So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Including Everything You Wanted To Know About The First Three Books But Never Thought To Ask HE LOST ALL FAITH IN THE STRAIGHTFORWARD OPERATION OF CAUSE AND EFFECT THE DAY HE GOT UP INTENDING TO CATCH UP WITH SOME READING AND ENDED UP ON A PREHISTORIC EARTH WITH A MAN FROM BETELGEUSE AND A SPACESHIP LOAD OF ALIEN TELEPHONE SANITISERS Left At The End Of LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING With The Address For God S Final Message To His Creation, Arthur Dent Let This Crucial Information Slip His Mind He Tries Everything To Jog His Memory Meditation, Mind Reading, Hitting Himself About The Head With Blunt Objects But None Of It Works Of Course, As Everyone Knows, The Answer Lies In Making Life Flash Before Your Eyes Douglasadams

Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy series Hitchhiker s began on radio, and developed into a trilogy of five books which sold than fifteen million copies during his lifetime as well as a television series, a comic book series, a computer game, and a feature film that was completed after Adams death The series has also been adapted for live theatre using various scripts the earliest such productions used material newly written by Adams He was known to some fans as Bop Ad after his illegible signature , or by his initials DNA.In addition to The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams wrote or co wrote three stories of the science fiction television series Doctor Who and served as Script Editor during the seventeenth season His other written works include the Dirk Gently novels, and he co wrote two Liff books and Last Chance to See, itself based on a radio series Adams also originated the idea for the computer game Starship Titanic, which was produced by a company that Adams co founded, and adapted into a novel by Terry Jones A posthumous collection of essays and other material, including an incomplete novel, was published as

[Ebook] ➡ So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish By Douglas Adams –
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  • So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
  • Douglas Adams
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  • 06 August 2017
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    1 You will never read anything so British again in your lifespan 2 If you re a writer, try underlining every adverb in this book Then, read a book on fiction writing that advises you to avoid using adverbs Any ironic chuckling afterwards is optional 3 This book should be rated Mostly Harmless 4 Thanks, Mr Adams So long, and thanks for all the fun.

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    An unseen spaceship lands on Earth England in the rain, never knew about all the precipitation there , a man leaves the craft and waves , thanking the crew for the ride, but first going back he forgot his bag, essential towels inside Slogs through the mud and muck, in the cold windy darkness slipping and sliding going up a hill, climbs over a fence and is almost killed, when a speeding automobile a Porsche , nearly crushes the stranger on the road The heavy rain pours down, lightning flashes in the nearby gloomy hills, illuminating for a brief moment the cheerless surroundings, the miserable, soaked man, tries to hitchhike but nobody will stop in this weather This is no alien but a nostalgic Mr Arthur Dent, coming back home after eight lengthy years, crossing the galaxy Only five months have passed here, his planet has not vanished, the mystery goes unexplained, this is a science fiction book after all At last the shivering Dent, gets into a car, with an unconscious woman in the back seat and her brother driving She falls on the professional hitchhiker, who can t see her face and immediately becomes infatuated The lady is named Fenny Fenchurch, don t ask , so says her rather unsympathetic brother Russell, with mental problems, too many hospital visits hallucinations, she also saw the world destroyed, silly idea, however will become the expatriate s great love Meanwhile back on a real alien world, Mr.Ford Prefect is in deep, deep, trouble, the kind that can get you dead permanently Having spent not wisely, in the unsavory Old Pink Dog Bar , and no money, except an American Express Card, and they don t accept plastic from a nonexistent planet, that no one has ever heard of The murderous bartender, is impatient, lucky The Hitchhiker s Guide is very prestigious and Ford does write for them, publicity can do wonders Returning to the third planet from the Sun Sol Mr.Prefect finally reunites with Arthur, after an extended search, Dent, doesn t answer his home phone, yes he got back , because his friend was too busy teaching Fenny, how to fly In an unlighted alley, floating above the ground, the pair grab each other, acrobatic looping, twisting and turning, doing things which are not well described here, she almost hits the pavement, too fast for a long life, Arthur saves the day Later, scaring passengers in a plane, high over an English town, its people see a real UFO indeed Visiting, the couple meet a rather weird , make that eccentric man, who knows a very important secret so he claims, something about dolphins On a beach in California, Mr John Watson, has a genuine strange house, he gives him a fish bowl, Arthur already has one so does Fenny In the sunshine, casting a beautiful rainbow on the sand , writing appears on the surface of the dish, they read Another very entertaining novel, in the funny series It amused me

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    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, 4 , Douglas AdamsThe Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy is a science fiction comedy radio series written by Douglas Adams with some material in the first series provided by John Lloyd So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish is the fourth book of the Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy written by Douglas Adams Its title is the message left by the dolphins when they departed Planet Earth just before it was demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, as described in The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy The phrase has since been adopted by some science fiction fans as a humorous way to say goodbye and a song of the same name was featured in the 2005 film adaptation of The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy 2018 1397 203 9786220100287 1398 20

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    This book seems to be different from the earlier books in the series It is no longer sci fi since Arthur Dent has come back from space travel to Earth and a good part of the story is his love story Had I not read the first books, I would have liked this as a romantic comedy story So, I guess I was affected by my wrong expectation The plot is tighter than the earlier books There are still those funny moments and my favorite is the biscuit eating scene I had a bittersweet feeling about the disappearance of the dolphin However, my favorite is that part with the sign Sorry for the Inconvenience Of course, the title of this book is so catchy and smart sounding I even had a first hand experience of a British office mate who used this sentence in his adieu to us when he was promoted to a new position several years back.The plot was tight but the telling is not as engaging as the earlier books particularly the second one Or maybe I just had enough of Adams humor as I should not have read these in close succession I mean if you are reading, alongside with this book, the wonderful prose of Alan Hollinghurst or the funny yet strange characters of Anne Tyler, then you ll know what I mean It s like reading Shakespeare and upon getting tired, you close it and try Nicholas Sparks However, overall, this is still an okay book Nicholas Sparks he knows how to write and his books sell well and all I still in awe how Adams was able to extend his trilogy to this fourth book without showing that he was tired Not corny at all From Earth Book 1 , to Space Book 2 to Prehistoric Earth Book 3 then back to our Earth Book 4 I was like cheering Arthur Dent and Fernchurch, welcome back to earth It just broke my heart that she was not Trillian Oh.I have to hunt for the other books in this trilogy.

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    The universe is a joke Even before I was shown the meaning of life in a dream at 17 then promptly forgot it because I thought I smelled pancakes , I knew this to be true and yet, I have always felt a need to search for the truth, that nebulous, ill treated creature Adams has always been, to me, to be a welcome companion in that journey Between the search for meaning and the recognition that it s all a joke in poor taste lies Douglas Adams, and, luckily for us, he doesn t seem to mind if you lie there with him He s a tall guy, but he ll make room.For all his crazed unpredictability, Adams is a powerful rationalist His humor comes from his attempts to really think through all the things we take for granted It turns out it takes little than a moment s questioning to burst our preconceptions at the seams, yet rarely does this stop us from treating the most ludicrous things as if they were perfectly reasonable.It is no surprise that famed atheist Richard Dawkins found a friend and ally in Adams What is surprising is that people often fail to see the rather consistent and reasonable philosophy laid out by Adams quips and absurdities His approach is much personable and less embittered than Dawkins , which is why I think of Adams as a better face for rational materialism which is a polite was of saying atheism.Reading his books, it s not hard to see that Dawkins is tired of arguing with uninformed idiots who can t even recognize when a point has actually been made Adams humanism, however, stretched much further than the contention between those who believe, and those who don t.We see it from his protagonists, who are not elitist intellectuals they re not even especially bright but damn it, they re trying By showing a universe that makes no sense and having his characters constantly question it, Adams is subtly hinting that this is the natural human state, and the fact that we laugh and sympathize shows that it must be true.It s all a joke, it s all ridiculous The absurdists might find this depressing, but they re just a bunch of narcissists, anyhow Demnading the world make sense and give you purpose is rather self centered when it already contains toasted paninis, attractive people in bathing suits, and Euler s Identity I say let s sit down at the bar with the rabbi, the priest, and the frog and try to get a song going Or at least recognize that it s okay to laugh at ourselves now and again It s not the end of the world.It s just is a joke, but some of us are in on it.

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    This is the fourth book in Douglas Adams Hitchhiker Trilogy no, that s not a typo starting with The Hitchhiker s guide to the galaxy Douglas Adams originally only meant to write two sequels to his original classic, and I m sorry to say, this book shows it In all of Douglas s books, the plot is convoluted at best, with frequent asides and authorial interpretations which works perfectly in the context of sci fi comedy but the plot in this story was so ambiguous, it just didn t have the same effect as the others Ford has gone back to doing research for the guide, as he was doing before Arthur is back on earth, courting a new young woman he met recently who s got a long list of psychological problems and through a couple of random events, the two meet up again Along with Arthur s new love interest, they travel to the edge of the universe for a reason not explained , in order to find the last message God left to his people before he disappeared from existence I shall save you the trouble now, and just tell you that the message is sorry for the inconvenience It s clear that this is a book Adams never meant to publish, and it just seems like a random smattering of ideas and anecdotes he wanted to use in his other books, but never got the chance to You re really better off just sticking with the original three, or just the first book, which is a good stand alone story.

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    Running on empty Following a highly productive breakthrough period when he was simultaneously knocking out scripts for both Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and Doctor Who, Douglas Adams famously struggled with writer s block during the later half of his career as a novelist Previous Hitchhiker novel Life, the Universe and Everything was itself a re worked Doctor Who story, and by the time of 4th Hitchhiker novel So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish you can feel the author struggling to find a story to tell.If there is a problem with this novel, it s that there simply isn t enough story here Previous instalments in the Hitchhiker s series may have been short, but they were packed with fantastic mind bending SF concepts, which are almost entirely absent here The main storyline consists of Arthur Dent returning to a mysteriously no longer destroyed Earth, and having a romance with Fenchurch, the girl who in a throwaway line in the original Hitchhiker s novel had a divine revelation on how to achieve world peace just before the Earth was destroyed by the Vogons Arthur and Fenchurch s romance is touching, especially a chapter where they both fly through the clouds together, but storywise it doesn t really go anywhere the identity of Earth s saviours is fairly evident from the books title though incidentally, why is there a picture of a sea lion on the cover misdirection , and Fenchurch never remembers her divine plan for world peace.At the end Adams tags on a coda where Arthur and Fenchurch meet up with Ford Prefect and Marvin who dies, again to read God s Last Message To His Creation, following up on the finale of Life, the Universe and Everything, but if anything this feels almost tagged on simply to please the fans of the previous novels The only ideas that are original to this book, such as the unwilling Rain God, or Wonko s inside out asylum, are mildly amusing but nothing .So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish is by no means a bad novel, and thanks to Adams prose it is engagingly readable, but it is a novel all about character specifically having a few nice things happen to Arthur Dent for a while and sorely lacking in plot, so don t expect anything much to actually happen beyond Arthur s romance A pleasant read for fans of the previous 3 novels in the series, but by this stage Douglas Adams just seems to have run out of ideas, and was grinding a novel out for the sake of it.

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    If any of the inappropriately named Hitchhiker s Guide Trilogy could be called best , I think this is it I see two elements setting it apart from the other books in the HHGG series its tight plot, and the fact that it is at heart a romantic comedy than a farcical satire of the Science Fiction genre.As one would expect, the focus of the storyline is the continued pursuit of the Ultimate Question, to which we already know that the Ultimate Answer is Forty two.The characterization of Arthur Dent seems at first to be inconsistent with the Arthur Dent known from the earlier books, until one realizes that this takes place eight years later, as time passes for him Simply put, Arthur has matured and grown into his own as a Galactic Hitchhiker He is confident in who he is, and how to get around, while still maintaining his bumbling ways with women, which naturally leads the reader into the romantic comedy of the story.I know many people who have never read any of the Hitchhiker s Guide books because they are not into sci fi , or simply didn t get much of the humor in the initial trilogy For them, I think that the prize of getting to this, the fourth book in the inappropriately named trilogy, will make reading the first three books worthwhile Despite an effort by the author to explain within the text of the story links to the previous books, the characters and plot do require prior knowledge.

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    Scientist must also be absolutely like a child If he sees a thing, he must say that he sees it, whether it was what he thought he was going to see or not See first, think later, then test But always see first Otherwise you will only see what you were expecting This is my favorite of all the Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy books.I know it kind of defies the whole travel the Galaxy and see the universe idea, but I love that Arthur is content and happy that he found a like minded being that likes him back.Call me a Romantic.And who can t love John Watson Wonko the Sane He is the first ever person I know that knows exactly where we live and he is not afraid of being called a fool.Honestly if you have not read these books just go pick them up You ll laugh so hard and if you don t what s wrong with you

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    Sorry for the Inconvenience16 November 2016 When I first read this book I loved it namely because I happened to be a hopeless romantic and our protagonist, Arthur Dent, finally gets a girlfriend Well, finally is probably not the best way to describe it because Adams does raise the possibility that Arthur may have had a relationship with Trillian and when the question is metaphorically asked the reply is basically none of your business , and also suggests that there is a rather long gap between books two and three where we end with Arthur together with a Gulgafringan and then beginning again years later with Arthur by himself in a cave having discovered that all the Gulgafringans has died off, just because Anyway, time has passed since the end of book three and the beginning of book four and we once again meet up with Arthur, who happens to be standing in the rain at the side of the road on a planet that looks remarkably like Earth, and in fact happens to be Earth Okay, there are a couple of minor differences, though I would hardly call not having been blown up by the Vogon Constructor Fleet as being a minor difference though Arthur s house still standing, in the grand scheme of things, is However there is also the fact that the dolphins have still vanished, and everybody happens to have a fish bowl with the inscription so long and thanks for all the fish upon it The thing about this particular book is that it is of a romance than the other books in the series, which sort of gives it a different feel The other thing is that for a bulk of the book the story is set not only on Earth, but both Arthur and Ford are going their separate ways it isn t until we get close to the end that the two once again come together, but it is only for a short while as Arthur and his girlfriend Fenchurch, so called because she was conceived in the ticket line at Fenchurch Street station, though my only experience of Fenchurch Street station is having a meal at a pub underneath it head off to try and find God s final message to humanity or the Universe to be precise It also goes back into the old style where there is little to no plot and the main characters just seem to stumble around trying to work out what is going on, only to discover that the answer that they were looking for, in this case God s final message, is a piece of absurdity Actually, there is sort of a plot, but not in the same sense that Life, The Universe, and Everything had a plot Rather it involves the main characters continuing their search for meaning, and when they finally discover this meaning, as I mentioned, and as is the case in the other books, the answer that they were looking for turns out to be absurd In a way it even seems as if God s message to the world is not so much an answer to the reason why we are here, namely because there doesn t seem to be any real reason at all, at least in Adam s mind In a way I guess this is where our secular society is heading, even though many people in the Western realms still seem to consider themselves connected to some form of religion Mind you, when you head out of the cities you do tend to discover a much religious, and conservative, culture, but that has a lot to do with the country being very conservative, and new ideas filter in much slowly if ever In a way, with their religious outlook, people in the country still seem to have a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, and a sense of identity However, once you head into the cities, and into the realms of the intellectuals, this traditional purpose and reasoning suddenly seems to get thrown out the door In a way it is this rejection of religion that leads to these rather absurd views of the universe, and meaningless understanding of life However, we aren t necessarily the first, or only, people in the history of the world because many other civilisations, particularly those who eventually freed themselves of the tyranny of a king, because in a such a system the purpose and meaning of life is to serve the king, but then one wonders whether the king, who seems to exist in this world to be served, would eventually suffer an existentialist crisis I m not sure, particularly is the king never really gave it that much thought it is only the intellectuals that would start thinking along those lines since most of the kings would probably just be incredibly self absorbed As for this book, well it is much shorter, and a lot different, than the other entries in this series, and while I may have gushed over Arthur s romance when I was younger, these days it is a lot different as I am somewhat or a lot over that hopeless romantic streak that I used to have As for the story, it is okay, and the message is interesting, but in the end the first two were much, much better and this one was quite a lot less funnier as well Oh, and the fact that Arthur, and to an extent Fenchurch, can fly really doesn t appeal to me all that much.

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