The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules The screenplay is interesting, without watching the movie You get a different idea on the characters personality and reactions in your perspective The plot was steady as in not giving away to much information at once The movieor less followed the the screenplay only leaving out a few scenes Read this first before watching the movie. Good film Such a rich plot an Irving novel so that fits But it felt like a novel adaptation and I would have liked to seen it in the hands of a different screenwriter rather than those of the novelist I don t knowthere was a coldness with our main character that meant I lacked sympathy for him The Tobey Maguire character just ups and leaves the orphanage and never visits, missing the deaths of Fuzzy and Dr Lark So he loses my sympathy there Meanwhile Dr Lark turns out to be corrupt, albeit someone who believes his own motives, so he loses my sympathy There go the protagonist and antagonist At its heart it breaks the Aristotelian rules of inspiring fear or pity, or having the protagonist s moral character arc The reversals twists are good, as is the structure, but I feel pushed away by Irving s world He doesn t draw me in enough It is a colder lens on life Too goyish Not caring enough Too many grey lines I see why it got the Oscar but also why it didn t touch me..and I want to be moved . This Acadamy Award Winning Screenplay By John Irving Was Written Over A Fourteen Year Period And Is The Companion Screenplay To The Miramax Film, Co Starring Michael Caine, Who Won The Acadmy Award For Best Supporting Actor For His Role As DrWilbur LarchThe Cider House Rules Is Set In Rural Maine In The First Half Of This Century It Tells The Story Of Homer Wells, An Orphan Who Is Raised And Mentored By Wilbur Larch, The Doctor At The Orphanage Dr Larch Teaches Homer Eveything About Medicine Yet Though His Capacity For Kindness Is Saintly, Larch Is Also An Ether Addict He And Homer Come Into Conflict, Which Is Typical Of Many Father Son Relationships, But In This Case, Their Conflict Is Intensified By Their Disagreements About Abortion The Result Is Homer Leaves The Only Family He Has Ever KnownHomer S New Life Provides Excitement Than He Could Have Imagined, Especially When He Falls In Love For The First Time But, When Forced To Make Decisions That Will Change The Course Of His Future, Homer Finally Realizes That He Can T Escape His Past The Cider House Rules Is Ultimately About The Choices We Make And The Rules That Are Meant To Be Broken The screenplay for The Cider House Rules has one thing going for it in that is incredibly honest in its depiction of real life and how people usually act It has a great sense of 1940s period atmosphere, most of the characters are rather compelling even if they re not all that likable, and when going through it the first time, you re not entirely sure what direction the story is going to take next.So why did I rate it two stars Quite honestly, the third act takes a turn for the worst when it devolves into unbelievable angst Two characters have a questionable romantic affair, one character dies a highly melodramatic death, points are explicitly made about not having to abide by rules set by other people even though that viewpoint is highly doubtful if given enough scrutiny, and the worst part of this entire screenplay was that I never felt like there was ever an emotional payoff when it came to the main character s personal growth, or if there was, it was incredibly cheap.The Cider House Rules is only a good story when it s fulfilling certain criteria, and those who suggest it s OK to be selective on this regard are giving this tale muchcredit than what is due There are better stories, better screenplays, and honestly, someone will spend their timewisely if they pursue those tales instead. I enjoyed the screen play The contrasting characters made it a very interesting read The ending was built up through the screenplay and did not disappoint I enjoyed the moviethan the play because I am avisual learner and found the movieinteresting It teaches lessons of integrity and determination through Homer s actions It portrays human conflicts through the relationship Dr Larch and Homer built Isolation, abandonment, nutriment and the chance to start over These and manyfeelings are shown throughout the film in relationships between characters. The law of early 20th century America says that doctors mustn t commit abortions But at St Cloud s orphanage, which is inland from Ocean View and is a different sort of orchard, Dr Wilbur Larch follows his own rules No one, he believes, should ever make a woman have a baby she didn t want to have Therefore he was an obstetrician, but when he was asked and when it was safe he was an abortionist, too The point which is driven home with the sledgehammer effect that John Irving usually uses is that there are always multiple sets of rules for a given society Heroism lies in discovering the right ones, whether they are posted on the wall or carved with scalpels, and committing yourself to follow them no matter what As Dr Larch writes to Homer Wells his surrogate son and unwilling heir apparent How can you allow yourself a choice in the matter when there are so many women who haven t the freedom to make the choice themselves And, How can you feel free to choose not to help people who are not free to get other help Cider House Rules is the most entertaining Screenplay I have read in a high school English class We watched the movie as well and I feel the film interpretation elaborates on the emotion that is hidden in the script The story connects all the characters together through the primary and secondary story lines, while making it a realistic and entertaining tale that we can all relate to in some aspect. I really enjoyed the screenplay and the film, The Cider House Rules It was well written I believe that we can all connect to either Homer or Dr Larch is any part of it The film did a good job in portraying the characters and I sure got engulfed by both the screenplay and the film It for sure is worth the read This is an example of a perfect story As is The Shawshank Redemption or Fargo All the charcters are well thought up and intriguing It is a charcter driven plot that is riveting And everything comes full circle in the end It touches every one of the human emotions The thing with the actual Cider House Rules is ingenious You wait the whole screenplay to find out what it is and thenEveryone who breathes air should read this screenplay. Disturbing subject

JOHN IRVING was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, in 1942 His first novel, Setting Free the Bears, was published in 1968, when he was twenty six He competed as a wrestler for twenty years, and coached wrestling until he was forty seven Mr Irving has been nominated for a National Book Award three times winning once, in 1980, for his novel The World According to Garp He received an O Henry Award

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