My Story: "A Child Called It", "The Lost Boy", "A Man Named Dave"

My Story: "A Child Called It", "The Lost Boy", "A Man Named Dave"Dave Pelzer S Remarkable Journey From A Child Who Lived In Terror Of His Unstable, Violently Unpredictable Mother S Every Move, To His Emergence As An Inspiration The World Over Is A Remarkable Tale Of Survival And The Triumph Of The Human Spirit Over AdversityDave Pelzer S Three Volumes Of Memoirs A Child Called It , The Lost Boy And A Man Named Dave Brought This Story Of Courage And Triumph Against All Odds To The World, Becoming Global Bestsellers My Story Brings These Volumes Together, Following Dave From A Childhood Spent In Fear, His Tempestuous Teenage Years Haunted By The Spectre Of His Mother, Through To His Adulthood, And His Great Achievement Of Not Only Understanding And Reconciling The Story Of His Own Life, But His Dedication To Helping Others Overcome Similar AdversityIt Is A Remarkable Story Of Courage And Survival, Already Embraced By Millions And Destined To Inspire Millions My Story is a book that you will not be able to put down You will wake in the night, wanting to just read the next chapter then the next, then the next It is so tragic you can only wish that it weren t true Anybody who has children will give them extra hugs while reading this book It is the true story of a boy mentally and physically abused by his mother from the age of 4 until his rescue.This is truly a story of bravery beyond imagination It is hard to imagine a child going through this torture and coming out the other end.You will cry till it hurts.. It took a very long time for me to finish this book Probably, because It was an exceedingly depressing book and the fact that it repeated a lot of things again and again So much repetation made it hard for me to continue reading this book beyond 300 pages I literally closed the book and didnot tough it for a month or so I have very mixed feelings for this book No doubt, this book indeed helped in enhancing my knowledge and understanding of child abuse victims, but it arose several questions in my mind which remained unanswered till the end of the book Moreover, this book gives only one perspective to the situation theme of the book I strongly wanted to find why David s mother behaved in such abnormal and deviating from the norm ways The author does not give a satisfactory explanation for that Secondly, the book discusses a lot about david s struggle but there was hardly any mention of his brothers later in the book He struggled for his wife, for his son, for himself but there was not a mention of his brothers In the book, it is mentioned that David divorced Patsy from whom he had stephen because they were different an dcould not understand each other Later, he married Marsha and was greatly satisfied There are ample descriptions of his happily married life with Marsha and the extent to which Marsha understands him But, interestingly, when I googled about dave pelzer, I found that David and Marsha are divorced This made me doubt every word of the book I have read Indeed, there are accounts of his social worker and teacher but still I am swinging between feelings of doubt and certaininty These are my feelings I know some may not agree but this is what I felt after reading this book I enjoyed this book But i think it was a hard book to read, not because of the words but because of the feelings that this book give you I almost cried reading what horrible things the mother was doing to her child She would force him to do everything Not everything about his life was bad At the beginning his mother was very nice to him she took care of him just like how she takes care of her children The story was almost all about child abuse The mother use to hit him with very sharp things and some times even starve him He never felt loved by his mother, he only felt loved by his teachers and people around him Eventually the child grow up , he wasn t jut successful but he also dedicated his self to help others The three stories are based on the lives of three boys with different abuse stories. Dave s remarkable story both shocks and offers a message of hope It is hard to believe that some people do the horrible things they do, especially to vulnerable children What he went through as a child was worse than hell What I remember is his lack of self esteem, his feelings of guilt, which kept haunting him as an adult He made it That is an exceptional achievement. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant If there is a book anybody should read it should be this one Not for the faint hearted though as some of the things this mother does to her child would be extremely sensitive to some readers as this book explicitly describes how she abuses her son One cannot believe that somebody could be so cruel to their own child This book does end on a very good note, though A MUST read I read this series many years ago It s one of the most heart wrenching stories I have ever read The fact that it is a true story is what made me continue the series to see how it all worked out It story is a horrible one and it sucked me in the way you have to slow down and look at an accident Much of it is written so matter of factly yet you feel his pain You come to understand that the horrors of his life were just that his daily life and he just had to get on somehow That makes it even harder to bear and read I cried too many times to count Reading you learn firsthand the depths of evil, manipulation, looking the other way, brainwashing, and human resilience. Considering the topic, I really thought the book was well written It gave the reader a good idea on how David felt as a child while he was being abused mentally and physically Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down This book makes you realize the importance of what we say and doo, and how others interpret those words. I read this for work and I struggled my way through it This was and still is the hardest book I ve ever read I wish it were a fiction When I finished reading this mans story, I couldn t have it in my house any I gave it to a friend of mine who is a teacher and asked her to pass it on when she was done She told me she also struggled to get through it but felt that all teachers should read Dave s story It s a sad and disgusting example of how so many people failed him. Read this years ago I cried my eyeballs out Gut wrenching, heart wrenching and in the end, sweet triumph that still makes you cry Since reading these 3 books there has never been any other series or single book that has made me cry as much as.I often ponder about rereading these, but I can t bear the thought of the emotional tsunami that it would erupt.

A Child Called It At the age of 12, Dave was removed from an abusive home and placed in a series of foster homes In 1979, he joined the Air Force and later became an author of memoirs and self improvement books A CHILD CALLED IT IS COMING TO THE BIG SCREEN August 2017 We are very excited to announce that writer producer David Goldblum of Conscious Contact Productions has acquired the film rights to Dave Pelzer s, 1 New York Times bestselling book, A Child Called IT which was on the New York Times Best Sellers List for a record breaking six years Tamlin Hall, whose film Holden On has won multiple awards around the country is attached to direct Dave Pelzer is adapting the screenplay alongside Goldblum and Hall The movie is in pre production, with production set to begin in Spring 2018 A List talent are already circling the project Be sure and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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  • My Story: "A Child Called It", "The Lost Boy", "A Man Named Dave"
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