesting place to begin with, and which is probably why I found these so delicious to read They were a great introduction to the World of Darkness for me, with a nice view of many clans all at once I think a couple clans didn t make it in here, like the Salburi, but with so many clans, I think Weinberg did a great job with what he did.Likable characters, compelling storyline Maybe not the best vampire trilogy ever, but it caught and held my attention Definitely entertaining if one enjoys VtM.These books are out of print, so if you are interested in reading and happen to find them, best snatch them up asap. Al servicio de la mercadotecnia de White Wolf durante su apogeo G nero Narrativa fant stica Lo que nos cuenta A comienzo de los a os noventa, y tras un breve pr logo en Roma, viajamos a la capital de Misuri donde vive McCaan, un detective privado que conoce la existencia de los vampiros y suele trabajar para ellos En un mismo d a sufre un peligroso atentado, recibe correspondencia con extra a informaci n sobre sucesos en diferentes lugares del mundo y recibe una inquietante llamada en la se dirigen a l con el nombre de Lameth y le advierten que tenga cuidado con la Muerte Roja Primer libro de la trilog a La mascarada de la Muerte Roja Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite Not sure how many times I have read this book but every time I have thoroughly enjoyed it While the book and its sequels are based upon a role playing game you do not have be a participant in it to read and enjoy The beginning of the book contains enough information to bring you up to speed on what you need to know, and also serves as an interesting introduction to one of the or less main characters.Bloodwar can be considered to be either a mystery or a horror novel as it has elements of both Of course we are left with myriad questions at the end of it but then there are two books to read so that is not really surprising All in all a pretty good read and one of my favourites.

Harrison Denmark.Robert Weinberg also credited as Bob Weinberg was an American author His work spans several genres including non fiction, science fiction, horror, and comic books.Weinberg sold his first story in 1967 Most of his writing career was conducted part time while also owning a bookstore he became a full time writer after 1997.Weinberg was also an editor, and edited books in the fields of horror, science fiction and western In comics, Weinberg wrote for Marvel Comics his first job was on the series Cable, and he later created the series Nightside.Wikipedia entry

➨ Blood War Ebook ➮ Author Robert E. Weinberg –
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