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Modernist Cuisine No hay nada editado ni remotamente parecido a esto Imprescindible para cocineros con inquietudes. Like many of the brave souls, who were willing to part an extra 600 to invest in one s culinary education, I bought and added this collection to my cookbook library I was NOT disappointed Despite the heavy weight and bulky size of the books, I found myself rejoicing every page Here you have a wonderful cookbook collection merging art and science together, so seamlessly and beautifully, that you can feel the real harmony of technical and artistic facility of great cookery A must have for anyone with a passion for innovation and exploration of modern fine cooking and interest to debunk some cooking myths. A Revolution Is Underway In The Art Of Cooking Just As French Impressionists Upended Centuries Of Tradition, Modernist Cuisine Has In Recent Years Blown Through The Boundaries Of The Culinary Arts Borrowing Techniques From The Laboratory, Pioneering Chefs At World Renowned Restaurants Such As ElBulli, The Fat Duck, Alinea, And Wd Have Incorporated A Deeper Understanding Of Science And Advances In Cooking Technology Into Their Culinary Art In Modernist Cuisine The Art And Science Of Cooking, Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, And Maxime Bilet Scientists, Inventors, And Accomplished Cooks In Their Own Right Have Created A Six Volume Page Set That Reveals Science Inspired Techniques For Preparing Food That Ranges From The Otherworldly To The Sublime The Authors And Their Person Team At The Cooking Lab Have Achieved Astounding New Flavors And Textures By Using Tools Such As Water Baths, Homogenizers, Centrifuges, And Ingredients Such As Hydrocolloids, Emulsifiers, And Enzymes It Is A Work Destined To Reinvent Cooking How Do You Make An Omelet Light And Tender On The Outside, But Rich And Creamy Inside Or French Fries With A Light And Fluffy Interior And A Delicate, Crisp Crust That Doesn T Go Soggy Imagine Being Able To Encase A Mussel In A Gelled Sphere Of Its Own Sweet And Briny Juice Or To Create A Silky Smooth Pistachio Cream Made From Nothing Than The Nuts Themselves I m going edit and update this review as I work my way though each volume.1 History and Fundamentals I was surprised to find that this book is written in a narrative style with a high school reading level and is full of pictures As such, it reads very, very fast I ve never wanted a Kindle but this is a lot of book to lug around I m glad the library only checks out one volume at a time, I d need a dolly to carry it home otherwise.The history portion is fascinating, I wish I knew about it when I visited Spain.I figured the bacteria and parasites chapter would give me nightmares and I d never want to eat again, but I think carrot cake is safeThe Story of This Book should have gone first.2 Techniques and Equipment This section is less useful to the home cook I do not have a combi oven, a rotovap, or a pressure cooker I do have a clever and a wok I liked the parts about freezing, liquid nitrogen, and blenders.3 Meat and Veggies The best volume yet This book saved my bison roasts I love my crock pot but in the past my crock pot has charred my lamb shanks and bison roasts, even on low So sad I took the fish on onions cooking hint and stacked the crock pot halfway full of layered potatoes and carrots Then I added the meat and encased it in parsnips, rooted parsley, and celery 7 hours later Perfection.4 Ingredients and Preparations Jello, foams, wine, and coffee.5 Plated Dishes Love the watermelon steak If you don t have a fancy kitchen, this is an ideas book Take notes so you won t forget all the wonderful ideas you get. 675 but it s only 461.62 A savings of 213.38 That s like only two ochem textbooks instead of three A 650 retail cookbook This tome weighs in 45.This is not a cookbook in the traditional sense It probably doesn t make much sense for someone looking for simple everyday recipes.HOWEVER,i believe it does for cooking what Escoffier s book did in 1906.It adds a whole new dimension to the how why of cooking processes.The photography is simply breathtaking and entertaining.Cutaways show what is actually happening in those pots pans during the cooking process.It s a high speed collision between the art science of cooking.This thing 6 volumes is not for everyone for sure It s so fascinating looking at the lush photos reading on the whys of what is happening in the cooking process,that it s easy to overlook the total impracticality of it all from a casual cooks point of view Is any of this stuff really practical Probably not.but it s beautiful beyond words.Would you be able to make the majority of the recipes Probably not.But if you truly relate to the next wave in cooking,and appreciate the art of it all.then it is a must to look this set of books up for yourself and decide.IMHO,it s awesome I have to admit that it took me a long time to convince myself that buying the Modernist Cuisine series was a good investment I have to say that these books impress me every time I browse through them It is a compendium of culinary knowledge a pillar of modern cuisine that brings together decades of trial and error, along with scientific research, to establish the foundations of a new knowledge of food.It has been than a year since I purchased it and I am happy to say that I still discover new things every time I read it For those of you who hesitate to buy the book, I would encourage you to try to find out how many cooking books would it get you to get as much knowledge as in the Modernist Cuisine My guess is that Modernist Cuisine would be a better value.A useful tip for those of you who have the series is to use the full text search available on the Modernist Cuisine website Nathan Myhrvold and his team for this book It certainly has helped expand the horizon of our culinary research my wife owns a catering company in Dubai. 2400 pages later WOW This five volume series is breathtaking in both its photography and text, and is easily the definitive statement on modern cuisine It covers everything pertinent to the contemporary chef, including Sous Vide, Calcium Alginate, Agar Agar and all of the other standards of this approach to cooking Fans of Harlod McGee s work will feel right at home here with the excellent text, as will fans of good food photography A VERY HIGHLY recommended book to anyone interested in the culinary arts, and in particular, the fans of chefs such as Ferran Adria and Grant Achatz. Just arrived on my doorstep this afternoon Expect a full review when I finish reading it in, oh, 2015. The only thing keeping this text back from being the first and last word on anything related to food is the fact that it necessarily left out baking, although using the incredibly detailed information in this collection on set foams and ovens, combined with other books on the properties of flour, such as Bakewise or On Food and Cooking , you will be well on your way to mastering that art as well This is the most incredible collection of empirical and professionally tested set of data on modern cooking techniques and equipment The level of the text is that of a layperson, and the photographs are phenomenal The physics, chemistry, and biology, when present, are presented without reserve If you have ever wondered how to make the best out of a recipe, why a recipe comes out differently even though you followed it exactly, or how to make your own precisely repeatable recipe for something no one else has ever thought to create before, this collection is for you.

Nathan Myhrvold, founder of The Cooking Lab, has had a passion for science, cooking, and photography since he was a boy By the age of 13, Nathan had already cooked the family Thanksgiving feast and transformed the household bathroom into a darkroom.Myhrvold holds a doctorate in theoretical and mathematical physics as well as a master s degree in economics from Princeton University He holds addit

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